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Addams Family Values ( Spiel) 🇩🇪 🔥🔗

【フリマアプリ】ラクマで購入!サクラ大戦シリーズ。DSソフト紹介。【これ帰#016】 動画UP! はじめてフリマアプリ「ラクマ」で購入しました。 。

→新景品情報← 【夏目友人帳 タオルセット~秋満喫~】が新登場♪ で どこでも気軽に ♪ ▼登録はこちら▼

→新景品情報← フレッシュプリキュア! Q posket-CureBerry- フレッシュプリキュア! Q posket-CurePeach-が同時に新登場♪ で どこでも気軽に ♪ ▼登録はこちら▼

Here's the Japanese version of Panzer Dragoon Saga titled Azel over there . Check out my Top 10 Saturn RPG list to see where this gem landed 👇

The Mega Drive/Genesis version of Virtua Fighter 2 is strange.

A solid offering is . This fun game is a recent addition to my collection. Was better than the Madden games at the time. Still sad that this franchise died out. A fun game for retro gamers to enjoy.🎮

Imagine how I feel when I have over 10 Sonic theories and different types of Sonic and Non-Sonic ideas that I know people would love but I can't show em because I apparently don't have the necessary skill and drive to make a video about them.

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Dakimakura Blaze-ko!^^


While it was previously announced as coming to Switch, it seems that the next SEGA AGES title will be SEGA AGES: Shinobi. We don’t have an exact release date, but it is apparently coming soon. There are plenty of SEGA AGES games in the works, but Shinobi should be the next slated for launch.


inktober week 2

8) Frail (Yuri on ice — Otabek, Yuri)

9) Swing (South Park — Craig,  Tweek)

10) Pattern (Hikaru no Go — Ko Yongha and Hong Suyong)

11) Snow (Phantasy star II — Nei)

12) Dragon (Game of Thrones — Daenerys Targaryen)

13) Ash (MDZS — Wei Wuxian)

14) Overgrown (Monster World IV — Asha and Pepelogoo)


Sonic Mania was a fantastic experience top to bottom, and the icing on the cake were the animated shorts that released alongside the title, and were part if it through the intro and more. In an interview with, we hear from Sega’s Director of Animation, Yukio Kusumoto, on how the shorts came together. How did these animated shorts come about? How did this all come together?

Yukio Kusumoto: I joined Sega about two years ago and this creating short-form content was a brand-new initiative following Sega’s last effort of creating a series called Sonic Boom. And production wrapped for Sonic Boom, and we were thinking about doing something new. Thus, this short-form content idea came, and the original purpose of creating this short-form content is to create something like a companion piece to the game, really. And at that time, when I joined, Sega previously released Sonic Mania game, as a digital download I believe. And then when I joined there was a plan of creating additional SKU. It’s a physical package branding called Sonic Mania Plus, and Sega had the idea of adding a few new elements to the game, and we thought, why not create a short-form content to highlight that new element and start with a companion piece, but also promote the brand as a whole. And it was, again, it was a brand-new initiative. Sega had the idea for a while, but they just didn’t have a person to do it. So I joined, and that was the very first thing I did with Sega and we created six episodes so far on Sonic Mania Adventure series, and it’s been a great success. What was the actual process like for creating the series? Designing stuff, making sure things looked right – that the series was what you wanted it to be.

Yukio Kusumoto: So as you know, Sonic Mania the game is all about nostalgia, if you will. It’s recreating the old side-scroll platform game. So I wanted to make something to speak to that. So my first mission is to find somebody who’s really in tune with the original world of Sega. The creator I hire has to be a big fan of Sonic, and has to know about Sonic in and out, and it wasn’t too hard to find that person. We were very lucky to have Tyson Hesse as a director who has been working with some Sega projects on and off prior, but at that time I believe he was a storyboard artist, and this was a really nice opportunity for both sides to make something brand new and having Tyson as a supervising director.

And then once we have Tyson on board, we had been discussing how we can replicate this innocent, untapped original world of Sonic, and how we can replicate the ‘90s Saturday morning cartoon type of feel. So our conclusion was we’re not gonna do 3D, but let’s do hand-drawn animation. And that was a challenge itself, ‘cause as you know, only a very handful of production houses does hand-drawn animation at this time, and we were searching Japan, Korea, the U.S., but finally we reached this production house called Neko Productions, located in Burbank, actually not too far from our office in Burbank, and it’s a little bit small production but they have a really good pool of hand-drawing animators. And we talk about the style and something close to the game, yet original. So we came up with this look that is hand drawn and not too polished to have kind of, you know, “for the fans, by the fans” type of feel. And we spent a few months designing the character, and we worked very closely with Mr. [Takashi] Iizuka, the head of [Product Development] here, and we finally nailed the look. And the rest is history.