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Crazy selfie!

セルフポートレートなので モデルもカメラマンも自分ですから 敢えて区別しませんが わたしの餌となり栄養となる inspirationのRetweetと 撮影した写真のTweetには も使用します 感動をたくさん 与えてください 📸

:/ been shaving my head since my late teens. Growing it these days because someone pointed I still could. Not sure I like it but will keep going. lol be kind eh.

. presentará su nuevo en el Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma - Miraflores. ¡Va estar increíble! No faltes. 🎈🙌🏻 Compra tus entradas en segundos pagando y/o aquí! ►

Double baking for a little while, and then it's just a bit until both of the cookie batches are done! We're not done yet but the other parts of this are gonna be later, so I'm headed across the bay to watch some movies.

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Been crying almost all day. It’s a look.