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Credit to @vladgrospic • • • • • I've been having some fun with a pallet knife!!

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Gnarly! Drop something on it or did you ram it into hardwood furniture? 🧦👣

Who needs a pedicurist when you have a middle toenail like this?

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I had a very draining day. So I decided, after spending time working on commissions that I'd finish this cutie. Tomorrow, it's back to the ol' grind. .

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After researching the artist duo names DFT aka Differantly who use continuous line drawing to create the simplest objects on walls etc👌🏼 I decided I also wanted to challenge myself on creating things on a larger scale. Using a self portrait of me in a cap 🧢 (obvs😂) I decided to use black tape and create the image. Although it’s not continuous line I quite like the developement of the piece and having the cut the tape different lengths to appear more tonal and thicker in the piece😌 The final image was just to showcase the scale of the piece before my mother told me it had to be taken down🙈🤷🏼‍♂️, all is documented in the sketchbook so it’s fine. I’d like to experiment more like this


Sans titre, Sans drogue
Untitled, drug-free

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