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Tired of calling the 800 number for repairs or service on your Sears/Kenmore water softener since the local store closed? You will reach us locally instead of a call center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Putting my electric (yes, electric) chainsaw to the test. Nice clean cuts! Good Stuff

🚨🚨 La supervisora de Recursos Humanos de la tienda del Centro Histórico, Lourdes Araiza, confirmó que al menos 20 resultaron por un sustancia que arrojaron en una alcantarilla. 🚓🚑

¡Qué desagradable! Un olor insoportable ocasionó mareos y nauseas en el 🤮

is catching flack for coming too close to on its identity? No shit?! I find it hard to believe that NO ONE on either side during the approval process said “hey, this kinda looks like ”?

En , personas que trabajan en la tienda tuvieron que ser evacuadas por la presencia de un fuerte olor a amoniaco, después de una revisión pudieron continuar con sus actividades.

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Durante la mañana de este 20 de mayo, elementos de realizaron evacuación del personal de de la 3 Pte. Para evitar intoxicación por olor amoníaco proveniente de la entrada.

Summer to save!!!🌞 Up to 40% off appliances, save on our grills🖤, Patio furniture & Up to 60% off mattresses😴! Come in to Sears Silverdale TODAY🤩 & Talk to an associate for more details.

📰| Empleados y clientes de se intoxican por fuga de . Continúa leyendo📲

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Empleados de , sucursal Centro, se intoxicaron con amoníaco y cloro que alguien regó en la entrada de personal; alrededor de 8 trabajadores fueron atendidos por . Vía

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Fuerte olor de producto toxico que salio de las alcantarillas de de la tienda evacuan a los trabajadores ya acuden unidades de emergencia de y la

Estamos solicitando si conoces a alguien interesado ponlo en contacto con nosotros Irapuato Centro. Conócenos en

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My maternal 2nd-great-grandaunt Ruceia Almira “Roxie” Sears (née Vaughn): born 10 May 1854 in Penn Township, Sullivan County, Missouri to farmer James Vaughn and Eliza Jane Vaughn (née West), married farmer William Walter Sears 3 May 1872 in Sullivan County, Missouri, had 5 children with him, widowed in 1917, died 3 Apr 1934 in Darksville, Randolph County, Missouri at the age of 79, buried 4 Apr 1934 at Mount Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery in Darksville. Religion: Baptist.
Sears sues Lampert, claiming he looted assets and drove it into bankruptcy
Sears Holdings Corp sued longtime former Chairman Eddie Lampert, his hedge fund ESL Investments and others like Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, claiming they illegally siphoned billions of dollars of assets from the retailer before it went bankrupt.

The lawsuit, made public on Thursday, was filed by the restructuring team winding down Sears’ bankruptcy estate and suing on behalf of creditors, many of whom blame Lampert for the retailer’s downfall.

It followed the billionaire’s $5.2 billion purchase in February of most Sears assets, including the DieHard and Kenmore brands, after a bankruptcy auction.

The complaint seeks the repayment of “billions of dollars of value looted from Sears,” including while it was in what Lampert would later call a “death spiral” where it sold core assets to meet daily expenses with no real plan for becoming profitable.

“Had defendants not taken these improper and illegal actions, Sears would have had billions of dollars more to pay its third-party creditors today and would not have endured the amount of disruption, expense, and job losses resulting from its recent bankruptcy filing,” the complaint said.

Sears filed for Chapter 11 protection in October after a prolonged decline under Lampert marked by large losses, scant investment and lost market share to retailers such as Walmart Inc, Home Depot Inc and Inc.

Others sued include ESL President Kunal Kamlani; Bruce Berkowitz and his Fairholme Capital Management, which was a large Sears shareholder; and Seritage Growth Properties, which took over 266 of Sears’ best stores in a 2015 spinoff.

Mnuchin, a college roommate of Lampert’s at Yale University, had been a director at Sears and ESL, and previously worked with Lampert at Goldman Sachs.

In a statement on behalf of ESL, Lampert and Kalmani, ESL said it vigorously disputed the lawsuit, calling the allegations “misleading or just flat wrong,” and saying all transactions were done in good faith and for shareholders’ benefit.

Fairholme said it was reviewing the complaint. Seritage and the Treasury Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


Lampert created Sears Holdings through the 2005 merger of Sears, Roebuck & Co and Kmart Holdings Corp.

According to the complaint, Lampert and other insiders had by 2011 begun hatching a plan to “strip” Sears of assets, as the Hoffman Estates, Illinois-based retailer’s performance fell short and more ESL investors were demanding their money back.

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Wide Open Spaces

One thing for sure, the retail apocalypse we have been witnessing the last few years has left a glut of retail space, with empty shops as small as 10,000 square feet, to as large as 200,000 square feet. A growing number of shopping malls now has both scattered gaps between the remaining shops, as well as vacant anchors on the ends.

And folks are starting to wonder what the heck we’re going to do with all of those wide open spaces.

BMO Capital Markets, though, is offering a partial solution: Amazon could easily slide its Whole Foods groceries into 110 empty Sears and Kmart stores. It sounds crazy, but once you ponder it, the idea has a lot of merit.

Wait. A supermarket in a shopping mall? That can’t be done, right?

Actually, it can be done, and it has been done before. I grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, and I spent a lot of time at nearby Dixie Square Mall. It was anchored by a JC Penney, Montgomery Wards, Turn Style (a discount chain a lot like Target), and a Jewel grocery store. The mall opened in 1966, but because the city (Harvey IL) was undergoing much turmoil, stores started leaving; it ultimately closed in 1978. It was demolished finally in 2012.

Most folks don’t realize it, but they have actually seen this mall. It was the mall scene of the famous cop chase in the movie The Blues Brothers. While a lot of set dressing was done (like the Toys ‘R Us store), the Jewel store you can see through the chase was legit.

It’s just that we never grew accustomed to buying our groceries while also shopping for clothing, tools, and appliances, but maybe the time is right to give it a shot. We’ve got nothing to lose, and with retail trimming its foot print, mall owners may really have no choice.

The vast emptiness requires both creativity and flexibility. I saw this at Albuquerque’s Coronado Mall when Sears was in the process of cutting its store size in half. Property owners came along and essentially extended the mall, making numerous small retail shops in the process. Sears was able to retain its presence for a while longer with only half its original space; it ultimately closed, though, like so many other Sears.

Kohl’s is facing a similar issue, but they are not in the dire straits Sears has found itself. Some Kohl’s stores will now share space with Aldi groceries, while others will share space with Amazon Returns as well as Amazon Smart Home.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

If Amazon were to heed these recommendations, it would likely find itself with stores that are a little too large for just upscale groceries. After all, they were once mall anchors, the largest stores on the property. But that is not a bad thing, because the extra space could be used to sell Amazon’s growing line of Alexa and home security products. Given Amazon’s plans to expand in the brick and mortar world, this could be a golden opportunity.

You never know, too, that buying groceries, clothes, tools, and appliances might not be as uncomplementary as it sounds. We shop for groceries far more frequently than we do the others, and this could ultimately wind up increasing mall traffic overall. That’s a good thing, because traffic is so thin on some days that mall walkers outnumber the shoppers.

I just have to chuckle a bit while reminiscing about Dixie Square Mall. What goes around, comes around, and maybe that old mall…the one that only lasted 12 years…was way ahead of its time.

As Jake said in the movie, “This place has got everything.”

Dr “Shop Till You Drop“ Gerlich



Sears Neets n Grubs polyester pants, 1971 by Tom Simpson