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day2, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 🇹🇿

Alien Commission for @/Exile_Keba on Furaffinity Illustration: ©NSFWHardCorgi2019 -----And thanks for watching!----- Twitter: [HardCorgi] InkBunny: [NSFWHardCorgi] Furaffinity: [NSFW-HardCorgi] Picarto: [NSFWHardCorgi]

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- Epictetus 💙

With every accident, ask yourself what abilities you have for making a proper use of it. If you see an attractive person, you will find that self-restraint is the ability you have against your desire. If you are in pain, you will find fortitude. If you hear unpleasant language, you will find patience. And thus habituated, the appearances of things will not hurry you away along with them.

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...mirror master has, and will again, make love to his s/o infront of one of his mirror deals. ESPECIALLY if they are feeling sef conscious [sorry for not giving this out as an idea sooner, haven't been online and just saw that there was another fan :) ]

(No problem, I’m so happy you did!)

Oh yeah! Also, don’t turn your back to any mirrors, he will grab your ass given the chance. He will randomly appear in the bathroom mirror when he notices you’re worrying about your body and tell you you’re beautiful the way you are.

I thought I’d put all Adams arc characters in one lineup, as there aren’t that many. Well, there are, but I decided to exluded ones that arent real, that are metaphores (?), or that don’t have a name. The next lineup on my list is Lost Fables, and that might take awhile, so sorry if I’m not super active the coming week(s). ‘^^
(Also I know I’ve technically drawn Kate before, but she sounded so different that the design I made didnt fit her on this album)

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I'm not feeling any tension, emotion, stakes or thrill from all these future teasers, characters and "villains" at all. Honestly if J were redeemed on screen, it would feel hollow, rushed and insincere as hell bc this shit is all about Steven wanting fuck all to do with anyone else but himself w/his privileged happily ever after ass. End this shit fast CN cuz I'm tired.

Oh if this aint the biggest mood. Jasper deserved so much better but in the end Rebecca just hates us too much to care.

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Future looks boring as shit anyway, even with the following angst afoot with pink Steve. Who tf cares about a homeschool for an ADULT coded intellectual alien species and that random pink nobody dubbed as a cherry quartz?

I don’t care. I won’t even watch it. For what? To see Jasper hurt again? No thank you I can spend my time better.

Like working out or playing Mortal Kombat.

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*I smile* I really do hope we find some interesting places - 🌷 //I thought we could do with a new thread as the other one was getting a little too long

We’re in Italy! I’m sure we will *I laugh as the waiter comes over with our food*

// @tulipanon

Just learned about the Madame art drama today

Has someone doxxed that bitch yet? Teach her some fucking humility after attempting to dox a fucking 15 year old because “uNpROfeSSIONaL” and “2 wEeKs.”

Stoicism is an altruistic philosophy

You participate in a society by your existence. Then participate in its life through your actions—all your actions. Any action not directed toward a social end (directly or indirectly) is a disturbance to your life, an obstacle to wholeness, a source of dissension. Like the man in the Assembly—a faction to himself, always out of step with the majority.

– Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 9.23

My brain is fun to live in because it becomes completely normal and rational to go chanting quietly to myself while cooking “teeth on my hands, teeth on my hands, whose hands are these? teeth on my hands, teeth on my hands, who did I take them from? teeth on my hands”

like that 100% means something but I can’t really explain what