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Hackers Leverage To Breach, Persist In Networks @

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China's Sinovel Fined. Secretly Copied Information from AMSC's Computer System

Recorder's Office will be closed Sept. 14 to launch new records' management system. -Friendly

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We are more connected to everyone and everything than ever before. Therefore it is important that we keep our mobile devices safe and secure.

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Hacking law firms with abandoned domain names - Security Boulevard


Reddit banned a friend of mine over vulgarities in "private" messages

Which is very confusing to me, dont know where else to post this to get opinions on this. I opened a support ticket asking how this can be possible. Apparently reddit is running moderation/profanity checking software on private conversations.

I have to admit these conversations would be worth a ban on both sides, if they had been public. I do not understand at all how this can happen without me reporting my friend. Did anyone have a similar experience?

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“I’m really not a fan of using DevOps as a job title or function. To me, it’s about a culture or methodology, and you should look to hire professionals that understand the core tenets of that culture, which are Collaboration, Automation, Measurement, and Sharing (CAMS)” - @mdkail

— Dan Kennedy 🚫 (@danielkennedy74)

August 21, 2018
Top Al Qaeda bomb maker Ibrahim al-Asiri killed in US drone strike

Fox News reported that in 2009, al-Asiri hid explosives in his brother’s clothes in an attempt to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s interior minister; the brother was killed in the attack.
Michael Morell, a former CIA deputy director, told CBS News that al-Asiri was a big reason for increased security at airports.
Al-Asiri was also involved in a plot to hide explosives in printer cartridges being shipped to the US.
Al Qaeda’s Yemeni affiliate has long been regarded as one of the most dangerous outfits, primarily because of al-Asiri’s bomb-making abilities.
Before his death, al-Asiri was believed to have been working on bombs that could be hidden inside laptops, CBS News reported.

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I guess I didn’t promo this yet; my recording of Radiohead during Chicago Night 2. It’s the whole thing, with some color correcting.

Should I take a 23andMe DNA test?

My mom recently got into ancestry-related stuff and bought the family 23andMe DNA kits. I think the ancestry information would be interesting and I could see the health information being potentially useful, but I am hesitant to take the test. I do not have any specific reasons for concern, but something worries me about sending my DNA to a private company. Companies are always trying to mine data to improve their advertising and I feel like my DNA could potentially be very valuable information to advertisers. I’d like to hear what you guys think about DNA kits and whether or not there is any reason for concern with them.

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Easy way to self host email?

I’ve read that self-hosted email is a pita due to your stuff being flagged/filter by major players like gmail unless you build your reputation. then there’s people saying you need to configure like a dozen programs plus your os to set it up, and that email is the toughest thing a sys admin can do, that you can get your email server pwned by a hacker, etc.

Assuming I didn’t miss an easy method to self host, is there work/projects to fix this I should keep an eye on? I know that you can set up IMAP and download your emails to an email client and have them “deleted” from your providers server, but meh, dont really trust it.

Currently use protonmail but an operation that big has to be infiltrated or co opted imo.

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Serial number privacy concerns

So, I’ve recently bought an HP laptop and installed HP Support Assistant from manufacturer’s site. This app downloads and installs firmware and software updates. When I open the application, it displays my laptop’s Model Name, Product ID and Serial Number. These are the same numbers that are displayed in the back of my laptop. I assume it’s sending this information to HP servers when it connects to search for updates. I was wondering if this software can easily read my S/N, what’s stopping someone to track my activity online by using this number and tie this activity back to me? Am I missing something obvious here? I’ve searched online for this subject and found nothing…

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