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The National Institutes of Health notes 1.6 million older adults go to the ER each year due to fall-related injuries. There's a high correlation between cold weather and an increase in senior falls among older adults, too.

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The Next 5 Years Will Challenge The U.S. Wine Industry, Says Reportย ย Forbes Each year, Silicon Valley Bank's (SVB) wine division releases its U.S. State of the Wine Industry report--a crystal ball into the future ahead f... via

They're back โ€“ The Fabulous Boomer Bo | Local Newsย ย Cleveland Jewish News Bob Snyder and Bruce Bogart, The Fabulous Boomer Boys, who first graced WHK radio with a talk show in 1993, are back with their brand of commentar... via

The EC Scholars head to their Senior Impact Experience tomorrow morning in Charleston. Check out this throwback from their first year!

Our services are designed to fill in the things that and their families can't or don't want to do. Each project is different. Our can do as little or as much as required. Visit us at to schedule your free consultation.

Column: Like every generation, we baby have our own problems and success storiesย ย Chicago Tribune Columnist Pat Lenhoff takes a stand for her fellow baby boomers. via

We had a somewhat easy move today - we had a pack and unpack for a client who moved from one apartment to another at Beverwyck Senior Living. Check out those plants in the window! Welcome to your new home Mrs. S.!

So proud of these and the entire โฆโฉ TEAM!!! Finals here we come. โฆโฉ โฆโฉ !!!

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Pet companionship offers many benefits for humans and pets in their golden years. Do you know a local senior who could benefit from our 9 Lives Seniors Pet Companionship program ? Email for more information!

Here's to you, seniors! ๐ŸŽ‰ This afternoon, we celebrated the Class of 2019 and the start of their final semester at the annual senior reception.

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Jenna - GOLD (Studio Code L)
Senior Open Solo
NYCDA Lansing 2019

Music: Escalate - Tsar B

1 - 15 - 19

Sigh… second semester has me in a slump already. I have College English research I’ve been putting off for a week to do once I get home today. Hopefully I can put a decent dent in it 😪💞


What REALLY happened in #TheGoodOldDays SeniorsBeLike
#SeizureWarning Seizures Beware.
#retro #zelda #legendofzelda #oldpeople #seniors #backinmyday #rockmusic

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Wish Lists Do Work

by Lady RuNett © 1/08/2019

Sometimes, when I would shop online, I would see the words “Wish List.” I was convinced that no one really pays attention to them unless they have somehow been informed that you have one.

         I never bothered with a Wish List or Register for my wedding, my anniversaries or my birthdays and I didn’t really ever tell my family what I wanted for Christmas unless they asked. I just waited to be surprised. However, in early December, when I saw a photo of the former First Lady Michelle Obama with her new book, Becoming on Facebook; I posted that I was putting it on my Wish List. I made mental note to get the book but with everything that was going on I wasn’t sure when I would get it. I was pretty sure it would be after Christmas.

         Once all my Christmas shopping was done, I knew I would not be able to get the book until well into the new year. I put it to the back of my mind with a promise to buy it soon.

We went to my son, Jacob’s home of Christmas dinner and after a delicious meal and a game, we exchanged gifts. My son came up to me, placed a kiss on my cheek and with a proud grin on his face, he produced my gift from behind his back. “I’m pretty proud of myself this time, Mom,” he told me, “Merry Christmas, I know I got it right this time.” With that, he handed me Michelle Obama’s book. “See Mom,” he said, “I pay attention.” This was one time that I was grateful for a Wish List.


All That Jazz - Academy For The Performing Arts
Emma Hovey, Lauren Guinn
Age 15 Musical Theatre
1st Place Senior Sapphire Duet/Trio
High Gold
Showbiz Davenport 2019

Music: All That Jazz (Glee Cast Version feat. Kate Hudson) - Glee Cast

In my senior year I was a counselors aide

I took notes from the counselors office to the classes to give to students. Whenever I went tot a classroom I usually looked at the board to see what the class was studying.

One day I had to take a note to a film studies class. After handing the note to the teacher I went to walk out of the room but I was paying attention to the PowerPoint the teacher was showing to the class and I ran into a stool and counter.

The entire class turned to stare at me and I’ve never ran faster out of a classroom


Proud Mary - Inspire School of Dance
1st Place Senior Group Group
1st Place Overall Senior
Senior Critics’ Choice Award
NYCDA Lansing 2019