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story for you - Flats over Morrisons set to steal the sky in High street. Leave us space to breathe, birds to fly, a view! 8 storey flats will overlook St Matthew's School. Folks can comment to planning deadline 15.11.18

We are all hiding from the things that scare us in one way or another. We all hide ourselves from those we care or don't care about. We all wear masks.

📽️ : SHADOW งานใหม่ของจาง อี้โหมว ที่มาพร้อมกับคอนเส็ปท์สองขั้วความต่างที่รวมเป็นหนึ่งเดียวกัน และถ่ายทอดบนจออย่างวิจิตรบรรจง ตัวหนังเป็นยังไง อ่านวิจารณ์กันได้ที่นี่

Shadow is keeping warm under the tree on this cold we day!!

Ketika wacana politik semata-mata dibangun ke arah politik citra (kamuflase), maka yang tampak hadir hanya histeria massa belaka.

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Specialized Matoran Breeds

Okay, so when I posted Unme I said I’d go into my Matoran breeds, and here they all are.

These Matoran were created by Phobrahk and Dionaeaz, in an attempt to aid the Matoran Universe in the wake of the coming Great Cataclysm. Unfortunately, due to Phobrahk’s disappearance, these Matoran were never spread across the universe and remained on their toxic homeland of Pahamai.

Matoran of Crystal. Di- prefix comes from diamond. Di-Matoran manifest their elemental power as incredibly hard sections of armor. Di-Matoran are dull grey with bright neon secondary and tertiary colours. Made to work in heavily crystalline environments and work with crystals and gems with ease. Can be male or female, though female Di-Matoran are more prevalent.

Example powers as Toa:

  • Creating, controlling, and absorbing crystal
  • Creating structures of crystal
  • Forming crystalline constructs
  • Changing types of crystal
  • Growing raw crystal rapidly
  • Forming crystalline armor
  • Creating a crystal Nova Blast resulting in a massive field of razor sharp crystals

Matoran of Shadow. Kra- prefix comes from Kraakhan, the Mask of Shadows. As Kra-Matoran are created as they are, and not drained of light, they have their own morals and as such are not evil by nature. Kra-Matoran are primarily black with any other colour as a secondary or tertiary. Made to work in dark areas. Can be male or female.

Example powers as Toa:

  • Creating, controlling, and absorbing shadow
  • Manifesting fields of darkness
  • Creating blasts of shadow
  • Communicating via shadow
  • Forming shadow constructs
  • Creating a shadow Nova Blast that results in a long-lasting field of immense darkness that can only breach by a Toa of Light, though it eventually fades.

Matoran of Radiation. Nu- prefix comes from nuclear. Nu-Matoran are immune to radiation. Nu-Matoran are often dull olive green, sand blue, or grey, with yellow and orange as secondary colours. Made to work in radiation-heavy environments and contain breaches.Can be male or female, though male Nu-Matoran are more prevalent.

Example powers as Toa:

  • Creating, controlling, and absorbing radiation
  • Creating blasts and/or beams of focused radiation
  • Creating lasers
  • Detect sources of radiation
  • Seeing in x-rays, ultra-violet and infra-red
  • Very limited control over light by proxy of wavelength manipulation
  • Curing radiation poisoning
  • Creating a radiation Nova Blast that results in a field of intolerable radiation

Matoran of Sand. Si- prefix comes from silicon. Si-Matoran have abrasion-proof armor and eye protection against sand particles. Si-Matoran are similar to Po-Matoran in colour, but Si-Matoran are lighter and more washed out. Regardless, they often get mistaken for them. Made to work in harsh, sandy areas and work with sand to make glass and other structures. Can be male or female.

Example powers as Toa:

  • Creating, controlling, and absorbing sand
  • Forming constructs of sand
  • Manipulating density of sand
  • Limited control over sandstorms
  • Creating structures of sand
  • Warding the ground with sand particles
  • Forming armor from sand
  • Flying in a current of sand
  • Creating a sand Nova Blast that results in a massive sand storm, rapidly eroding the surroundings

Matoran of Acid. Sul- prefix comes from sulfuric. Sul-Matoran manifest their elemental power as high resistance to acidic and alkaline compounds. Sul-Matoran are often black or silver with lime, green, or dark green secondary colours. Made to work in harsh, acidic areas and neutralize acids and alkalis. Can be male or female.

Example powers as Toa:

  • Creating, controlling, and absorbing acidic and alkaline compounds
  • Creating blasts and streams of compounds
  • Manipulating the pH and concentration of any compound
  • Resistance to their own compounds
  • Treating acidic and alkaline burns
  • Creating an acid Nova Blast that results in a caustic wave of acid that melts everything in its path

Matoran of Poison. To- prefix comes from toxin. To-Matoran have an innate understanding of poisons and are slightly resistant to them. To-Matoran are yellow or orange with black as a secondary colour, and lime or dark green as a tertiary. Made to heal other Matoran and cleanse toxins. Can be male or female.

Example powers as Toa:

  • Creating, controlling, and absorbing toxins and poisons
  • Creating blasts and streams of toxins
  • Analyzing and identifying toxins and their effects
  • Creating cures and remedies for toxins
  • Creating mild toxins with anesthetic properties
  • Creating poison gas
  • Immunity to poisons
  • Creating a poison Nova Blast that results in a poisonous field, contaminating the ground and poisoning organisms

* by Gwenael Piaser
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Essaouira August 2018


“I’ve always imagined that Mary was terrified to hear an #angel loudly announcing that she was meant to be the Mother of God. Her #surrender to Gabriel’s words feels so #courageous, and too unacknowledged. Mary has no idea what she will have to meet with, what will be asked of her, or what this #love for her son will put her through. But she says yes nonetheless so that she can be in service of the #divine.
Mary’s #acceptance of her role has been in the #shadow of the Christian story— uncelebrated because she is seen as so divine. But she was #human too. She could have said no. Her #courage could have faltered. But she aligned with the #light. She heard Gabriel’s words, “Be not afraid,” and allowed the divine #story to work through her life.
And she let #joy dictate her response. #Mary leads us to #trust that we can say yes to what feels light. It doesn’t have to make sense or work with the timeline the ego has mapped out for us. In the midst of our ordinary, everyday lives, we can say yes to the angel who greets us in the space of our #heart and let the #energy of joy give birth to the divine through us.
Am I in #service to the light within me?
I am #blessed. My courage gives birth to the divine.”- Mary Of Nazareth- Mother Of God- The Divine #Feminine Oracle ❤️🔥💫💝🚣‍♀️👏💃🦁👁💋#iloveyou #holyspirit #dance #om #yoga #christconsciousness #lifeforce
#rideyoursexy #channel #healer #whole

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