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Thanks so much for sharing your terrific experience!

And the clouds parted... What a thrill to watch the lunar over Lake Washington last night! PC:

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What could a just transition look like for Washington state? We discussed that in an inspring discussion in today. It was great to meet with like-minded people.

Looking for something to do this week in or around Seattle? Check out this calendar from We Go Places and see what's going on! Just another reason to love living in Seattle.

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Looking for something to do while in the area that is outside the normal tourist box or things to do?

1/4 Just spotted myself on video from summer 2017 at rally in Vancouver, WA (Red Hat). I was being threatened & 1 of these Antifa SCUM spit in my face later. (Continued)..

If you're thinking about moving into a new home, let us do the searching for you! We can find the perfect place in no time and show you the best of Seattle in the process!

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Partly Cloudy in Seattle.
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