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Can you spot the Duralift Scissor Lift at this racking project?

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Wedge Anchors are fasteners designed for use in masonry base material that provides holding power through expansion. , , , , , , , , ,

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These homeowners made a fun modern feeling Great Room in the hills of Kalama :)

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Rustic oak slatwall on silver Nabco evolve shelving. Great for versatility and easy on the eye.

Economical and flexible, boltless shelving is a great solution for companies looking for something that they can customize and adjust as their needs change.

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Architonic Product Pick: Center Hinged Doors by Pinuccio Borgonovo for Former

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Shelving and a used BBQ found outside a dumpster enclosure.

brieserker  asked:

Where are good places to get shelving to display plushies and sculptures, or good tutorials o how to build them?

Kiriska: This depends a lot on how you want to display those items and whether you’re looking for a certain aesthetic. 

Plushies, being light, fit and sit fine in the commonly available metal grids or the soft paneled grids

For sculptures, you’d probably want something sturdier like wood, but the trade-off is wood is heavy and difficult to transport. It may be better to keep sculptures on the table itself unless you’re only doing local shows where you can haul panels of wood.

If you are, then there are plenty of wood shelving tutorials on the Internet. Or shelving tutorials in general. Think less of shelving “for [item]” and more “what sort of shelving would work with [item]” and then search on that.

A slice of wall space at the foot of the bed makes a great spot for built-in storage that’s angled to lead traffic smoothly into and out of the room. To soften cabinetry lines, shelf edges are rounded and pilasters run from crown moldings to floor.

The New Decorating Book, 1997


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