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YESSSS. Let's build each other up!! Photo: bykellymalka

This entrepreneur thing is a weird ride. Managing mental health, self doubt & the need to be totally self motivated is tricky ngl. Lucky I have a 10/10 understanding cofounder who nudged me to do some genuine . Reminder to self: more green space in the routine is key

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I AM!! #Repost @blacklovedoc
We don’t say, “speak it into existence,” just because it sounds good. Our words and thoughts have more power than we realize👏🏾 Over on @kennyonce sat with actress @brelyevans to talk all things self-love, gratitude, the power of affirmations and how all of this has led her to the life of her dreams❤️ Link in bio! What are some positive affirmations you tell yourself? #blacklove #selflove #powerofthetoungue #affirmations #believe #knowyourself #loveyourself #selfcare #iam #becoming #protectyoenergy

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Sud'n Impact gym doing it again. The 2020 Fort Wayne Fitness expo at Empowered sports club February 1st. Just a little more than a week and it’s on like donkey kong!!

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What to do in the 15 min before class to counteract ‘computer pose’?
#makarlu + #foamroller = relaxing multitasking 😀
I held the Makarlu during my shoulder work and #deadbugs for a bit of extra feedback and stability challenge - it really makes a difference!
I stood on the Makarlu for a bit of extra stability challenge and bonus foot massage in my #glutebridge and my spine got a massage on the foam roller.
All these balancing moves really woke my brain up and got me in a great frame of mind for class ✨🧠✨
Want to learn more about the @_makarlu_ ?
We’ve got a workshop coming up with its creator Carla Mullins on Thursday Feb 13 - check my bio for my info 💖
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All or nothing mentality will stop you from achieving your weight loss goals whereas the all or SOMETHING mentality will get you there faster!!

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#SelfCare with Empress E!! Lol another shameless plug of my new #pajama set! I feel like the royalty I am in silk and satin. I look soft and feel soft! Yassss for #femininity!
Anyways, no #NaturalHairProblems here cuz I did all of this in like 1-2 hours. The detangling process was easy peas lemon squeezer!
I still need a trim, but I’ll be trying out this new hair stylist in February. Looking forward to being in his chair. Thought I was gonna throw some extra inches in here and have a fake ponytail. I don’t have time or finances for that! But ya gurl will possibly rock a press n curl for the next month! Okay time to shampoo all of my brushes lol ALL like it’s a more than 2 brushes. Wash my 2 brushes and baby hair brush. 3 brushes and comb! Gotta remake my bed and study! Adios!

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A Toxic Exchange


Originally posted by gac-nho-cua-mach

The hardest part of writing this has been trying to figure out what led me to the third (and the worst) language exchange I’ve ever had.

When did it start to take a turn for the worse? How much of it was my fault? How much of it was them? When should I have ended it? Why did I allow it to get to that point?

And in all honesty, there is no absolute right or wrong here. There is no villain in this story, although had you asked me a few months back I definitely would have said otherwise.

“They were crazy!” “Something was wrong with them!” “I just couldn’t deal with it anymore.”

And ultimately, my desire to try to help someone who was dealing with something internally is why I ended up putting myself through a lot of mental stress and anxiety. I kept telling myself, “This person needs my help. I should just be more patient.”


Originally posted by sunshine-in-a-petal

But now that I think it about very carefully, there were some issues that became very apparent in the beginning of our language exchange. Things that I know rubbed me the wrong way.

And I ignored them because “maybe it’s a cultural misunderstanding,” “maybe both of our levels are too low and we misinterpret things” “maybe they’re having a bad day,” “maybe I’m having a bad day,” etc., etc., etc.

They complained a lot. They had every excuse for why they couldn’t do something. They were discouraging and messaged me so frequently that it began to get on my nerves.

I couldn’t just ignore them because when I did they would come off as cold or get upset. So I felt pressured to have to respond to them every time.

They were culturally ignorant, which is funny because after pointing that out in the beginning, it used as an excuse in the end.

I allowed them to have too much access to me outside of the app we were using, so I began to feel bothered by this person on a regular basis. We had disagreements on a regular basis and I began to despise ever interacting with them.

I started asking myself why it was that I always felt like I had to apologize. Why did I always feel like I was on the defensive with this person. It started feeling more like a competition to prove who knew more, “I’m right, you’re wrong,” and who was smarter than who rather than a simple exchanging of language and culture.

I was reaching my breaking point, and yet, I felt like I just needed to be more understanding.

What I needed was to recognize this person was set in their ways. They were not going to change. They don’t even see that they have a problem.

As time went on, they eventually revealed they had lost exchange partners in the past (probably for all the same things I was dealing with.)

The final straw: they hit me up on WhatsApp (this person wrote me almost every day. Either on WhatsApp, Twitter, or the language app,) and I finally decided to just tell them I needed space.


This led to ANOTHER blow after we just had a argument a few days prior…


And that was when I had enough…


And it got ugly after that…spilling back onto the app where all this mess originally began. I started to go back and forth, but decided to let them have the last word instead.

It just wasn’t worth it…

What angered me most was that they didn’t want to take responsibility for anything. This person walked away thinking I was the problem… in actuality they were partly to blame.

I say partly because I knew I should’ve walked away sooner. Instead I kept engaging with a person I didn’t like, draining all my energy and patience for FOUR MONTHS…

…because I wanted to be a nice person. Nice people help others. Nice people are patient, kind, and empathetic.

Yes… They were afraid, as are most beginners. In some ways, they reminded me of myself…

But they were also full of it. And until a person is ready to take that step forward and challenge themselves, you’ll never be able to help them. They will always tell you why they can’t practice, why they can’t find other people to talk to, why they can’t study…

The list goes on and on.

So I’m writing this to encourage someone else to walk away. Walk away from toxic people who bring you stress in your life, who steal your joy, who cause you to have anxiety.

I’ve had to drop toxic friends, toxic family members, jobs…

And now I’m realizing that it’s the same in the language community as well.

You are not obligated to devote your time, your resources, your LIFE to anyone. You do not have to respond to every message or accept every request you receive.

Do I feel like a jerk sometimes when I leave those 1 word messages in my inbox or ignore requests? Yeah, I do because I myself know how it feels to be ignored. To scream at the top of your lungs and still be muted.

So I know and understand the feeling quite well.

But my peace of mind is more important. My mental health is more important. My joy and happiness is more important.

And so is yours.

So if you have found yourself in a situation where you fight with your language partner more than you get along, or if they constantly have an excuse for their poor and/or offensive behavior, RUN.

You may have committed to help them, but you do not have to commit to an unhealthy and stressful situation.


Originally posted by kittenwitchandthebadvibes

I’ve learned to set boundaries and I’m taking time to figure out what I want in a language exchange. To not compromise for anyone and to get out of there at the first sign of trouble.

Don’t. Ignore. Red. Flags.

When I finally dropped that language partner, the next day my body felt super relaxed. As though I had been carrying a huge weight while running for days on end. I spotted a few more silvers in my hair. It was quiet and no one was messaging me. I was at home all to myself.

And you know what? It was first time I felt at peace in months and I enjoyed every minute of it.


Originally posted by saiaku

Just remember: it’s okay to say no. And when you say it, MEAN IT.

nourish your happiness

our happiness is based on our expectations. our expectations are based on what we consider “normal”. & our “normal” is based on the things we surround ourselves with. only follow social media accounts that promote your self love&compassion. only hang with friends who want to see you succeed&grow. 

poppyseeds, surround yourself with the people&things&situations that nourish your own happiness. 

Hear me out.

Live for you. Not for them. Just like,, be a dumbass and grow.

Fix ur messes and acknowledge you’re not responsible for others happiness.

Would you be happy with yourself if you looked over your life?

Anways be safe. ❤️

If you ever feel helpless because of everything that’s going on the world, especially the recent natural disasters we’ve seen at the start of 2020, I made this video for you.

I’m naturally sensitive but I’ve been feeling the collective energy a lot lately and it’s been heavy. So heavy my every day tools have not been enough. So I was inspired to spend a week taking care of myself even more and I hope these tips help you reconnect to yourself to whenever you feel out of control.