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Kidnap Ship’s Crew In Nigeria, Destroys Communications Equipment

Mr. Vijay Arora Joint MD, Indian Register of Shipping speaks on the readiness of shipping industry to meet the 2020 deadline at the Sustainability in Shipping Summit in Singapore

“I suppose I am looking for a new Grandmaster since I’ve lost the one I’ve loved very dearly. It’d be a shame if they’re all taken already.”

"Like something while having dinner? Get it delivered to your work by lunch!"

When boxes have lighter weight items in them, Craters & Freighters will stack the pallets together to save our customers money on the shipping costs!

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Looks can gain only attraction which is Ty But Nature can win ppl 💓 forever which is longlasting SUBHPRABHATAM N AAPKA DIN SUNDAR SWATCCH MANGALMAY KHUSHHAL SHANTIMAY N SARASWATIMAY HO

Bland new Tagboat KANO MARU/鹿野丸 under construction at Keihin Dock,Oppama factory, Yokosuka, Japan. date: 24.Aug.2018

Preparing the Straits of Malacca to the future of - is shipping underappreciated? Minister for infrastructure and transport Khak Boon Wan at the opening of 11th

Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Mr Khaw Boon Kan opens 11th Co-operation Forum on the Straits of Malacca and Singapore. He mentions future of e-shipping. Over 80.000 ships use it every year.

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.:Yes or No~big guy~:.

I’m sorry not sorry, I found pillows that said yes and no, Guess what that means >:V >:y :y


5 Times Saiki Woke Up with Kaidou, ch 3

This time, Saiki’s gotta deal with Kaidou and Kusuke from the other universe. There might also be a kiss in here somewhere.

Saiki could tell something was wrong the moment he woke up.

No not yet, he was still holding on to that last little bit of sleep, he needed it.

When he felt a body shift on top of him so it rested better, the warm weight cuddling into him and softly breathing on his neck, Saiki’s first instinct had been to think wrong but realized moments later it actually felt right.

With a sense of dread rising, he tightened his hold on the warm weight just a fraction as he tried to figure out what was so wrong right now.

So, he was in another universe. He had to assume it was the same one he always ended up in. He was in the midst of finals again but today was a free day for him. He had two finals tomorrow and one on Thursday before he was done. He had been planning on relaxing today, study some, and maybe treat himself to some coffee jelly. That all felt normal.

Well, not the alternate universe part, that’s definitely not normal and it better not become my normal.

He was sure his other self would actively start planning his own murder if this kept up.


In another universe, sleeping with Kaidou, knowing he will eventually go home, but what was so wrong ?

He didn’t have a headache and his telepathy didn’t tell him anything so what —

He opened his eyes and got his answer.

“I’m surprised it took you this long to realize I was here,” Kusuke commented from his spot at Saiki’s desk.

Saiki startled back and in doing so, woke up Kaidou.

“Hm?” he softly asked, opening his red eyes to see Saiki. He sleepily kissed his cheek in greeting.

“You two are a lot more domestic than I thought you’d be at this point,” Kusuke commented, unimpressed.

Saiki had short-circuited at the soft kiss but Kaidou noticed they weren’t alone and jumped back so he was hiding behind Saiki. Saiki kept an arm around him and prevented them both from falling off the bed as he stared his brother down.

“You’re looking at me strangely, almost like you’re not from this universe but you’ve already been here before and can’t figure out why you’re coming back.”

Saiki narrowed his eyes—Kusuke was too spot on like always. “Why are you here?”

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Ripple & Calamity Mary 45

Send me a ship + number of your choice and I’ll write you a drabble!

Ripple and Calamity Mary - A kiss out of anger.

Ripple wasn’t impenetrable. Calamity Mary would make her kneel one way or another.

They fight and they fight and they fight but Ripple doesn’t show any sign of fear. The ninja’s eyebrows crease with annoyance as she hurtles countless shuriken in Mary’s direction, as if Mary is wasting her time. Mary ignores the licks of humiliation inside of her and loads her gun while she dodges, taking her chagrin and replacing it with anger instead.

Mary kisses the back of her loaded gun, as if to say ‘this one’s a special just for you, ojou-chan!’ before she starts firing shots.


Helsa is my primary ship for both of my muses, whether I be writing Hans or Elsa. In platonic threads, though I may not mention it outright in the narrative, I will likely default to this relationship and it will likely be pre-established. If we are writing a shippy thread, there may be an element of Helsa history.

For instance, in my modern au threads, Hans and Elsa are divorced by the time the alternative ship is explored. 

This is just one example. I’m not saying every thread will have this history, because it won’t. But in some cases where it’s necessary that either Hans or Elsa be in an unspoken relationship, it will default to the other.

a thought:

The Exile forming Force bonds with both Revan and Malak either during or before the Mandalorian Wars, and when the Mass Shadow Generator on Malachor V goes off and the Exile subsequently cuts themself off from the Force, Revan and Malak can’t feel their bonds anymore, both of them believing that the Exile died on Malachor V with the others

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Number one for the Salty Asks for BNHA! FILL ME UP WITH YOUR SALT, LOVELY!!

AHHH! <3 lol ALL THE FREAKIN’ SALT. Welp for the first question ‘What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get’ to add on to my last post, I also don’t get Shin/anyone who isn’t Deku or Monoma. The most recent chapters got me liking Mono//shin and I’m just hyper focused on those dudes. Any other ship with Shin and I’m just lost. For me to like a rare ship, that isn’t with Deku (lol dekubowl bias), I need them to talk together at least once. I need more canon content first. And that goes for any other rare or popular ship. Gotta sell me good on it like how I like Deku//yama. xD -Unoutan


i had an idea and i started drawing it but i’m not sure i like where it’s going… we’ll see! Also this is my first attempt at using clip paint. i actually bought the permissions to use it a year ago but never got around to figuring out how it works until now lmao

Don’t know what it is about that one particular abusive ship, because I usually shrug it off, but it makes me nauseous just to think people are willing to brush off mental abuse just to get off to a “cute ship”

seungmin, in the practice room, calling jeongin over as he prepares to leave: hey, i gotta go, but tell woojin to tell chan to tell felix to tell jisung to tell changbin to tell minho to tell hyunjin that i said he’s gay, ok?