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Admiral Ballast - Leading The Pack is casually walking around with two of her sweethearts - More if you count the ones in...

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"I CARE TOO MUCH. IT'S KIND OF A PROBLEM. Member of the Gemini Covent Student & honor council council member TwinSister Lizzie Saltzman Mother Caroline Fobes Dad Alaric Saltzman Biogicalmom Jo Parker Hope Landon Penelope

Membe of the Gemini Covent Student & Honor council member Daughter of Alaric Saltzman and Caroline Forbes Lizzie Saltzman fraternal twin sister Nicknames with Landon Hope Penolope RT true to my chater

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Here’s Klapollo for you all!


Almost to the end of the year and this week we will be looking at another Max Factory Plamax kit with their 1/20th scale Yamato.


Καλές γιορτές με υγεία αγάπη ευτυχία.
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!!! I re-designed most of the South Park babes !!!

I dont know if some of you guys remember, but I was extremly active in the SP community, made so much fanart and animations (the dont stop meme for example) and because its been so long since I drew the boys,, I finally did it!

Im lowkey gettin into SP again, so maybe expect more fanart to come soon ~ <3


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Sabina x Elena little fanfic (Charlie’s Angels)

The angels decide to have some fun before the next mission and go to a festival today. Sabina enters Elena’s room to wake her, but it turns out she’s already awake. She lay in bed with her eyes open.

Sabina: You are already awake…

Elena: Yes! Good morning! 

Sabina: Good morning! *Sabina smiles at Elena* We need to get ready for the festival.

Elena: I’m so excited! *Clapping her hands in excitement* :D

Sabina: “You EXCITED?! YES?!” *Sabina jumps on Elena and starts tickling her quickly* “cute cute cute you are too cute!” *Sabina gently bites Elena’s cheek while tickling her* “I can’t stand that cuteness of you!!” 

Elena: “S-SABINA! STOP!” *Laughs hard* I CAN’T BREATH!! 

Sabina: “Stop being so cute and I’ll stop!” 

Jane hears Elena laugh out of the room, She’s already guessing Sabina is there.

Elena: “I… I threw your hat in a garbage!!!“ *Elena yells* 

Sabina: “Why?” *Sabina stops tickling her, but still leans over her in bed*

Elena: *Elena gasps* It was torn… I think :<

Sabina: “And do you think that will make me stop thinking you are cute?! How can anyone be angry on your puppy face?!” *Continues to tickle Elena*

Elena: “NOOOOO!” 

Jane: I don’t want to interrupt… but we’re late.

You like it? 

I know this sounds weird, but like…I wish someone would do Hop holding Gloria’s hand, who is also holding Marnie’s with “This is my girlfriend, and my girlfriend’s girlfriend.” Because I think that may be fitting for this game so far.