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See me nude ->>>

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me reading these funny and if I could I would add a laughing one.

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When you think someone’s obviously posted a joke but all the comments are versions of, “wow! great idea” so then you start to question if you’re actually the weird one 🤔

Putaing je m’étais décidée à revoir Narnia car blabla mood hivernal mais bordel de merde autant la méchante est stylée (bien que kitchissime) mais les persos principaux sont tellement sans saveur et imbuvables jpp. C’est chaud, je me souvenais pas que c’était à ce point arf. Et le rythme est pas ouf aussi. Enfin bon. 

En vrai des fois c’est un peu mignon comme film. Ca va. 

Je sais pas vraiment. 

Wanna hear about how Tumblr got me in trouble at school this afternoon?

Well I’m going to tell you whether you like it or not. So, we were working at the computer lab and me and my partner finished our project early so we were just talking and stuff and we started talking about social media and I told him about Tumblr and he was like “Oh, I know Tumblr” so I was like okay lets read a bunch of text posts, and so I opened tumblr text posts on google images. We read a bunch and we were reading that text post with someone asking if twins have same sized dicks, and we were going to close the tab already but you know how the computer lab has this computer for the teachers to watch everyone’s screens? Yeah well our teacher saw that post and he was like what are you doing and me and my partner started silently panicking, another thing to note is that the teacher’s computer screen is connected to this big tv in front of the lab so I expect the question “Do twins have same sized dicks” was showcased for everyone to see. I study at a Catholic private school, they have sticks up their asses, not to mention that I’m already in deep shit with the school after the TV incident, god I’m so screwed