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The countdown has begun!

if you are looking for a photography of shadows then the interlocking shapes and streets of Little Germany are fantastic

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seri tanaka / by your side, 2018

acrylic, ink pen on A4 size cardboard

Triangle and lines 

I made this optical illusion with a triangle shape, gradient, and the warp tool to give a feeling of depth, contrast, and distance in the design. I put into consideration the direction of light, shadows, and highlight.   

Glee needs to study.

But in order to study, Glee needs a pot of tea.

A pot of tea needs the warmer to stay warm.

The warmer needs a trivet to protect the table.

Glee has cork board she can cut into trivets.

The trivets are square; Glee prefers hexagons.

Glee spends an hour measuring, graphing, angling, and cutting the square trivet into a hexagon.

Now Glee can make tea so she can study.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie is a whole lot more relatable as an adult.