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Ari is the kind of woman i aspire to be in the near future, she’s capable of making millions of women feel powerful and beautiful through her music and that’s just amazing, i just love her so so so much. Thank you for this work of art🙏🏻 ily♡✨

I'll pay better attention this time through, but I'm pretty sure she's the only other mortal capable of catching Xena's Chakram. Villians are so much cooler when they are as skilled as the hero.

It's so hard watching rosé always getting the short end of the stick specially when you know what she's capable of. She deserves so much better

Well y'all liked that picture of Vishka by Veyll so much, here's one of my favourites of Mia! Also by Veyll, with her in her "D&D setting" as a capable Sorcerer. She's a dab hand with transmutation and abjuration spells, and maybe some enchantments too~

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"Aapko humesha se lagta tha k hum sach ka samna nahi kar payenge. Hum ab saabit karke rahenge ki humein har mushkil ka saamna karne ka hosla hai" I'm so glad this made her realize that she's capable & worthy of much more than what Yash thought of her to be

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Jenni had so much fun riding bikes with us earlier this year she's put an order in for her very own ISEN All Season, thank's Jenni! If your interested in a bike capable of giving you the ultimate killing power then be certain to get in touch ☠️ #…

I’m not even sure you understand your impact and how much this moment meant to me. Thank you for talking to me and reassuring me that I am capable of achieving everything I want. (I literally started bawling as soon as we locked eyes guys she’s so pretty)

When you know how much fun she’s capable of having so you gotta make sure she keeps it under control haha

She’s capable of so much more. It’s honestly sad.

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The people who say she's too limited in the ring must have just started watching wrestling this year because she's shown in the past that she's capable of so much more than what the powers that be will allow her to do.

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this sight shatters my heart and kicks the pieces into the trash. :( my superhuman. she really went out there without being fully healed yet, gave all she could give to the audience & our babes above. she’s capable of so much. my genuine, humble, sweet, loving baby. :(

she’s so much stronger than she knows. she may not feel like it at times, but she is one of the strongest people i know and she is more than capable of getting through any hardship life throws at her. no matter what.

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I'm not up to much more than video games right now, so here's a game tweet... I'm enjoying Hellblade. It won a load of awards, but it's still worth saying it handles psychosis really well, and Senua herself is so real. She's tough and capable, but I want to take care of her.

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i’m so fucking soft. i’ve just been through so much shit and i never thought i could love someone like i love my girlfriend like i never thought i was emotionally capable of it but she’s the cutest human being on the planet

is a fucking icon. A LEGEND. She’s been looked over for so fcking long and I’m so glad the world finally gets to hear what she’s capable of. I love you so much. You’re such a star bby ❤️

look at this precious human being, though i don’t know if classifying her as that is right for she’s beyond regular human. she is capable of so many things, she can take so much onto her shoulders. i love her undyingly and i promise to adore her til the last breath i take.

An awesome pic of Maki! Though she lost last night she and Miyu had an incredible match. Maki showed she's improved so much and that she's capable of hanging with the champ. Such good chemistry! I hope these two will face off again and it will be for the title.

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scarlet witch is pretty much useless without her ability so why do people keep saying she's one of the strongest she's capable not strong just like the black widow marvel is putting the wrong sheros into the spotlight

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In case anybody forgot she was an icon

THE AMOUNT OF MISCONCEPTION MEMES IN MY ASK inquiring if dorcas can be soft, have a heart, sympathetic, etc  hurts  my soul when that slither of an aspect of her life is insignificant in quantity  arguably quality compared to how she is literally made up of defense mechanisms derived from living  growing up in 2 wars. 


“If the opportunity came about, then why not? It would be comic book accurate. Yeah, that would be amazing. It means more training, more learning and it would really be an amazing adventure. Shuri becomes a savage in the comic books. From going to comedic and fun and like a kid – to then just pulling out some claws. I’m excited.” – Letitia Wright when asked if she’d want to see Shuri one day become Black Panther

we have this bangladeshi family in our neighbourhood that breaks my heart. the womans husband beats her severely (bruises on the face even) and she sends her mom and children here (sometimes she comes here too) to stay away from the danger of her husband. but she doesnt do anything about it, she says that in her culture if a woman divorces she cant get married anymore so i sort of understand. and now the womans aunt too has been severely beaten by her husband and even struck with a knife on her head and has been taken to the hospital. and this is all making me sick to my stomach, im both shocked and sad, but mostly im angry. its insane that someone can inflict this much pain and fear in someone else and then the next day claim they love them, and demand something from them. these women make their food, clean their homes, wash their clothes, raise their children. how does he hit her? how can he look at her without shame??


friend, right?