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Rounding up some of your amazing makes that I had not the chance to share. Thanks for making so many beautiful versions of the this Summer 💓😄✂

Got a few places left for our children's legging making class this Wednesday. Drop us a message to book a place.

Good morning everyone. We only need another 85 followers on Twitter to reach 5,000 followers. Be great to reach it by 31st August. Regards Jaycotts

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Make your own , tablet, iPad or sleeve in our new workshop on 12th October. A great opportunity to machine , you'll leave with your own unique cover & the ability to duplicate this model in any shape or size & keep all your devices safe & protected.

We can't believe it but Christmas is around the corner and Dean is getting quite excited. He made this gorgeous Christmas tree skirt, perfect for all those pressies Santa will be bringing.

Learn to the easiest elastic waistband ever by it directly to the fabric. Perfect for kids' clothes! - Impara a un girovita elasticizzato perfetto nel modo più semplice!

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✳︎ オリジナル手芸用文鎮 作り直しました よくある文鎮より軽いです アイロンと手縫いでチクチク

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Handmade,human sized White Diamond doll :p


I’m so happy how my collar turned out 😭

The shape is perfect and the trimming isn’t terrible.

If anyone is looking to make this dumb shirt out of knit, please remember to interface the collar! This fabric has no structure and whatever trim you use will be heavy. I interfaced both sides of my collar and my cuffs, but that was due to my fabric being so drapey. You decide if one or both sides are enough.

Expressions of interest?


I’m planning on making some cat harnesses/coats. Would anyone be interested in buying a pre-made one or commissioning one? They will have this style with customisation if you want them. If anyone is interested please either pm me or reply to this post. If I get enough interest I’ll post a price list later this week. Thanks for your time! (Bonus Freya for brownie points.)

how to thrift: why to thrift
  • It’s cheaper. That’s how I started. It takes longer than going to a new store, and can be frustrating, but if you put time into it, you can end up with a great wardrobe for much cheaper
  • It’s environmentally friendly. A lot of clothing is polyester (so, plastic), and shipped across the ocean at least once. It has a pretty large carbon footprint. If you can make a piece of clothing last longer, you’re able to cut down the amount of new clothing produced and its corresponding carbon footprint.
  • It’s more unique. You’re not going to show up to an event and find out that someone else has purchased the same dress from H&M.
  • It gives you a great opportunity to make alterations. It’s a lot easier, mentally, to make your own alterations to a $5 dress than a $100 dress. If you mess up, you’re not out as much money, either
  • You can use thrift stores to buy fabric. I’ll buy used prom dresses for $20 and get yards and yards of fabric. As long as what you’re making is smaller than the piece you started with, you’re in the clear.

Questions? Need help? Send me a message! I do free consulting for sewing projects, as well as offering sewing lessons, personal styling services, alterations, and custom costumes.

[image description: a blond Lori mini doll beside a palomino flocked toy horse sitting on a wooden box in front of a bookshelf showing the faded spines of books by Tamora Pierce, Garth Nix, Lois McMaster Bujold and Trudi Canavan.

The doll has white skin, chin-length blond hair and blue eyes, and ze wears a light blue and white striped dress underneath a grey faux-corset, a pink-striped long vest tied with a red-pink cord and a dark blue cloak, the hood pulled up over hir hair. A small blue faux-leather pouch hangs about hir waist from a blue belt, set on an angle, and white lace petticoats peek out from under the skirt of the dress. The horse has a black and green bridle made from ribbon and jump rings, a purple saddle pad and a brown plastic saddle mostly covered by brown cloth.]

Zee and Pyrite - Fairy Tale Adventurers

I didn’t mean to make a doll that comes from the cut scenes from a C-grade historically-inaccurate fairy tale movie, but by the time I’d made the fake-corset-thingy for the dress, I had to experiment with making a cloak.

Everything here but the bridle and the pink vest was an experiment in how to make something new to me. There’s plenty I’ll do differently next time, and I’m yet to figure out how to make a saddle. The plastic one that comes with the horse left paint stains on another doll, so I covered it with cloth for the time being. I want a stock saddle and breastplate, and I want to make Zee another dress and maybe a thicker, better cloak to roll up behind the cantle for a swag.

Zee is now an allo-aro witch who found hirself the object of a powerful sorceress’s romantic interest, much to the gladness and encouragement of hir small-town friends and family. Not so much to Zee! So now ze’s on the run with hir horse, hiding from the sorceress’s minions, making friends with ogres, and helping princesses and noblewomen escape people offering marriage … but, because ze’s Zee, sometimes getting hirself too entangled with new women. It’s hard being allo-aro when you want to be with people but don’t want to be with people, and Zee hasn’t figured out to how to have conversations about it that people won’t misunderstand. And that sorceress is still looking for hir…

(Hir name is Thea, but because of the sorceress, that’s a secret between hir and Pyrite. Horses, thankfully, are good secret-keepers. When someone mistook hir giving hir pronouns for a name, it amused hir enough that ze went with it.)

I would sell my soul for an older cloth-bodied American Girl Mini doll to shell or rebody Zee. I don’t need Barbie Made to Move articulation, but I would like the greater arm movement. They were never sold in Australia, however, and I can’t afford the $60 AUD it will take to buy and ship even a second-hand doll here from the US. Even Lori dolls ($12 AUD full price) are too expensive for me right now. But I do prefer how the Lori dolls don’t look excessively child-like…

I like sewing for these dolls. It’s a really nice mid-point where they’re large enough that detail isn’t stressful for a non-expert like me but not so large that it takes three weeks to hand-sew a simple dress or top.

Hey cosplayers or sewing fanatics!!!

I was thinking about doing a big comprehensive post about tips and tricks about shopping in joanns for fabric and stuff since I work there, so if youre a first time cosplayer and are immediately overwelhmed by the store when you come in or if youre looking for tips on how to save money while shopping or if you just do any kind of sewing or crafts let me know if you have any specific questions you want me to answer and I will try my best!!

Stash Nattering

I have finished the top two drawers of the dresser–those are the “regular cotton calico/broadcloth” drawers–and I removed a lot of stuff that I bought specifically to use for Etsy Blythe clothes (so so long ago) as well as stuff from thrift store grab bags and things that people sent me over the years, back before the giant fabric infusion that started with the YT videos–that infusion cloth, along with more thrift store grab bag stuff, was most of what was in the suitcase.

What went back into the drawers is a mix of stuff I bought specifically, and stuff from grab bags (most of that would be the stuff that prompted me to buy the whole bag to begin with), and stuff from generous people.  There are a lot of pieces that I remember looking forward to using when I got them, then the fabric infusion started and I pretty much stopped using cloth from the dresser and focused on suitcase cloth.

I…uh…I had the idea that I could quickly and easily sew my way through the suitcase.  That was misguided.  A little bit of cloth can make a lot of doll clothes…and patchwork projects.  I sewed a lot and the volume didn’t noticeably diminish.

And I know I’ve observed that phenomenon before, especially when making projects from my scrap bin–doll dresses and human-size jackets and entire patchwork blanket tops were made from hundreds of the little bits, and the volume of the bin never seemed to change?

If I remember correctly, I made the exterior of this jacket from the cloth I had sorted from the scrap bin into a gallon zip bag


…and it still didn’t put a noticeable dent in my scrap stash, let alone my stash of larger pieces.

So I know I shouldn’t feel bad about this pile of perfectly usable but not for me cotton cloth in the middle of the floor right now.  I’ll see if I can find a quilting group to donate it to (and maybe talk local doll people into coming over again to claim some of it first…)

And now I need to address the other two drawers of the dresser–the next is the “heavier cloth, like denim and corduroy, and fancy/shiny stuff” drawer (with a big stack of mostly Nata cloth to work into there) and the final drawer is the knits drawer, which I am very ambivalent about, because it is packed and there’s a lot of “former suitcase and Nata cloth” to add and I don’t generally enjoy sewing little knit things for dolls.  But there’s a lot of potential in there.  We’ll see what I can part with.

(and I’ll try not to think of all the small pieces of cloth I’ll continue to generate by sewing human-size stuff…)



Learn from me and realize that “a lot of cloth” is more practical than “a whole lot of cloth,” and any amount of cloth at all is going to be hard to use if it’s not easily accessible and all in one place.

Or something like that.

anonymous asked:

It's been three years since you posted it and you're still saving lifes with your pocket extenders tutorial. All hail the queen you.

Thank you! Honestly, it still thrills me seeing people reblog it and get excited about fixing their own pockets.

Also, I posted that when I was an undergrad student. I’m now a teacher, and one of the classes I teach is fiber arts, so I get to teach teenagers things like how to extend their pockets! It’s pretty great. :)

so much cloth

Young(er) People


learn from my hubris.

You really don’t need that cloth.

Not all of it, at least.

Maybe the most favorite.

But the stuff you picked up because you might have an idea for it?

or because it’s a great price, and you’ll figure something out later?

You don’t need it.

Leave it there.

There will be more fantastic cloth to buy later.

As well as more to leave behind.

Go back home to what you already have.

Use that.

You loved it enough to buy to begin with, right?

And if you look at what you have and realize you don’t love it so much?

Figure out why.

Remember what you figured out.

And apply that filter to future cloth.

You’ll  be OK without it.






…before then…

…if you wanna come over here and take some of my now-being-filtered cloth…

Big Thank You

I wanted to just thank the wonderful followers of this blog, I never imagined that there could be more than 10 of you and now there are almost 200! It really helps keep my motivated to keep posting my work and keep sewing! I also get to share my passion with all of you which is very special to me. Also please feel free to reach out at any time, I would love to meet more of you and to talk sewing, or art, or history or whatever! You’ll never be a bother to me and I don’t want to just be a name on the screen because we are all unique human beings with our own interests and I would like to know yours!

As a side note from my emotional gratefulness look at this cute scissor charm!