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of the number 9 [#13] 144 possible combinations 1+4+4=9 The man who's teaching us coincedence is an illusion. Follow him and your mind wil wildy expand like its supposed to.

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Behind the most beautiful eyes, lay secrets deeper and darker than the mysterious sea.

Close-up of Kristen Stewart at the 2016 ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards. -up of Kristen Stewart at the 2016 ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards.

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The quick kisses stolen while trying not to get caught by the others are some of the best ones. When I make excuses to be alone with you so we can make out are priceless. When you grab my butt when we are alone but can’t risk a kiss causes me to want to kiss you anyways.

I know what this is, my spirit is weak tonight. I don’t want all of you, just pieces. I don’t want all your time, just the minutes around sunset and the handful of hours that follow after. I don’t think it would be sweet or romantic waking up next to you, no…. but sleeping with your skin against mine, yes. I don’t want love or any of the complications it comes with. I just want the feeling… temporary, concentrated, fleeting. I want you to stay the night, but leave in the morning before I wake up. I wish to take off my armour in front of you and die a little, convinced I’m safe so I can sleep… then pretend it never happened when the day begins again.

All I know is heartache but i think maybe, i like it.


It is the name she writes on legal documents. The name listed on her identification papers. The only name her daughter ever knew her by. She was also called mom, Captain, Miss, Reyra, and sweetie. But those weren’t chosen names, those were given to her by the people around her. Eira she chose. 

Annabelle White was the name she was given at birth. The name called out in class during attendance. The name she whispered into her husband’s ear on their wedding night, and then never uttered again. 

Her name sheltered her from her secret. Her name had gotten lost in the flight from her home, a daring escape, the night Annabelle became a refugee. Eira, she chose, in a desperate plea from a goddess that was not hers, begging for mercy.

If only Juniper could have known. If only Eira had the time to tell her. 

Sneak Peek- A Dream Unbroken

Hey, everybody! Today’s sneak peek is from one of my personal favorite works (Does that sound narcissistic, LOL?), my Naruto fic, A Dream Unbroken! Set in a modern setting, aspiring boxer Naruto traverses the ups and downs of life with the beautiful singer Yume Utabi. Who can resist our lovable little ramen lover? If that isn’t enough to hook you, there’s more- lovely Yume has a past to hide, and something she doesn’t want catching up with her. Le Gasp! You must be intrigued now, right? Check it out on or Ao3 today! <3 



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You,   you  want  to know  a  secret  of  mine?”  The  teenager  asked,   incredulous at first  as  his  ears  flicked.    Aaron having  chosen  to  remain in  his  wolf  form  upon  the  realisation  that  the  vampire  was  nearby.  “Alright  then..   give  me  a moment  to think  of  one.” 


“Its  not  a  very  big  one  so I’ll  give you two,  when  i’ve  said  I  just live in  and  have  all  of  my  stuff  of  my  camp,  I  lied.”   The teenager pausing.  “I  have  hidden  stashes  in  different  places   and  the  odd bolt  hole  I’ve set  up  just  in  case  my  pack  comes  a’calling  for  me.”    A wuff.  “I have a Lupricae Warbow in one of those stashes.”

“Also….the  first  people  I  hurt  badly  were  from  my  own  pack,   during  the  earliest  period  of  my  exile.”   The  teenager  fell silent  for  a moment.  “Who  came  after  me  cause  they  thought  that  exile  was..  too nice  for me..” 

Hatchet Mage

Spell craft can be dirty work.

[ ][ ] Discreet Loyalty – You can swear an oath of loyal service to a single person, allowing you to act on their behalf in utter secrecy. While your serve them, it will be impossible through any means to link your actions back to your current master unless you specifically confess the link to someone or they witness you in explicit conference with your master. At second level, it remains impossible to link an action to your master when you made it, even if you move on to a new master afterwards.

[ ][ | ][ | ] Muckrake – Through making close eye contact or physical contact with a person, you can begin to divine their sources of guilt and shame. At first level, you get a very general impression of which sources you should pursue or hiding places you should seek out to uncover their secrets. At second level you gain clear impressions where to look. At third level, you gain these impressions and also receive brief, incomplete visions of the secrets themselves.

[ ][ | ] Barbed Revelation – By revealing your knowledge of a person’s secret, you stagger them as with a sudden blow. You may choose to either stun them for d6 rounds or deal d6 piercing damage. At second level, you may choose both.

[ ][ ][ ][ | ][ | ] No-Question Answers – You keep a toolbox of dirty tricks, and find it’s better to keep a lid on it. You gain 2 XP per level of No-Question Answers to spend on spells from other classes that can be used for duplicitous, surreptitious, or otherwise underhanded means. You are bound not to speak of any of your abilities, or to demonstrate them for the sake of it. If you ever do, you lose the XP spent on those spells permanently.

[ | ] Drop The Hatchet, Sever Ties – You can charge an axe-blow with conspiratorial intent. By spending a round preparing to swing, when you do, the blow deals d6 bonus entropic damage. If the target is at your mercy or you strike them from behind, double the bonus damage. If the blow kills the target, anyone present immediately forgets any link you might have to the victim, and will not harbour suspicion towards you or your master until given good reason to.



redrikki  asked:

I just saw your answer to the question of the family snitch. I can't help but feeling though that Vanya filled that role long before the book. Probably not while Five was still around, but almost certainly after. He trusted her with his secrets and he left! She could easily convince herself snitching was for their own good. Also, as they went on more and more missions without her and ate up the lion's share of attention, snitching would be a way to maybe earn dad's trust or approval.

I hadn’t considered how things might have changed after Five left, but I think it’s certainly possible Vanya became more of a snitch after that, if he’d previously confided in her that he was going to try time travel whether Dad let him or not. She could have decided, to hell with getting them in trouble; if it keeps them safe, it’s worth it the fallout. Her siblings probably already left her out of a lot of things simply because she wasn’t involved in training and I’d imagine training encompassed most of their time, but if she started snitching—even if she did it with the best of intentions—that could have made them openly resentful toward her. And since it’s pretty well established Vanya doesn’t have the most self-awareness, rather than identifying her tattling as the reason for their coldness, she could have easily decided that they hated her for lacking powers, which would have led her to resent them, and so the awful chain continues until she’s on her own and decides she has no relationship with her siblings worth salvaging; might as well write a book about what she went through.

Maybe it happened this way and maybe it didn’t, but I can see this as a strong possibility.

Changeling Logan (6/?)

Sanders Sides: Logan, Roman, Patton, Virgil, Remy, Deceit (Damien)

Summary: Logan Marsh isn’t exactly all that he seems. He is, in fact, a changeling, being able to morph into whatever he wants. He has kept that fact hidden from his friends for years, but while on vacation, a single slip up breaks it free, and starts something he never could have imagined.

Fic type: Drama, Romantic, Fun

Ships: Logince, Moxiety, Receit (Remy/Deceit)

Warnings: Language, Self-harm, abuse mention, blood, angst

Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5

Virgil took his eyes away from the game of Monopoly the boys were playing, glancing towards the kitchen, raising his eyebrow as he leaned against Patton. “Hey, where’s Lo? Wasn’t he just sitting at the counter?”

The other four turned, Roman’s face sporting a look of confusion. “Huh. Maybe he went upstairs?” He wondered, then he stood up. “I’m gonna go check.”

Remy nodded. “Yeah. Tell him to come back down! He’s missing the fun! And we’re missing him!” He said, a wave from Roman confirming his action.

Roman slowly advanced up the stairs, checking the room that he and Logan shared, his curiosity piquing when he found nothing. Then he slowly walked down the hall, a small tad of concern growing when he saw Logan’s door closed. He put his hand on the wood. “Hey, Lo? You in there?”

No response.

He turned the doorknob, pushing the door open. Roman’s eyes instantly went wide when he saw his boyfriend slumped against the wall, unmoving. He raced to his side, then his heart stopped upon seeing the blood that ran down Logan’s arms and the still wet knife that lay fallen next to his hand.

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I’ve had people tell me, with smiles in their eyes, that I light up a room. That I’m the sweetest girl they’ve ever met. That they can feel so much love radiate off of me and on to everyone I meet. And mostly I loved these compliments. They were mainly men I’d been friends with. And it was mainly after I opened up about something personal when they’d say that.

I still refused their compliments and wouldn’t believe what they were telling me. Some would insist and others would look at me softer than before. And even I don’t understand why we hold ourselves in such low regard and can’t accept a nice opinion.

I’ve spent hours criticizing myself to the point that I’ve had my flaws memorized and would constantly add new ones to the list. I’ve had plenty of people tell me to stop and that they didn’t believe the negative things about me. I don’t really know where I’m going with this in all honesty, but I just wish I could feel as wonderful as how these people feel about me.