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Self-love and self-care are the building blocks for the best you ever! Just a little reminder that it's okay to listen to what your body needs and to take good care of yourself! -love -care

On a reminder to get outside in nature. Take a daily pill get the light and your body needs & feel well Practice care every day. Especially when it feels hard

Sometimes it can feel like our heads just can't hold any more information or 'to do' lists... just looking at this image leaves me feeling slightly overwhelmed! An excellent reminder to press the pause button and breathe..... -care

Happy Twitter friends. A small reminder to , and practice -care. is optional 😁

Reminder: may come as a ‘whisper’, ‘I’m thirsty’. Or a little louder, noticing you become frustrated easily. Could be a full blown ‘SCREAM’ 📣 , injuring yourself or in misalignment, mentally, emotionally + spiritually? What’s one thing u can do 2 get back 2 U?

A reminder to all that self-care is important and that you are a resilient person amidst all that happens in life. Keep having a wonderful day! -care

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Reminder to be careful what you tell yourself because you are listening! -care

are more heavily influenced by our environment, than by our . Let’s look at how habits work using the Reminder, Habit, Reward model, so that we can gradually bad habits. -care

Self-care may seem simple, but sometimes we all need a reminder.

Self care for educators is so important - thank you to the for the reminder today -care

On , just a reminder to men that -care is for everyone. It takes strength to recognise when you need to look after yourself in order to look after everyone else.

How is your week going? Are you well? Are you getting all your vitamins? This post is a reminder to you (and me) to incorporate -care into your daily grind. Have a good day, mmkay?

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Here’s a reminder from us that -care is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, especially when you’re trying to conceive! As you start your weekend, here are some suggestions in how to invest in some “you time”!

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