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Surveillance cameras can provide invaluable to aid operations in the most of environments. Read our new blog to find out more:

What an evening! What a crowd! The atmosphere before, during and after our London meet-up said it all. , & are hot topics we want to talk more about. Watch this space!

First tweet from the new WISP Ireland Chapter account ☑️ 🔒 Expect to see topical and content being shared 🔒 Feel free to tag us or use the hashtag for any relevant content

How to Test & Check that your VPN is 100% Secure Never take your for granted when using the . Even if you are using a , there’s still a chance that your security could be compromised.

Are you a manager? Looking to progress into management? Have a LinkedIn account? Then join The Management Development group where you can learn and take part in discussions with managers at all levels.

We install CCTV! We completed our most recent installation using Hikvision UK & Ireland equipment 👍🏼💯 Perfect for home and business! Call us for more information: 01257 473832

We launch the safety barrier for any type of dock and loading bay: it has the function of preventing possible falls both of operators and pallet trucks or forklifts in the loading dock. See how it works

is honored to announce that , Executive Vice President of will take part in the 9th ! His work is committed to fostering a partnership and its .

In Future Face we work with the client on raising the level of security and reliability of systems, procedures by using the best solutions and consultations and building highly efficient policies and to reach a higher maturity rate in information 👍

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@TheHackersNews : The Apache Foundation has released the latest #Apache httpd version 2.4.39 to addresses this #vulnerability, along with 2 other important flaws and 3 low severity issues.

When the personal security of an individual counts, don’t rely on an inexperienced private security company. Off Duty Officers has been in business for over 25 years. We work with off-duty and retired law enforcement professionals and military personnel who are licensed and trained according to our high standards. Our management team recognizes the unique challenges and needs of personal security protection.