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Fennel, crab & orange salad

Is the change in seasons making you want to do nothing more than curl up on the couch and binge-watch TV? Check out these 5 foods that will help boost your energy and fight fatigue:

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We’re offering you a you can’t resist. This unique, spin on a classic layered pastry calls for phyllo dough, dusted with crushed graham crackers, and stuffed with , pears, and tart cranberries. Recipe on our blog:

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Our slow braised shin of beef with truffle chive mash, onion puree and crispy kale; available from both our lunch and dinner menus

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Right or left?

Bish bash borscht: An insanely good plant-based beetroot soup

I woke up this morning and looked in my fridge—very few vegetables. 

I mean, a withered green onion, and a couple root vegetables. 

It was a sad sight. 

But then I noticed way in the back—some fresh, purply beetroots! 

I was instantly inspired to make a plant-based borscht (beetroot soup). 

It turned out crazy good, so I am sharing the recipe. 

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Warm oranges and golds, deep hued skies, sleepy mushroom sprouts, autumn is here! Cozy weather in bright fall foliage with your villagers is the most invigorating thing so @kippuu‘s Mayor Ivy and Avery are out enjoying an early scattering of the town’s leaves.

So happy that I was able to illustrate a fall piece with two straight-up rad villagers, thank you! A happy fall to everyone!!