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The Zertona ceramic coating applied to this boat not only provides an amazing shine, it also helps the boat glide through the water more efficiently

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Lime Creek Powerplant’s maintenance equipment for monitoring the generators and output. You got all the things. Screens with graphs both bar and line, code text walls, giant digital clocks set to 8, mouses, walkies, everything you’d try to pretend to know there is.


Late night munchies with some mozzarella cheese sticks 💕💕


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”Give me no mercy.. you’re love will take me to the ground.. give me no mercy.. want to rock with you.. all night!” 🤟🏻😎
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Sharing Music in the Community

“It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.” Snoop Dogg

It’s simple. Things are better when we share them. I love sharing music with people. From sharing music with the community for charity, to sharing my choir with the community for local events, to sharing my choir with other choir leaders for their events.

Yesterday the Local Vocals had a recording session (thank you students from Leeds College of Music) with the legend Sammy King. We’ve sung with him a couple of times before and really enjoyed the experience so it made sense that when the opportunity arose to take it further and record something with him that we would go for it.

“For pleasure has no relish unless we share it.” Virginia Woolf

The experience of recording with an artist like Sammy King (a local songwriter and musician/singer who has performed with many well known bands including The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and written for legends like Roy Orbison) got me to thinking about collaboration and sharing in the music industry. But I’m talking specifically at the community level, so community choirs, orchestras, schools and so on.

Here are some simple ideas for how we can share more music in our communities:

1. Have our choirs perform at community events, like galas or markets, or for care homes or schools.

2. Give local music students a chance to perform at local events like choir concerts, or community events.

3. Have choirs support local artists in local performances.

4. Give collaborative choir concerts with neighbouring choirs.

5. Have community choirs working with local schools giving opportunities to students to conduct, accompany or sing.

6. Have local choir leaders give singing workshops at community or charity events.

7. Have choirs busking or flash-mobbing at markets, shopping centres or events.

“I understand that we’re smarter than me. That’s one reason I like the idea of sharing.” Toba Beta

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READ!! THIS IS MY LAST CHANCE!!!! (This is all I have!!)

My health is actually failing. I’m not being dramatic when I say I could die If I don’t get the medical help I need.

I suffer from chronic illnesses (a rare version of MTHFR HOMOZYGOUS, HIT, DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS, AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE + more) and I am disabled and trans. I am jobless due to my illnesses and I am currently without any necessary resources to survive, be healthy, stable, or safe.. I have a rare blood clotting disease that causes me to be at the HIGHEST RISK possible to have a heart attack, aneurysm, or stroke. This disease has also resulted in multiple major surgeries, and countless other major procedures that have left me with debilitating chronic pain and other disabilities (limited use of my dominate arm, and even tasks like sweeping leave my arms in immense pain). I have two stints in my chest keeping my main vein open to my right arm so the blood can flow to it. And it still has trouble flowing back which causes swelling and excruciating pain in my arm. The main vein in my chest has been patched and dissected from a vein from my thigh because the veins in my right arm and chest are so damaged they weren’t able to save much. I had to get a rib removed because it was pinching my vein and causing clotting during which damaged a lot of muscles in my chest and shoulder causing even more chronic pain. They also wired my chest shut.

So I NEED to have access to good health care. I’m chronically ill with horrible and scary diseases. I’ve already almost died three times, and have been on my death bed twice.. I’m in and out of hospitals constantly, they don’t have the resources to help. I NEED HELP. I NEED TO LEAVE AND MOVE IN ORDER TO SURVIVE!!! Please fucking help me!! Boost my links, donate whatever! I’m grateful for anything !!

I DON’T WANT TO DIE I’ve been fighting for my life since I was 16. I’m taking my health seriously and using the little bit of energy that I have to get shit done.

I’m honestly only asking for the bare minimum of what I need to move, and for rent…

I’m trying to move to Colorado to escape (my abuser and stalker that I have a really traumatic history with. Violence and including assaults) I’m stuck in my hometown right now in northern MN. Where I’m at right now IS NOT safe for me and I NEED to leave..

My friend in Colorado has a place that I can move into ASAP, I just need first and last months rent. I have to move this month or she has to find a different roommate because of her own financial situation, so this is my ONE and only lucky chance!! I NEED to move to Colorado for access to better health care (to keep me alive), and for my own safety.. This is VITAL for my health (mentally and physically).


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If u donate message me with a screenshot so i can thank u personally!!! Luv y’all ♥️


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It’s like a music-of-the-month club. It’s a subscription that empowers artists and fans alike. It’s the new record industry.
I’ve been successfully using Patreon for the last year and I’ve been a recording artist for 25 years. Now, I’ve found a way to use my label to help other artists without taking a cut from them. Visit our @patreon page to get more details.
Enjoy my video. Link in bio.
You’ll see a break down of the money, history of GBA, why this works, and all your rewards.

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