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Vous dire bonnes Pâques sera bien mieux que de casser des oeufs plus ou moins jaunes ! Oh un oeuf !

Someone please help me 😂I keep thinking that 's tattoo is her next title song🙈Although I know there are still and , but I just can't stop myself because after and the future I have already missed her😢Dammit😭😭😭 💜

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In all of our hustle and bustle to "get there" and "make it", remember it is just as important to slow down and take in the quiet and the wonder that is the journey.

Me encanta usar mis aceites a la hora de dormir, en verdad descanso más tiempo y mas profundo. Úsalos de manera tópica o en difusor , , e de

Hello & Are the any future plans with let’s say with , or ? The arc story still have potential for more.

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Buona Pasqua

Nell'augurare a tutti una serena Pasqua, auspico una tregua delle battaglie interpersonali, almeno per qualche giorno, per iniziare a meditare seriamente su una necessità che accomuna tutti quanti e costituisce un presupposto irrinunciabile della serenità, come la salute.

Parlo della pace, quel concetto che siamo da sempre abituati a dare per scontato e che andiamo dimenticandoci ogni giorno di più.


Teach me to be patient
In times of anger
With time, I’ve been acquainted
For He is Our Savior

Show me the way
To strength and serenity
Guide us each day
Until our recovery 

Lift up our spirits
When they are bound to fall
Allow us bit by bit
To rise above all 

Help us heal
Let time do its task
Please let us feel
Relief that will last

We pray to You
Oh Lord Divine
We thank you
For this healing time