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A re edit of a character reference sheet for Jailbird, from the novel I’m working on, Surreal Dystopia .  I decided not to ink and color this time because I really like the movement and flow of the sketches better.  And yes, Jailbirds shirt is a reference to “Notice me, Senpai!”

Jailbird is a pretty chilled and laid back dude.  He’s not one to talk about his feelings. He appears to have a nonchalant demeanor at times and can be a smart ass, but he actually cares more than he let’s on.  He has a goofy charm about him, which makes him popular with the ladies at times, being somewhat of a ladies man before the apocalypse. In spite of this, deep down he just wants to find his forever girl. Not that he doesn’t mind having a little fun along the way.

He was in prison for grand theft auto after being tricked by a pretty girl into thinking he was helping her get into her car (she told him she dropped her keys into the sewer and couldn’t afford a locksmith) but really she was stealing it. He was freed from prison after the infernal invasion, where amidst the chaos the prison was destroyed. When the other characters first meet him he is still wearing a prison jumpsuit.  His weapon of choice is a twin set of guns he calls Fiery Rose.