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Once again meeting and exceeding their goals! We are super excited to be your design partner! #

Last night we "Challenged the World to be Better" with our Cinch chair at the CCA Design Lecture Series and had a great time doing it! Thanks again and all those that attended!

My very talented boss's very chic Nob Hill apartment cover feature.

A pre snap-shot of our recently photographed project in Mill Valley. More images soon. G+D did this proejct in concert with . Photography by tile .

As we celebrate 16 years as a studio, we owe it all to the enriching relationships we've enjoyed over the years. Big thanks to our families, punches, partners and clients who've been part of the journey and helped us get here!

Our Design Guild met yesterday - they're a community of design minded Inkblots that endeavor to unify and elevate their work!

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🌼Cinderella Decorations & Decour🌸#sfdesign #luvsuncat (at St Luke’s in the Meadow)

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Week 2 Illustration 2 

I was studying with one of my friends when the idea for this weeks illustration came to me. He's studying forestry so there's lots of different plants and foliage involved in his studies. On one of the pages, there was a photo of a similar looking plant to this drawing. The way it was lighted gave it a semi-transparent quality. Every line in the leaf was visible. This drawing is an almost abstraction of those leaves. Using black ink pens and different line weights I made an almost skeleton effect. 

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Hit the road Jack!.
Día espectacular.
#5sos #music #art #sfdesign #flashbackfriday #Jazz #streetwear #sf #streetart #leather #ddrum #korg #band #keyboard #bassist #sonaholiday #nature #Moda #Model (en Friday’s C.C. Real Plaza - Arequipa)

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