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It’s okay if it rains ☔️ -employed -brands

明日よりスタートするRICE MINHSHAN FAN展「SELF」の搬入作業中。 なかなかいい感じに仕上がってきました✨ 写真、映像、立体作品などなど😏 初日と20日は作家も在廊予定です。 ・

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unedited self

First selfie of the week. Since I accepted this challenge. My photos will not be of the normal selfies you’d expect. Photography is art. So these will be more on the artistic side. This is at my window sill in my room. Creates wonderful light. Might I add, 98% of the time, this is how I look. Bare faced. As stripped away as I can get. So enjoy.