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Craft pattern off to KIRKAND, WA More great crafts available

Almost the school summer holidays, these cross stitch designs would make a perfect card to thank your child's favourite teacher! Chart available as PDF download

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Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: One Size, UNCUT, Vintage 1960s Simplicity 8354 Sewing Pattern, Misses Caftan, Front Zip, Lounge Wear, Pull Over Loose Fitting Dress

We have a range of new buttons in stock, from pineapples to zebras you can make your clothing look unique and colourful! Which design is your favourite?πŸ˜‰

Got a fashion emergency? This kit contains everything you need for quick fixes and clothing corrections and comes with a wide selection of tiny tailoring supplies for any situation.

Today's badly stitched thing : stuffed pink puppy made of socks.

TASTE THE EXPERIENCE ~ Row by Row >>> Travel, shop, collect patterns and add rows to your quilt from anywhere! Make sure to stop in our New Hampshire location @ 12 Main St. Center Harbor to participate!

Completing any interior furnishing projects within the home? This tip is great and hopefully save some time when it comes to threading needles.

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Aph Serbia 🇷🇸

suggest by :aph_slovakian_republic on Ingraham

Y’all, I want to have a job as a craftsman. 

I like hand making things, all kinds of things. Hand sewing, carving/whittling wood, and painting are things I already know how to do passably, but it would be cool to get better at them. I would like to learn to smith and weld to make tools and weapons by hand. I could make functional or display-only bows by like, actually cutting from trees and carving them! I could smith daggers! I could make nice leather handles and fancy engravings and designs! I could make wood models and statuettes! I could make furniture with hand-sewn upholstery! I could make costumes and props for plays, tv, and movies! I could make so many things!

This shit is just so cool to me, but I don’t know how to find someone to teach me, get the tools I would need, market and sell the products, or generally make money from it. All the job types I’ve seen that are remotely similar are for like working in factories in an assembly line type of thing. They’re for working with big machines. I want to work with my hands. I like detailed, unique craftsmanship, but there is not a big market for those things when people can buy mass produced things that look similar and cost ¼ as much as handmade things. 

I see handmade products in gift shops and stuff, but who makes them? Where? How? Are they making enough money to support themselves? How can I do that too?

list of things i know how to do

  1. read
  2. embroider
  3. draw (a little)
  4. tease my brother
  5. name the flowers and recall what they symbolize
  6. explore elsinore without my father’s knowledge
  7. stare out of windows and long for the day when i might have more freedom, a future i hope shall come fairly soon and is hopefully related to the fact that i may or may not be favored by the queen to (dare i say it) become engaged to my one true love
  8. ???
  9. breathe

Reusable bags!


Over two months ago I posted a work in progress photo. In the same week I finished the work. I have no idea why I did not share the final effect with you until now.

I was sewing bags in various sizes! For me and my family. I use them while shopping but the cashiers are usually confused with it. I do not regret. My cat also likes them 😁

Why fabric shopping bags?

  • you reduce use of disposable plastic
  • you probably save money
  • you can always wash them
  • you can try making your own bags or ask someone who can sew to make some for you, it is easy
  • also while sewing your own bags you can upcycle some old materials
  • they are reusable
  • they are more durable (I personally hate when plastic bags tear in my hands)
  • they are useful
  • they are original
  • they are long lasting

Think about it!


🎪6/29-6/30 瀬戸内ハンドメイドマルシェ@アイテムえひめ ブースNO. A-11
✂︎✂︎✂︎✂︎Thank you✂︎✂︎✂︎✂︎
#repost @handmade.marche

ついに今週末開催!瀬戸内ハンドメイドマルシェにつきまして、フジテレビ系列局EBC テレビ愛媛にてCMを放映中です!📺✨♪⠀
今年初開催となる#瀬戸内ハンドメイドマルシェ へ、是非お越しください!⠀

場所:アイテムえひめ 大展示場AB⠀

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i made shorts!

took an old pair of jeans that had the dreaded thigh-chafe-hole and turned them into some cutoffs just like the darker pair (right pair in top left pic) that i bought in a store.

got my desk set up so ofc the first thing i did was bust out my sewing machine ive never used due to workspace issues and immediately took on a project ive never done before. still, i think it turned out pretty okay!