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theres an old printable pack thats verb/case conjugation charts and i need it

it was set up for like six different languages and it had german but i dont remember who it was by and i cant find it anymore

The fog was thick and we were forced
to call the search off. All of the rescue craft
returned to the station at 5:30 p.m., but no one had given her

anything on that night or that afternoon. It was a long process

of searching the surrounding areas for the lost ship.

After that night she was not seen or heard from again.

The final report is pending.

Verb present 1

Quando fallisco scrivo

When I fail, I write

Spero no

I hope not

Lei cerca il ragno

She searches for the spider

Loro crescono le loro figlie

They raise their daughters

Passo il piatto al cameriere

I pass the plate to the waiter

Comprendono le date

They include the dates

Io credo in mio padre

I believe in my father/dad