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Nieuwe cursus: 'Introductie Knowledge Graphs' met docent Meer info en aanmelden via

It happened again! Southern data science conference has sold out! Thank you to everyone who bought tickets! We can't wait to see you next month in Atlanta!

Eindelijk! Alle protocollen, subdomeinen & paden in Search Console onder 1 domein property. Wat kun jij ermee? Door Bart Wagener.

Search has changed. Has your evolved? Check out our comprehensive guide on how content can keep up with algorithm changes:

was home to 40 regionally accredited institutions during fall 2017? How do you find the right to enhance or change your ? We can help! Your for an educational opportunity starts today!

"50% des recherches se feront par la voix d’ici 2020”. Cette statistique, certainement la plus connue pour ce marché est...inexacte 👉🎙️12 tendances pour la voix, la recherche vocale et les assistants vocaux en 2019

“No earthly wisdom or understanding or can overcome the of the Lord” Proverbs 21:30. How are you seeking the counsel or will of the Lord today?

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what is fanfiction

Settle or Search?

So I’ve found myself in a situation. 
I went on a second date….

Now to any normal person that’s not exactly a feat or anything. But keep in mind, this was my first legitimate second date since I was 16. That’s 9 years ago….

After being single for 5 years I finally managed to get a second date with a pretty nice guy. 
But there’s a problem… I’m not feeling it. 

Which REALLY sucks because he’s a great guy. He’s tall, he has a job, a house, he’s in good shape and we share a ton of interests. He’s offered to pay for our dates both times, and we actually did things on the second date! We went and played lawn bowling for 3 hours in the sun. It was great. I had a good time. 

But it felt more like I was hanging out with a friend… not someone I might wanna go home with. Any logical person would probably call it off, and move on. But should I really pull the plug? 

On one hand, if I stay, I feel like I’m settling. I could probably learn to like him, and who knows, maybe love him. But I’m also missing out on the potential of meeting someone who I click with? 
And on the other, if I leave, then am I just one of the people whose so obsessed with finding “Mr right” that I’m going to pass up on every decent guy that I meet? Mr Right doesn’t logically exist… So why keep searching? 

It’s also been 5 years of trying to meet a decent guy… what if I call it quits and then I’m alone for 10 more next time!? 

I don’t handle being single well… I’m not good at it. Someone teach me.