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Les amis du ont mis en ligne leur nouveau site et c'est très réussi !

The is, This is Service Design Thinking by Marc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider. This insightful read shows the basics, tools, and cases that help design and market services to create outstanding customer experiences.

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Named by of Venture as one of the ‘16 most prominent organisations that can help sky rocket your idea!’ We’re at tomorrow, invited by . Come talk us about

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So today I thought I’d try to work on the plane from my laptop. 😂 The funny thing is...I actually thought it was possible. Ha! I can’t even get my laptop open with the person in front of me leaned back. Where was the ? Where was the ?

Research walls aka vertical campfires 🔥 are coming together nicely. Teams will be presenting their findings to this afternoon after two research packed days

Throwback to where Conor Normile from Dublin and James Bailey from London ran a workshop on bridging the gap between designing and delivering a service. Thanks to everyone who came along, it was great to see lots of good engagement!

The Prototyping for Impact toolkit is off to print! To find out more, come join me and Sarah in our workshop at where we'll explore how to design services for successful long-term outcomes

RT SDNetwork "Make some room in your library! Here comes the Touchpoint Anniversary collection. 10 years of in-depth articles on everything are waiting for you: "

Make some room in your library! Here comes the Touchpoint Anniversary collection. 10 years of in-depth articles on everything are waiting for you:

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RT _AndyYoung: Day TWO wrapped up at Service Design Champs Edinburgh. digitalscots scotgov

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While reading chapter two of The Design Way, I thought of another company that focuses on service design. TransferWise wants to revolutionize the way people send money across the world, they think that sending money should be convenient, fast, borderless and eventually free. The company believes that traditional financial institutions haven’t been fair for a very long time, and it’s time for a better, cheaper way of moving money across the globe. 

Kaiser Permanente

In chapter 2 from The Design Way, there was a phrase that sums up my understanding of what service design is: “Is not so much about agreements and exchanges between people as among people” Kaiser Permanente (KP) is a perfect example of service design, this health care company completely restructured to focus on their customer’s needs (patients), but also on their employees’ needs and pain points. KP worked with IDEO to design an experience that was beneficial both for patients and employees.

I used to have KP and have yet been able to find a health care center that delivers a smoother experience. I especially liked how all their facilities were centralized in the same building making it easier for me to get all tests, treatments, and results in the same place and with the same providers.

Visual Diary 4

Virtual Diary 4

This design idea is helping, but also providing a service. The organization Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit geared towards providing low income families with a new home. This is purely donations based. The Restore aspect of of Habitat provides more of a service than helping because the organization can make a profit off of the furniture sold in these stores which can go towards more funding of the organization or paying the employees. This is an intentional service because the people who go into Restore know that the prices are low, they are designed to be like that by the company. The company has designed this on purpose to help their organization clear inventory and to service people who could maybe not afford furniture at another store. 

Visual Diary 4

Visual Diary 4

These straws were designed to help people in impoverished area without access to clean water. This is an other-serving product and features human-centered design. This is easy to transport with you and has a cap to keep the mouth piece clean and a lanyard to keep it around your neck while you are drinking. While this does provide wonderful aide to people in need, campers and hikers in first world countries can also buy these for their next excursion at Dick’s Sporting Goods and other stores of that nature. This becomes more of a service relationship because the designer and the person buying this for hiking are equals. Both have time and disposable income, which differs from the relationship that the designer and the person without access to clean water, which is a helping relationship.  

Visual Diary #4 - Prosthetics

There are so many kinds of prosthetics out there–and as a replacement for so many parts that it’s truly amazing. I read some stories and articles about how people who have prosthetics of any kind feel about them, and it was moving. 

How amazing it is that design has led those who have lost a leg, arm, foot, etc., to feel somewhat normal again. While they still have a constant reminder of their loss or if they were born without a part, they appreciate the design and technology of prosthetics and how it allows them to lead a more normal life. This is truly a service and it’s very important that it grows as an industry and hopefully can become more affordable for all. There has been a lot of recent research being done on designing a prosthetic that is just as effective, but much more affordable than some that are currently on the market. It’s important that we continue to develop this and be of service to those who appreciate the chance to live a more normal lifestyle of independency. 


My time at the Smithsonian has been deeply rewarding and filled with growth (professional and personal), humbling experiences, big vision projects, proud accomplishments. After ten year’s of service to the largest museum complex in the world it’s with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from the Smithsonian. On July 27th I step down from my role as the Producer at the Smithsonian and help take the helm to build and open our nation’s newest national museum, the National Veterans Memorial & Museum currently being built in Columbus, OH. On this bitter sweet occasion I look back at one of my recent presentations of how we have improved the experiences of over 22 millions Smithsonian visitors.


🌊#mutualfeelings Volvo 💚 People & People 💚 Volvo! 💫 Human Centric Innovations #sustainability #UCD #UX #CX #servicedesign #designthinking #innovationchallenge2018 The values that aligned with mine, great teamwork and futuristic challenges and a lovely culture for a happy nation to put people including their safety and their living environment through sustainability in highest priority! 🍀💚@volvogroupse @volvobuses @volvotrucksse @volvogroup @volvocarsverige @volvooceanracegothenburg @volvomuseum @volvogroupeu 💡🙏🏻 (at Volvo Ocean Race Göteborg)

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Through co-creation, I guide people through a creative process

I’m an experienced creative session facilitator. I enjoy getting groups of people in a creative mode. The sessions can take place at any moment of the design process; during the research phase, ideation or prototyping phase. 



Perspectives on refugee integration in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, every municipality has it’s own responsibility for the integration of newcomers - refugees with a residence permit. The municipality of Eindhoven asked Buro Kato to think along in an effective integration procedure.

We however, turned the question around. How do newcomers experience their integration procedure and what is it like to be new in Eindhoven?

Through user-centered context research we placed numbers in perspective and spoke to Syrians and Eritreans about finding their way in Dutch society.

Researched findings were presented during the Dutch Design Week (2017) in Eindhoven. Visitors were invited to pick up a phone and listen to what newcomers had to say about their ‘advance to go’ ticket and the struggles starting from scratch brings with it.

Outcomes of the project: advice report for the municipality of Eindhoven in a humane integration policy with interventions both on system and user level, customer journey and persona’s.


We are just open service design freelancer to help and wait improve your branding growth together #designer #uxdesign #uidesign #servicedesign (at Phnom Penh)

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I thought it was very interesting the concepts and execution of concepts Carol Austin came up with at Trinity Training and Development.
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What if my future funeral is a place to launch new products made of my body and organs.

What it people can celebrate my launching party and my new life in my funreal.

Beyond a general funeral, I would like to design future funeral using future material that could be my dead body. I just wondered that what package design and service design could be exisited in the future where our body can be commercialized and merchandised. I need to think what I can offer from my body if I dead, which part of my body could be commercialized, and what service I can offer in my funeral.