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Read your magazine or book in bed with the Optelec traveler:

Des réponses, accessibles et innovantes, existent pour l’accueil des publics , handicapés, fragiles ou isolés. et vous attendent à l'espace DD pour en discuter.

Motivate an older adult in your life to be more active. If you are wondering how much your loved ones should be moving, they should aim to do 150 minutes of activity weekly. Comment below a physical activity that you can see yourself doing.

. participe au , le grand rendez-vous des actifs. Rendez-vous les 7 et 8 février 2020 à Rennes, sur le village Silver Alliance (stand E23). Inscription gratuite avec le code SILFB20 :

Motivate an older adult in your life to be more active. Your loved ones should be aiming for 150 mins of activity weekly. Comment below a physical activity that you can see yourself doing.

Engaging is easier said than done. Beautifully display activities, special events, menus, as well as local/national news and weather on your own . Residents feel at home and have something to squawk about

Please share. 23 Organizations Dedicated to the Needs of Seniors. Find the article here on our blog:

Inauguration de l’Espace du avec C. Escoulan, J. Escudier et B. Micouleau. Cet équipement permet de centraliser ttes les réponses aux besoins de nos aînés (transports, activités, resto solidaire, assistance, infos…) afin d'améliorer leur quotidien à

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How Laughter Can Benefit Seniors 1. It reduces blood pressure and increases blood flow 2. Laughter reduces stress 3. It can improve memory 4. Laughter promotes physical fitness 5. It boosts the immune system

A Glass of Fresh Nutrition Drinking a glass of milk keeps seniors moving and provides comfort in the seniors' golden years. Read more:

Seniors love answering puzzles and riddles. These activities lessen their boredom and improve their memory. Aside from conventional crosswords and sodoku, why not introduce online quizzes to your elders? They may find those quite interesting!

A Great Companion! Seniors need to have a great companion to help them lessen their boredom and also help them be able to communicate openly with their feelings!

General Stretching Guidelines for Seniors 1. Always do a warm-up 2. Avoid bouncing during stretching 3. Be gentle, don't overstretch 4. Avoid combining turns and bends 5. Ask your doctor for safe stretching suggestions

Beating Loneliness in the Elderly Despite old age or illness, there are still a lot of fun activities that seniors can enjoy. Read more:

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Kaylee - Senorita Tap
Age 17 Tap
The Dance Slipper
American Dance Awards 2019


Skylar Grimes - Call My Name
Age 17 Tap
10th Place Age 17 Solo
Ultimate Gold
The Dance Academy of North Jersey
American Dance Awards 2019

Choreography: Jason Luks
Music: Call My Name - Prince