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Excited to launch the business side of . NEW local incentives feature allows businesses to offer discounts, free items, or a high five to locals at no cost. controlled by + for business

TakeOff project consists of - TakeOff News Search : News Engine with - TakeOff Centre : Startup Support including - TakeOff Exchange : Currency Exchange Affect each other deeply through TKO .

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Ragdoll's and Nezu's quirk marriage. I'm sorry. It's just... It would be an interesting mix I guess...?

Don’t worry, this request is fine. You have no need to apologize.

New Quirk Name: Look Out

This Emitter type Quirk allows the user to search for objects or people based off descriptions. This process is quick, easily allowing the user to find anything with the right words. However, the user does need at least some kind of description to go off of, with the more detail helping the search. For instance, just saying someone with an explosive Quirk would not help the search. By asking the user to find someone with an explosive Quirk, the user won’t get anything more than just an incredibly vague idea of the location. But asking to find a male with an explosive Quirk and blond hair will give the user a better idea. The user is also limited in terms of range, roughly a moderately sized city, and using the Quirk too much will cause the user severe migraines.

Use Aliases (like the Winchesters): Avoid Digital Footprint

We are all so happy to share on social media about what happened today and we think the amount of likes we get makes us prom king or queen.

People social media is dangerous prob the most power weapon designed…. yes weapon. Its like a digital nuclear bomb!!

Today I got a fright….I found out that when I google my name my entire Pinterest profile boards pop up as tags under images and all the images I pinned shows (even “keep board secret” ones). Actually my dad googled me… What I like about tumblr is…that you can be totally anonymous. I guess I should have thought of it way earlier for everything.

Always use an alias!! To avoid leaving a digital footprint that people can connect directly with you & dont fill in your personal details. Still who does not do that on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest I know?!?! This is what makes tumblr clever…

Just want people to be aware that your stuff can pop up if you dont use all the proper settings. Pinterest had a “remove name from google research” option but it only activates after weeks.

Signing up: stop using facebook because its convenient. Sign up & maybe change one detail like your birthday, age, gender, name or everything…make it as anonymous as you wish.

Otherwise do not search private stuff nor PIN IT… If you do google things you dont want people to know just clear your history or use the private search option.

SPN FANS(read between the lines):

Imagine social media to be Puragtory, the place of monsters!! Sam & Dean tells you monsters are real, they exist & they save you.

But the brothers need to hit the road to save another uninformed person from dying/“posting, pinning, saving, searching, commenting, etc. the wrong thing.”

J2 won’t have your back for forever so use what you learnt from them to keep yourself save (be wise & careful with social media).