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meets today in to discuss and

In today's Friends of Nigel, meet Officer Joyce Coates, born & raised in DC & a graduate of Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts! Officer Coates played trombone in marching band, on basketball team & is an who draws mostly cartoon characters.

Sera-Brynn’s testing includes and post-hunt on a scheduled frequency to identify compromised systems and locate gaps in current protective measures. Get started here:

Kicking things off at today... doing a panel this afternoon on organizational

Although employees are often the weakest link in IT security, not all businesses are providing data security training. Here's how to get started.

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Cyber Aware Survey Finds Young Brits Lack Cybersecurity Awareness - ISBuzz News


Psst…! Let me share a really deep secret that might get me in trouble with the FBI. You ready to listen? Okay, hear me out:

Daniel Murillo is actually a failed human-chameleon hybrid that escaped NASA labs. That is why he is able to turn shades of red/pink at times.

No one else can know about this. If I go missing, I wa

Is there a way/script to delete all your FB posts?

I’m looking for a script to delete all my facebook posts.

I can’t delete my FB now as I use it to communicate with friends and for some work related groups, but I’d like to delete everything I posted until today.

Does anyone know some opensource script or a secure way to delete all posts?

Edit: I tried the greasemonkey script that pops up in the google search to delete but it did not work.


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Reddit Anonymity: To what extent can one be anonymous here?

I would like to know how much information Reddit logs about your activities (IP, log-in and log-out times, etc.) and to what extent is it possible to have throwaway accounts be linked by the highest site admins?

Say I use a VPN and create 3 separate accounts, is it possible for Reddit to find out that those accounts belong to the same person?

And if so, how to avoid/bypass this.

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💝 could I have a platonic kiss for cadetxtilly please? <3


“Happy Valentine’s, Tilly.” His face bore a bright smile as he watched the cadet look down in surprise at the flowers now occupying her hands. Ash wasn’t worried about his intent being misconstrued; but he had been worried about Tilly’s habitual self-deprecation getting the better of her on a day like this. Additionally, it was as good a time as any to demonstrate his AFFECTION for her. “Hydrangeas and Gerbera daisies.” Added the lieutenant, clearly pleased by her fascination with them. Nor would his choice of flowers be lost on her, that much was guaranteed by previous exchanges.

The creamy hydrangeas contrasted the vivid orange of the daisies – he’d deliberately chosen the latter to compliment Tilly’s FIERY MANE OF HAIR. The bouquet wasn’t only meant for aesthetic purposes, however; hydrangeas meant heartfelt gratitude towards another for their understanding. Orange daisies signified BRIGHTNESS.

“Well, I gotta get to the bridge…” Ash leaned down and gave her a brief kiss on the cheek. “See ya.” Then he was gone, easily moving through the crowded mess hall to vanish again.