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He never compliments me. When I feel sad about it, I ask myself why I need his approval to feel loved and valid. Then I remember that I don’t.

There is always a smile behind everything... wether good or bad. Happy or sad... I learned a lot about myself these past few days, and I’ve learned that I need to make myself happy, and just learn to let the wind blow and see where it takes me

When you love yourself, you give everyone a solid cue on how you expect to be treated. Self love first, always.

20% of your actions will give you 80% results! Try new morning routines, meditate, dedicate time for self reflection, try something out of your comfort zone. Rediscover what motivates you and why?

Como diría una buena amiga “calma, tranquilidad, serenidad, paz... esto y más inspira este lugar” 🇨🇴

"Every sentence has weight and makes one think. The method of dialogue was a great idea because as one reads it, they feel part of the dialogue and if you think about it we truly learn from each other... I highly recommend it!"

Raise a ✋ if you want less stress and more optimism. Here are 30 ways that you can start practicing self ❤️ today!

Let love spill over into all areas of your life ❤it makes life sweeter. Want help in how to find the love and allow it to flow? Join me in Vegas March 29-31st 😘 . .

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of nurturing to follow through with your dreams. What are some of your dreams this week you would like to accomplish?

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yesterday i went out to grab coffee with one of my best friends and i some how had the courage to tell her one of my deepest darkest secrets. i didn’t expect to cry. i didn’t want to cry, but i did. she did. a weight has been lifted off my shoulder knowing that i’ve finally told someone. coming to terms with it and talking about it is REALLY helping me get past the ptsd. knowing that i’m not drowning alone in my own thoughts anymore helps. knowing that i have someone to run to now when i need to catch a breath extremely helps. to whoever needs to hear this- you are not alone. sometimes it may seem like the world is against you but truth is, it’s not. speak up. don’t be afraid to ask for help. don’t be afraid to speak to someone about whatever it is you’re going through. no issue is “not a real issue”. no issue doesn’t matter. everything matters. you matter


My Dad would always say, “Jesus loves you and I do too!”❤️ Growing Up, I didn’t understand it but now it has become what I live by. I’ve learned that in order to become an exceptional human being one must learn how to love without stipulation or circumstance. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽@jadapinkettsmith “Love by itself needs wisdom” - Mooji

Great Mother/Father remove my ego so that I may learn to love … thru you. It’s my greatest wish❤️✨
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What a day…

Good evening, Lovelies!

Have a snapchat selfie 😘 Here it’s 9pm

Mood was OK although today was sooo stressful… Food was OK too, which is nice.

Still don’t sleep, which sucks.

Also had a nice walk, have a pic of that as well:

It always calms me to be outdoors alone and allows me to breathe.

I have felt surrounded by triggers for the last two weeks and I am so glad that I managed today although I got confronted AGAIN ><’

Hope you had a great day today! Want to share?
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The Devil

Sometimes it’s hard to sit and think that I might be the worst thing that has happened to someone. That I am the one who some think about when referring to the Devil.

But, then there is the other side of the coin. I am or will be the best thing that has ever happened to someone. I am wanted, someone wants to love me for every snarky comment or late night they share with me.

And that is just fantastic.