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It is shopping time 😊👟👞🥾🥿👠👡. .

Just scored a new pair of off for about 20% less than every other place that had them, plus free next day delivery so I get them tomorrow by 12n!!

Women’s Silver Plated Chain Bracelet with Mini Tree Charm

"The stars have aligned to bring you a wearable heel which ticks the logo AND reptile trend. " وكأن النجوم أمطرت بعضاً من بريقها لتصنع لكِ هذا الحذاء ذو الكعب العالي

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Drama queen


Furry clogs, furry day! #supercomfy #specialinsoles #shoes #handmade #alwayscomfy #comfyinstyle #timeless #effortless #instastyle #moskiddos

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Hello everyone, so sorry for not posting for awhile, my health has been deteriorating quicker than I thought, and it hasn’t given me much time to write. However, I recently saw this video and thought it was too important not to share. It’s an absolutely disgusting show of how women are treated in the sports industry, and incredibly close to my heart as I’m joining a wheelchair track team this year. Please watch this video, and pay close attention to the solutions she gives at the end. I agree a change should, and can be made, but it can’t be made if it’s not shared. So please reblog this, or post this and your synopsis yourself.