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A little sneak peak of a zine we’re making with Love watching the .educationfirst.procycling team fight it out in the tour this year. Best looking kit in the peloton! . . .

Tempting to talk about cutting edge tech in development, but why fix what ain't broken? Last week , CTO talked about how we use 'missed calls' - as part of our UX. Find a way to fit your UX into existing behaviors, not the other way around.

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Tile walls have their pros and cons but one thing is certain - they are beautiful!

Once you leave the door the conversation is over. Bill Buxton at the stage of today! So excited to welcome him in San Francisco!!!

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🌼Cinderella Decorations & Decour🌸#sfdesign #luvsuncat (at St Luke’s in the Meadow)

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Week 2 Illustration 2 

I was studying with one of my friends when the idea for this weeks illustration came to me. He's studying forestry so there's lots of different plants and foliage involved in his studies. On one of the pages, there was a photo of a similar looking plant to this drawing. The way it was lighted gave it a semi-transparent quality. Every line in the leaf was visible. This drawing is an almost abstraction of those leaves. Using black ink pens and different line weights I made an almost skeleton effect.