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SNNLive spoke with Alex Shead, CEO (Asia) of Pacific Green Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: PGTK) at the LD Micro Invitational 2019 in Bel Air, CA. Watch it here:

On June 15, 2019, the largest container ship ever built in San Diego, California, USA - the Lurline, was christened and launched by Honolulu-based Matson, Inc. More information: .

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Me: I love the friendship between these two characters.

My brain: Ship them.

just saw someone criticizing a bugborg fanart because “it’s very obvious that in vol. 2 they were setting up mantis with drax” and i. can’t. believe. it. people would do ANYTHING to prevent shipping that involve girls liking girls. the entire movie drax was like mantis is ugly and acts like a pet, then he opened her heart and admitted that she reminded him of his daughter who died years ago because she was so innocent and naïve. they were obviously going for a father/daughter relationship there. then, if it wasn’t completely obvious, when mantis went to his room he made it *completely* clear that he was not interested in her that way at all.

yes, bugborg may seem unprompted since they don’t have a lot of scenes together but it’s not about their chemistry onscreen but about what COULD be if the films decided to go there. the characters click terrifically and their dynamic would be so fun to see portrayed on the movies. which i hope happens in vol. 3. i don’t care if they’re a couple or bffs, i just want them closer and communicating

I’m a sucker for moments when villain thinks the hero won’t really hurt them because of a moral code, but the hero’s friend has no such code and just wrecks them. But I don’t know a smoother way of describing it that would make me able to find stories like that. The best example I can think of are Steve letting Natasha kick that guy off the roof. Does anyone else have a good examples? Doesn’t need to be Marvel.

Does uhhhh anyone have advice for getting over the awkwardness of writing romance and shit when you literally never include it? I want to try my hand at shippy stuff BUT I GET SO

(⁄ ⁄ ◕⁄ ⁄‿⁄ ◕⁄ ⁄✿)

at the idea of writing characters in NSFW situations. In my original stories, people are either in an already established relationship or not in one at all. I’m not a romantic person IRL and I’m a fairly touch-adverse autistic person so UH HELP? Advice plz???