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Here’s an article by our CEO, Mr. published in Rashtriya Sahara discussing the & the should focus on during this festive season to get better .

and Movers to 20/09/2019. Week to Date: +1.48% -3.34%. Month to Date: +6.61% -0.66%. Quarter to Date: +7.11% -3.81%. Year to Date: +29.91% +6.74%.

Does your current funding partner have expertise in over 300 sectors? 89% of our clients say that's why we are their trusted funding partner.

This week's indecision is reflected in the sectors. Defensive areas like Utilities, Real Estate, and Health Care positive and closing in the higher range for the week. Energy was positive but faded back to the low range after Monday's gap up. , , ,

We operate within that are geared for , and build that are made to last. If you're looking to change your career direction, speak to one of the team today.

Have you heard about sweeping? This will be a great leap towards the of . As we move towards , we should remember that must affect all .

We live in a world full of complex problems. These problems cross boundaries. Yet most do not. We are devoted to developing leaders who can cross boundaries between , , , , and .

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For some or foreign , might be limited to large-cap stocks due to a narrow group of in the . A lack of exposure to mid- and small-cap companies could leave out of the reach of

The energy sector has been having a tough time...for a long time...

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Happy to confirm the taught programme for our Level 4 unit, The Tourism and Hospitality Industries. Heads up students starting this month, this is what's waiting for you!

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re: schooling
  • Cinemint: how does schooling work? Sounds like it's out of left field but if a character has a family it may be an important detail. Does each sector have an ISD?
  • QazNotQuaz: oooh that's a good question - i think that's another locally determined thing. just as some communities homeschool their kids and others do public/private school, such is the same with different sectors. there's probably whole sectors dedicated to being basically boarding school communities and college towns.
  • Cinemint: Interesting
re:  infinity and emptiness
  • Cinemint: Do people in this society ever go anywhere on holiday? Like, is the city just neverending or is there an oasis somewhere?
  • QazNotQuaz: the city is infinite but there are other planes
  • Cinemint: Is the earth flat?
  • QazNotQuaz: yes, unfortunately
  • Cinemint: Ahh, like Minecraft
  • QazNotQuaz: mhm
  • Cinemint: Being a small person in an infinite world like that must be overwhelming nearly.
  • QazNotQuaz: actually i should clarify: one corner and its edges are completely flat, incomprehensible walls whereas in the other direction, it's only 'rendered' out as far as people have gone. that's a pretty long way, but there's a point at which only facsimiles of new sectors are created. the zeitgeist doesn't spawn people into those spaces, instead leaving them as sorts of ghost towns. those gaps, of course, get filled in over time in most facsimiles, but there are still some empty sectors scattered around and there is definitely still a fringe of emptiness around the limit of the known plane.
  • Silent: What would happen if someone wandered far enough to get to facsimile sectors, and chose to settle down? Far enough away from civilization that he could enjoy peace and quiet.
  • QazNotQuaz: if someone wandered out to newly generated space and settled down, it'd be like a wanderer finding a post-rapture settlement. everything is set up with the implication that there are people to inhabit the space, but there's nobody actually using the resources or maintaining anything. they'd also have a very limited influence on the zeitgeist, being a lone person. with more universal effects of the zeitgeist, they'd be subject to the whims of the populus back in the more densely inhabited areas.
  • Silent: What if that one person in his loneliness believed that he lived in a town filled with ghosts? Could he over time create ghosts to share in his loneliness through sheer belief?
  • QazNotQuaz: a singular person isn't likely to have that much influence, although, there's no reason for there not to be sectors inhabited by literal ghosts.
  • Silent: Ok. An “empty” sector could potentially just be filled with invisible, selectively tangible people as well.
  • QazNotQuaz: ?
  • Silent: A group of people come across an entire sector that looks like it ought to be populated, but nobody can be seen, and so they assume that the people who lived there simply turned invisible to keep their lives private. Since the people never bump into any of them, they also assume these invisible people are selectively tangible, able to phase through things when it is convenient. They then go back, and spread the word about this sector, and more and more people stream out to see this sector, further cementing the nature of the “residents” into the zeitgeist. One day, a group of people ask the residents if they can join their peaceful community, becoming the first actual residents. Due to the zeitgeist’s belief that residents of that area are invisible and selectively tangible, they fade from true reality, adopting the traits of the sector. They become the ghosts that never were, and the sector continues to grow in population as more people want to live the peaceful life of an almost-ghost.
  • QazNotQuaz: i mean,,, not quite? but i like the idea
  • Silent: It was just an idea that popped into my head as I thought about the sectors.
  • QazNotQuaz: gonna need a bit of revision before it's quite accurate but i definitely wanna incorporate that.
The ‘best job in America’ pays over $100K a year: study

The ‘best job in America’ pays a six figure salary and has a high number of job openings. Yahoo Finance’s Zack Guzman & Heidi Chung, along with author Nathan Latka.
The trend is your friend until it punches you in the mouth

The trend is your friend until it punches you in the mouth

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By David Nelson, CFA

“The trend is your friend until it punches you in the mouth” – Investor’s favorite pass time is extrapolating forward recent events into the future. If we’ve been headed higher over the last couple of months than by all means we should be on I-95 North for a few more exits. If a sector or group of stocks has dominated returns for an extended period, than it follows it will…

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Code Lyoko (2003-2007) / Code Lyoko Evolution (2013) - 3D Environments

After the sceneries from Earth, I couldn’t possibly not do a gifset about Lyoko, the virtual world from my favourite childhood cartoon. Once again, wether you liked Evolution or not, I found the work on the 3D parts really interesting. It was like coming back to the wonderfully detailed and a bit eerie backgrounds from season 1 while keeping a more simple and uniform tone to give the show an identity, as they did starting with season 2. Would’ve loved to see the Forest and Ice Sectors in HD though.