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This was my first time seeing a Birch Bark Cherry Tree. I loved the metallic look of the bark. The Washington Park Arboretum in had quite a few of them. It's a lovely place to take a stroll.

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: The rain is moving into and Western Washington but that smoke today? Where is it going? Join me now

Autumn walks through the Washington Park Arboretum are the best!

This piece by Doris Chase is titled “Winged” and her piece “Encircling” is in the background. See these works at WSCC and read more about the program at . Photo: Walter Hodges

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My tongue can do a better job of teasing you than my words can. Let me show you how. You know where to reach me. Send a text to book 612-568-5153.

Seattleites: here is a list of 250+ helpful startup organizations & resources for entrepreneurs building companies in Seattle and beyond: cc

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AM Showers in Seattle.
With a high of 53 F,
and a low of 47 F.

Space Needle in Seattle, Washington.

This is one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. This was a magical trip and this photo completely encapsulates how it made me feel inside. Such a special and beautiful city with so much music culture.. it blew my mind.

My photo. If you use it, please credit me.

📸: Cassi Graichen

Kurt Cobain memorial bench in Viretta Park just outside of Seattle, Washington.

This was a beautiful place to take pictures of and the energy I felt there was comforting. Left a note for the music legend and this was an experience I will never forget.

My photos. If you use them, please credit me.

📸: Cassi Graichen

Fall Tree Tunnel in Washington State. For more of my work: &

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Golden Hour at Golden Creek Pond. For more of my work: & 

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hi. my name is raine (pronounced just like the weather) & i’ve never been too good with words so let this introduction be weird. see, i always thought writing was my passion because i have all of these stories swirling around in my head but when it came time to putting it all paper nothing happened. so after a terrible breakup earlier this year that left me a disasterous mess, i decided to find myself again. and it worked. i’m the happiest i have been in years and i’ve found passion in my life again. 

photography is always something i have been interested in but i’ve never been serious about it. i’ve always just taken photos on my phone without putting much effort into them or thinking about what i was capturing. but then i moved back in with my parents and started taking pictures of their new puppy. and they liked them. i felt creative for the first time in a long time so i started taking more & more “artistic” photos of the pup. and then i moved on to other things. and now i am constantly looking at the world from my cameras eyes. i look at three palm trees on the beach and i can see the photo i know i can take of them. so i’ve decided to fan the flames of this new found passion & see if i can start a fire. now while these photos might be rough around the edges, i plan to use this blog to show a timeline of how i improve, how my equipment improves, and how my technique improves. bare with me as i test the camera on my iphone while i save up for a nice camera. bare with me while i try and find a specialty; playing with nature photos or urban settings. but please, enjoy the ride & share your opinions! you can see these & other photos on my instragram as well