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Someone laughing because you said “lass”

To seek out a matter is to desire,

To feel,

To perceive,

To live.

It’s to think,

And to love,

And to evolve within one’s self.

For an animal will seek survival to no extent, so how much more should mankind pursue the heart of all needs?

The beasts of the earth prevail because they relent not when desire for survival compells them.

If something as mundane as survival is met to its searching, therefore should not all our seeking be revealed with clarity?

For I ask,

What value does bliss have if I’ve already lost my humanity?

Should I be satisfied by the dust beneath me,

Seeking nothing, when promised was I to surely find?

Dearly, I say.

If to seek is to suffer,

Therefore I shall suffer.

If to seek not is to jolly in bliss,

Thence cast me into the fire,

Curse me into suffering,

Scorn me with the saying,

“Your road is a sin”.

For even then will I stand with this eager soul of mine,

Never content until the day my search should end.

No. Not if I can help it.

Sollte ich aufgeben,
Oder sollte ich weiterhin nur einem Nichts hinterher jagen?
Selbst wenn es nirgendwo hinführt,
Oder wäre es Verschwendung?
Selbst wenn ich meinen Platz kennen würde, sollte ich es dort lassen?
Sollte ich aufgeben,
Oder sollte ich weiterhin nur einem Nichts hinterher jagen?
Selbst wenn es nirgendwo hinführt…


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coldwombatshepherdsalad  asked:

Could you do a quirk marriage for Warp Gate and Search?

New Quirk Name: Director

This Emitter type Quirk allows the user to “mark” up to five people. Once marked, the user is aware of the marked targets, locations, conditions, and may transport them between any of the six people marked via encasing them in a grey fog. This makes the user invaluable in a supportive capacity, able to move allies to and from danger, keep track of them in threatening situations, or even transporting a defeated target to another location where another marked person is waiting. Besides the limited number of people, the user can be distracted or overwhelmed by the information provided and require a brief time of uninterrupted contact to active the Quirk in the first place.