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The Tao of Maud, Year 5, Day 53
Week 8 - Service

On the 5th February from 8 to 9 p.m. I helped my brother with his English classes. He’s currently dealing with grammar tenses, including appropriate usage in different sentences. Basically, the key for him is to distinguish between the order of activities which enables him to correctly use tenses, i.e. when an action occurs before another, we use past perfect. As soon as he does it, he performs well because all the structures are well known for him. During the lesson, I realized the crucial role of logic in English grammar and revised it of course.

New jogging season!

Unfortunately, low temperatures this winter have been influential enough to discourage me from jogging regularly (or at least as often as I would like to). I didn’t really achieve any of the goals that I have been aiming at before and it really sucks, to be completely honest. I wish I have been more committed to this activity, especially knowing how relaxing it is and that this is one of the things that helps me clear my mind. Luckily, the weather is getting better and better and I honestly wish to start running again. This time, however, I’d like to have a real plan, because I am not going to lie, I did not think my previous plan through. So, I am generally really excited for better weather and new jogging opportunities but since in this month (January) I have visited the pool a few times and have also been training a lot with Ewa Chodakowska and the very best Mel B (!) on YouTube, I have decided to wait until it will be really nice and there is no more snow. Know that I have some more time to think about it and to really take it seriously, I was hoping to do thorough research on good running plans and to come up with something before I lose another opportunity to grow in this discipline that, at the end of the day, I really enjoy! 

But January, as I have already mentioned, have not been completely filled with laziness. I have honestly done some training with Mel B and I have also found pages and blogs on Instagram with trainings which are extremely convenient to use for some quick workout ideas when I run out of ideas!

Learning Outcomes: 

Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken,developing new skills in
the process.

Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions.

Some screenshots from my IG of the best pages I do a workout with and the very best page with food portions for lazy people (me lately).


Since the last CAS Blog post I continued my work in the Students Council, discussing the most dire and salient issues facing the school and its students right now. Inter alia we discussed how we will be working together with the Principal’s Office in organisation of participatory budgeting, which will be soon introduced to our school. I think that these activities cause me to develop substantially when it comes too areas such as perseverance and planning the activities facing the school.


During the last fortnight, I attended two meetings of the “Samorzadni” Club, whose aim it is to establish a new form of students’ government in our school. During that meetings I presented a corrected version of the students’ government ‘constitution’ which proved to be an effective way of developing both my public speaking skills and working together with my group to achieve the aim, which is giving this school a meaningful and direly needed document.

I have also attended two meetings of the Students Council - an extremely important part of school democracy. Although working in this environment is hard it is also certainly beneficial as I develop my skills of collaboration and persuasiveness trying to convince other members to act responsibly and as quickly as it is reasonable.

Mickiewicz charity concert

December has been full of preparations for the charity concert coming soon. Among some of my responsibilities was finding sonsord and donnor that would be interested in giving some things for an auction. From all the people that I contacted only the tattoo shop happily became a sponsor and donated a gift card worth 400 zl. Even though it is not much as it is only one thing, I am pretty satisfied with the entire procedure I had to go through. Firstly, I was responsible for writing all the oficial documents and that is something I extremely enjoy doing. It generly reminds me of my conferce and I really really like to take this responsibility on my shoulders. Secondly, I was more than surprised how nicely and smoothly contacting those people were. They were more than happy to help and extremely nice. I will definitely go there to get a tattoo one day.

I must say that I am very stressed about the event. Although everything seems to be going well, I am kind of scared that some part will not work. But at the same time I cannot wait until it is the day of the event. Again I proved to myself that I extremely enjoy organising events and managing things.

Learning Outcomes

Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth.

Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions.

UN club x2 - week 6 and 7

Last week (5/2) I attended my very first meeting with the school’s UN club! They filled me in on what they do in the school and what their goals are, and it was nice to contribute with some ideas I have heard the class speaking about (recycling paper issues etc..). This week, we had a “Resolutionsstuga” where we helped students who are participating in the UN roleplay after the break with their resolutions. A lot of people came, and it was so interesting to hear about every country! I have already learned a lot about the UN’s influence on the school, and I’m looking forward to more meetings. 

Strand: Service

Approx. hours: 2 hrs


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