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RT : Isabella D. Bunn for 's blog: "Transforming the Businesses that are Transforming our World"

Isabella D. Bunn for 's blog: "Transforming the Businesses that are Transforming our World"

New blog from FSG + on opportunities for business to address the unique challenges of communities of color

Thinking of all final year Senior High School students in who are busy writing their final exams - especially all the students (some pictured) we've had the pleasure to get to know through our programme.

Learn more about strategy implementation at our on 22 May 2019, featuring economist & author , Chair of in India! Space is limited, so book your ticket now:

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In a few hours, we will be giving some businesses a brand new outlook to operations. Yours could be on of them. Come down to the venue and register. See you soon! Call Ehioma on 09060008843 now!

Solve ‘s problems w/ trickle up economics. Backbone org. Use to define issues. Combine & to address the “fundamental preconditions of economic growth” like &

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New research from and , funded by , suggests that finance companies must serve the unique needs of markets of color in order to stay competitive in tomorrow’s marketplace.

"There is virtually no distinction between being a responsible citizen and being a successful business." CEO Doug McMillon kick starts campaign at HO at Bangalore as part of & initiatives. !

New report from FSG + focuses on opportunities in to address the unique challenges of communities of color

The Initiative’s mission is to bring together and business communities from across with a common purpose: to build the African economy. Join the Initiative today:

Very excited to be at Future Makers Shared Value pitch session in Sydney today

15 of the Most -Friendly Cities in the World where art thou? The biggest issue for GHG and sustainability is reducing livestock and animal ag

Looking for how to stand out in an over saturated market? If yes, then we have the secrets for you. Call Ehioma on 09060008843 to register for our next training.

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By reconsidering products and target demographics, forging partnerships with local groups and improving productivity in the value chain, companies can become a force for positive change while enhancing their long-term competitiveness.
—  Tony Pigott, global director of EthosJWT on “shared value”