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Maersk Ganges finishing up and onto a busy road day.

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foreign the bane of and the boon for sleaze You want to fix shut it all down we are so far into Smoke & Mirrors we have erased . at the least clean_the_fckn_mirrors !

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Face reveal again? Idk new followers this is your writer. Disappointed? Yeah me too.

I’m bored and tired but can’t sleep so let’s ship. ATEEZ STANS WHO WOULD YOU SHIP ME WITH and also Stray Kids?

I feel so bad I don’t want to ship my muse, I don’t see her being very shippable, but my muse is technically known for being a one-night-stander who externally comes off sexual and doesn’t get close at all. I feel awful bc I’m getting hints people want to ship with her and I just don’t know how to make it clear I don’t want to and that if I do, it’ll take way more than just throwing them in bed together, she isn’t that easy. It’s nothing against them or their muse, I just don’t want to ship.

Russia’s Relationship History Headcanons

* Lost virginity with France during Peter the Great’s westernization Of Russia.

* Fell hard for America during the late 1700s when he declared independence.

* Love-Hate Relationship With Prussia, slightly one sided relationship when Prussia became the DDR/GDR.

* Stalkerish crush on Lithuania. Protective but ultimately toxic. (Caused clashes with Poland)

* Lotta hatefucking with America during his soviet years.

* Brief fling with China before the Sino-Russian split.

* Still obsessed with America, currently pining for despite current foreign relations.

* He’s verse.


Its been on my mind lately that there’s something very in, well uh, straight in shipping.

Its been on my mind lately that many of the popular ships present in media are very “straight” gay ships. This is about fandom as a whole and not just on Tumblr. So many gay ships that blow up on media are backed up by straight people under the guise of support. In reality most big ships aren’t backed by the members of the LGBT+ community and the things they ship are usually much different. Most of the “straight” popular gay ships usually share the many similarities of:

1. Involving one character that many people can project themself on (ie. an anxious character or a more “feminine” character) and one that is conveniently attractive to the person that is shipping them together.

2. Are inherently sexual and involve two men that are both conveniently attractive to the shipper.

If you take a popular ship, Klance for example, and analyze it. There’s an underlying straightness in it that makes it appeal much more to straight people. It involves a character who isn’t the best at what he does who is awkward at times, and very relatable to everyone (Lance). And he’s put with a character that many find attractive and almost has the “bad boy” type of attractiveness (Keith). Another huge ship that falls into one of these categories is Destiel. It involves two men who are very much attractive to the fanbase and is very sexual in its sense. Most of the fanbase focus on only the sexual part of the relationship and its evidence in many of the posts that they write and the fics that are popular within the fandom.

A lot of them have no real proper relationship developement or basis and are usually only teased or baited when the fanbase shows interest in the ship.

This is a good contrast between what many of the ships popular among the LGBT+ community which usually involves two characters that people ship more for their chemistry above all else. Many of the community don’t focus on the sexual parts of the relationship and more on how the characters fall in love, how their relationship develops as their life, and just overall the feelings in the relationship over the convenient attractiveness of the characters. Most posts are barely about how attractive the characters are and more on the personalities and characterization of them.

This also plays into why a lot of crackshipping and crackships are popular in fanbases. Many of them fall into the categories above, but use the basis of “its just for fun!” or “they’ll never interact in canon” as excuses as to why many of the fans ship it when its truly because they can write fics and make art of their practical self insert and a hot character or make fetishizing art about two hot men having sex.

The convenient attractiveness of characters also plays a huge role in the some of the racism that is present in shipping. Many of the conveniently attractive characters are white or white-passing. Its no lie that there’s internalized racism in society that puts white men as the pinnacle of attractiveness. Which is why many popular ships involve at least one white man who the fans constantly praise and fawn over.

This entire “straightness” of shipping hurts many of the things the LGBT+ community advocate for as only the het-coded ships tend to get popular. It makes more of the media produced have more and more relationships with similar basis of attractiveness and sex when the community truly wants to see real relationships and chemistry.


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…this stemmed from a twitter conversation but I wanted to repost it here because this is something that keeps coming up and bothers me with how a lot of people handle it.

I wish more people understood that you don’t need to tear down canon ships in unpleasant ways/demonize the ‘competition’ to get their non-canon ship sailing - seeing people do that in fic is a quick way to get me to hit the back button even when I want the non-canon pairing.

If breaking up canon couples in fanworks it’s entirely possible to do it with amicable breakups and them still being friends eventually. It just gets so disheartening to see (usually a female character) made into some unreasonable caricature of who they are for plot reasons.

And that isn’t even necessary really, you can always just AU stuff anyhow, skip right to having your ship without needing to rip something else to shreds in order to prop it up. Definitely works in dctv due to the literal multiverse but just as applicable really to any other media if people want to - the only limit on shipping is your imagination.

Azizi and Almajara in their late 20’s, on the first day of the Dream Weaver mating season, in September

Azizi trying to be seductive : Well you know what day it is… let’s make a baby~

Almajara pushing him gently with her tail : Not now

Azizi : W-What ? I thought we both agreed in wanting to be parents ?

Almajara : Yes. The mating season lasts 2 months. Not just today. We need to wait 21 days before getting me gravid

Azizi : 21 days !? Why so precise ?

Almajara : For obvious reasons my dear

Azizi : Almajara. I swear to God. If this has to do with astrology again-

Almajara : Well YES it has to do, sorry ! But I refuse my child to be a Gemini !

Azizi : What !?

Almajara : They are immoral, inconsistant, not mystical at all and superficial, and if someone is there and they are not alone they are lazy ! I prefer my child to be born after the 21st of June and be a Cancer or a Leo rather than a Gemini !

Azizi : …you do know I am a Gemini right.

Almajara : Precisely

Azizi quits with the biggest sigh

Editing the All*r*nce page on shipping wiki is a  fucking nightmare. I am actually going to physically throw up. One person has been adding content, which would be fine, but they also keep adding “notes” and their opinions to the canon section. We don’t need an essay explaining what it mean when two characters hold hands or talk! People can infer!