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Please help me congratulate SGT Tomokane, SFC McDerman , SSG Smith-Mcgee, and SFC Garza on passing the Sergeant Audie Murphy Board! BASTOGNE!

Providing quality services and sound customer care is necessary for retaining majority of your customers and clients.

Cheers army, heres to another year of back and knee pain! Look forward to it Also huge shoutout for my unit putting up with my infantry ways. Civil affairs will learn

Wie wäre es, wenn die und ihre -Partner den aktuellen Stand und den zukünftigen Fortschritt der Projekte des - wüssten ? Lohnt es sich, solchen Kunden einen besonders individuellen Premium- zu bieten ? Ich denke schon ...

For over a decade, Help AG has been the region's trusted Advisor which is why our customers vouch for our excellent reputation that's based on unmatched expertise, high quality of delivery, & a focus on .

VISION To create a platform that promotes Islamic education and enhances religious peace and harmony in society. MISSION To promote of the richness and importance of teachings and morals through service to humanity.

Believe it or not. In May 2019 I've celebrated 40 years of . I'm so proud to be part of such a great innovative company. I've enjoyed to be an and was so happy to meet many IBM colleagues.

Every Sunday Paramedics, Doctors & Trainees sit in front of Gurdwara SisGanj Sahib Delhi to treat poor, needy people. Free Medicine is also given to those who can't afford. is And yes always remember

A key benefit of purchasing a is that you can buy into an established , but you need to make sure that the company's product or offering is strong.

Auch im Geschäft mit gibt es konzeptionelle Unterstützung für Werkstätten. Diese reicht vom Einkauf über den bis hin zur Vermarktung der Pneus. Aber auch der Kfz-Service gewinnt für die Konzeptgeber zunehmend an Bedeutung. Eine Übersicht

Nachtrag: wird insgesamt groß geschrieben! Die ist hoch über dem Rhein, aber manche Geräusche kommen auch da an - vor allem nachts, wenn es insgesamt sehr ruhig ist 😉 Bahn - oder auch einfach nur „Schnarchen“ 😴

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God is the reason we are alive today! 😄 So we will worship him in spirit and in truth forever and ever 🙏🏽 . Praise and worship today 🔥🔥

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1st service out 🤗 2 nd #service loading #church #rhema (at Rhema Bible Church North)

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Now selling tarot readings

Hello people of tumblr. I am now selling tarot readings and for a pretty cheap price (as you can see from the photo above). If you would like to have your cards read at a reasonable price with up to 80% accuracy, please consider sending me a message. I’m glad to soon work with those of you considering getting your cards read by me. Even if you don’t want to, please be considerate and reblog this post so I can gain more exposure. I’ll be using the money earned for necessities only (bills, debt, food).

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God or Mammon?

by Martyn-Lloyd Jones

I remember once hearing a preacher tell a story which he assured us was simple, literal truth. It illustrates perfectly the point which we are considering. It is the story of a farmer who one day went happily and with great joy in his heart to report to his wife and family that their best cow had given birth to twin calves, one red and one white. And he said, “You know I have suddenly had a feeling and impulse that we must dedicate one of these calves to the Lord. We will bring them up together, and when the time comes we will sell one and keep the proceeds, and we will sell the other and give the proceeds to the Lord’s work.” His wife asked him which he was going to dedicate to the Lord. “There is no need to bother about that now,” he replied, “we will treat them both in the same way, and when the time comes we will do as I say.” And off he went. In a few months the man entered his kitchen looking very miserable and unhappy. When his wife asked him what was troubling him, he answered, “I have bad news to give you. The Lord’s calf is dead.” “But”, she said, “you had not decided which was to be the Lord’s calf.” “Oh yes,” he said; “I had always decided it was to be the white one, and it is the white one that has died. The Lord’s calf is dead. We may laugh at that story, but God forbid that we should be laughing at ourselves. It is always the Lord’s calf that dies. When money becomes difficult, the first thing we economize on is our contribution to God’s work. It is always the first thing to go. Perhaps we must not say "always”, for that would be unfair; but with so many it is the first thing, and the things we really like are the last to go. “We cannot serve God and mammon.” These things tend to come between us and God, and our attitude to them ultimately determines our relationship to God. The mere fact that we believe in God, and call Him, Lord, Lord, and likewise with Christ, is not proof in and of itself that we are serving Him, that we recognize His totalitarian demand, and have yielded ourselves gladly and readily to Him. “Let every man examine himself.”

Blog #97 Call Center Theater: Hello

Customer: “Hi, I’m looking for a particular item to see if you have it in stock or if you don’t can I order it from you directly?”

Me: “What is the item you are looking for?”

Customer: “Its a TV power cord.”

Me: “What is the name of the tv?”

Customer: “Samsung….its a Samsung tv.”

Me: “Okay.”

Customer: “Hello…are you still there?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “Its a Samsung tv.”

Me: “Okay.”

Customer: “Hello…are you still there?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “Its a Samsung tv.”

Me: “Okay.”

Customer: “Hello…are you still there?”

Me: “Yes…I’m searching for the power cord.”

Customer: “Oh okay….its a Samsung tv.”


The Stihl MS 271 Chainsaw and one tough mother. Choose the real Farm Boss for your next cut, she won’t let you down.
The MS 271 Farm Boss Chainsaw with 20” Bar- Now $419
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Saturday, 18th of May 2019

As we approach another in a never ending stream of elections, just remember that the leader of an organisation determines its nature and character. Your votes, thats votes for you and I , put in place a leader whom you will choose to lead and then thereby shape the government and its form will be put to provide all of your service.

Our Queen reigning is sworn to our service since before any of us still at reign over our duty albeit job and more than seventy years are since then.

Do not think that giving service is less for it is to give and giving is more than any amount of taking can or may.

If you give to your land or your nation then give that your Queen may profit by your service, that your land may be blessed, and that those generations that pass after will benefit by your work.

Great British Empire

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“Everything that the Father gives me will come to me, and I will not reject anyone who comes to me, because I came down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of the one who sent me. And this is the will of the one who sent me, that I should not lose anything of what he gave me, but that I should raise it on the last day.”

John 6:37-39 New American Bible (NAB), part of the Gospel Reading for the Wednesday of the Third Week of Easter

Reciprocity vs. Servitude

When one is a good parent, their kids will do things for them out of love. Kids will be taught healthy expressions of love by their parents, who model healthy, loving behavior and loving emotional expression. When a parent creates a healthy family community, the kids will participate. In a healthy family, kids don’t participate in the less pleasant parts of family life, like chores, out of fear, but out of understanding. Humans who know how to parent well teach their children to understand the concept of interdependence, with both modeling and discussion. Healthy, loving parents field the common question of every child, “why do I have to do this?” They explain patiently and calmly why humans do chores and what happens when humans don’t take care of their environment. Healthy parents explain the reasons behind their decisions and are not threatened by a child asking for explanations. Healthy parents don’t resort to the infamous, authoritarian reply, “because I said so.” If a parent has to force servitude out of their children, it’s because they’re a toxic, unhealthy parent. Emotionally mature parents understand that generosity and reciprocity come out of loved ones when they themselves are doing a good job being loving and generous. It is an incredibly unwell and emotionally immature human who believes that literally any other human exists to serve them. In a healthy family, there is reciprocity, which means everyone is participating in offering and receiving loving action and emotion. In toxic and abusive families, there is servitude, which means that some offer everything and receive nothing (children) while others offer nothing and receive everything (parents).