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Test different ads, headlines, sales letters, price points etc. Always use the best results and scrap the rest. Never stop testing!

Always assess the back-end potential of a business before you put one dime of your money into it. -Jay Abraham

People are usually willing to buy more than they ordinarily would when given the opportunity - so give them the opportunity!

Top producing MLO, Monica Jones, shares her secrets to success ($49.8 million in volume, to be exact) in this detailed interview originally featured on The National Real Estate Post with

Monica Jones and Brian Stevens

People don't appreciate what you've done for them unless you educate them to the facts. -Jay Abraham

People buy results! Therefore you need to sell them on the end results - not the process to get there!

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Want to know the secret to success?
Put everything you’ve got, heart, mind, soul in everything you do to reach your goals.
It’s all about mindset and passion🔥
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“I don’t worry about what nobody is doing..” @diddy
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This guy is one of my biggest heroes.. Nuff said

Life Lesson #3

I keep wondering why I failed those exams. This is what I cam up with today.

I didn’t follow through. Even though i did put in the work. I pushed myself hard for those days and didn’t let out I gave in at the last minute. I wasn’t focused on the day of the test. I let fear and angst  overtake me on the big day.

Life lesson: the outcome of anything that you do is intricately related to the effort that you put at every stage of that project.


1) You study for 3 months but on the day of the test you loose focus –> you just undermined that 3 months of studying by not doing what you had to do on the last day.

2) Your in a relationship for 10 years with someone but when you go through hard times in year 10 you give up on the person/relationship –> you just undermined the effort that you put in for the past 10 years. 

I think this goes back to the 80% problem I was referring to before. I guess I really need to work on that.  




Be Phenomenal, Be Different, and Above All, Be Yourself! 

Nifty Thrifty

Morning friends!

As I am about to embark into the college realm, I realize there is one aspect of college life that gets everyone down: Money. Yes, indeed, the subject of money is always uncomfortable, but we organizers have to find a way to tackle it. Here are some ideas and ways you can save some money or earn some easy money!

1. Don’t spend any money! Seems simple enough, but it really is difficult. Of course if you absolutely have to buy groceries and toiletries, please do! Your roommate will thank you for this. However, clothes and electronics can wait. Take care of the things you have so they will last longer.

2. If you can swing it, get a job! Especially if you live in a college town, places are always hiring.

3. If you don’t have time to get a job, create your own! You’re probably wondering what I mean, but there are plenty of reasonable ways to make an income that mold to your busy schedule. For example, blogging! It’s an easy way to go, and if you build up enough traffic and advertise yourself to your friends and family, companies may pay you for advertising space! Another one of my favorites is surveys! Yes that’s right. Surveys! Taking online surveys from companies such as or will allow you to build up points based on the number of surveys you’ve taken which, in turn, will allow you to buy gift cards or prizes!

4. Free food is the best food! Pay attention to your local newspapers and social media to see if any restaurants are having deals. For instance, some places will give you a free meal just for signing up for their email club. Often churches or local community centers will have a night a week where they have free dinners for students. Other times, such as during finals, they will have free food and/or coffee along with a place to study!

5. Another way to win big is the birthday email club. Yes my friends, this one will be THE best. Simply search every food, clothing, and accessory store you can think of, and join their e-mail club! It may take some time in the beginning, but once you’ve tapped in, you’re golden! Hone in on the sites that ask you for your birthday when you sign up, for these are the places that will send you anything from discounts to free food around your birthday time. Believe me, it works! I ate free for almost a week I had so many haha!

6. Student discounts are another fabulous thing! From food places to zoos to aquariums to moving van rental places, most of them will give student discounts! All you need is a student ID and ask them if they have a student rate and there you go! Some places that participate in this student deal program include: JCrew, Amazon, Best Buy, Charlotte Russe, Apple, and more. Most are in store only, but hey, it’s worth it.

7. No matter what grade you are in, you are likely taking an English class where you are required to buy books that you may or may not have read ;-) Well friends, the good news is that there are many eager underclassmen that will need the same books. More good news for you is that they will probably wait until the last minute to buy their books which means the stores will be sold out. This is where you casually post on social media that you have a copy of every book they’ll need, and they will flock to you. Some book stores also allow you to sell back your old books, but you usually won’t get very much for them. I would use that as a last resort. Ebay, Amazon, and other online trading sites are also good for selling your books.

8. Odd jobs are an easy and always-in-demand way of making money. Whether it’s mowing a lawn, pulling weeds, grocery shopping, dog walking, pet sitting, babysitting, or even doing someone’s laundry, there will be a market for your service! Especially in college where the students are lazier than you would think ;-) If you live in the south like me, you’ll know that drought is a threat, and we’re only allowed to use sprinklers certain days a week. But like any good mandate, there’s a loophole. Hand-watering lawns is perfectly acceptable, so there’s your career. Simply go around the neighborhood and offer to hand water lawns.

9. If all else fails, use your talents to make money! If you’re crafty (or even if you just like Pinterest), make things and sell them to your friends or online! If you’re good with computers, help your non-tech-savvy friends. If you’re an organizational savant like me, then organize the heck out of every around you (just get permission first ;-))

10. Make a deal with yourself and only buy things that are on sale. Of course the essentials like food and toiletries are exceptions, but the rest you can control. Be aware of sales and additional money-savers from your favorite stores, and don’t forget to clip those coupons!

11. Save on textbooks! I’ll be doing a separate post about this one, but in short: shop around before you buy your books.

12. SAVE. YOUR. MONEY. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you should spend it. SAVE IT! I cannot express the importance of this. If you are not completely in love with the clothing item you want and it is out of your price range, DON’T BUY IT! When you’re at a restaurant, get water instead of a soda! Your wallet and body will thank you! Try to cut corners any way you can. Buy in bulk, don’t spend when you don’t have to, try not to eat out as much as possible, and just tell yourself you don’t have money (even if you do) so that you don’t spend too much.

Here’s some figures that will help you understand my point. If you do the following things, it will cost you so much per month and then year:

Manicures – Acrylics – I know they’re fashionable but they’ll cost you hundreds of dollars a month and over $1000 a year

Sodas at restaurants – They may be delicious, but they’ll cost you $30 a month and almost $300 a year which may not seem like a lot, but it will be when you’re also budgeting in college textbooks!

Basically, save where you can, and earn where you can! Leave your thoughts at the bottom and leave your own personal tips as well!

XOXO - Red

Life 101: 8 Secrets to Success

Each one of us wants to succeed in life. But some only dreamed to be successful and they do nothing about it. There are also some people who do something to reach their goals in life but when they failed once, they tend to give up and never fight back. I just would like to share to you my so-called guidelines to become successful in life. Here it is:

1. Have an Ambition/Dream - Discover what you want to be and what you want to do in your life. Writing them down on the paper or pasting them on the walls of your room can help and can lead you along the way. It may serve as a reminder to you or that can help you to become determined with your goals.

2. Find Inspiration - Yes. Having inspiration can greatly contribute to your eagerness to succeed. It can be your parents, family, friends, loved one, or even your celebrity idols, well.. it depends on you.

3. Do Something - Of course! You must not only dream and simply write them down and stare them for the rest of your life. You must work hard for it. And always remember to DO YOUR BEST!

4. Be Optimistic - Always looking at the brighter side of life can bring good vibes! Don’t forget to SMILE! :)

5. Never Give Up - Failure is natural thing. It is part of success. All you have to do is to learn how to deal with it. If you fail, just bounce back, grab chances, and learn from your mistakes. Don’t ever lose hope!

6. Seek Advice & Listen - You don’t know everything in this world so therefore it’s good to ask advice when you’re confused or unsure of things. Listen especially to the elderly, they are more experienced when it comes to life than you are.

7. Rest - It is a must! You need to rest not only your physical body but also your mind to rejuvenate and re-energize. Play, do activities that could help you relax and free yourself from worries.Take care of yourself and be healthy. Stay away from vices and don’t abuse!

and lastly..

8. PRAY - Prayer is very important. Tell everything to Him.. Be thankful, share your problems, ask. HE NEVER FAILS.

So that’s it! Maybe some of you might think these are overrated but you know, based on my experience, these guidelines are so effective. Just give it a TRY! xx


7 secrets to success of steve jobs

Intel Awards Winner 2013 - Eesha Khare

Eesha Khare, 18, of Saratoga, Calif. received the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award of $50,000. With the rapid adoption of portable electronics, Eesha recognized the crucial need for energy-efficient storage devices. She developed a tiny device that fits inside cell phone batteries, allowing them to fully charge within 20-30 seconds. Eesha’s invention also has potential applications for car batteries.