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"Happiness is really like a sea" 🌊❤️ . day 15 Who the hell gave the name seahorse to this animal? Where on earth do you see a horse in it?? 🤨 .

Inktober Day 15 Spike + Seahorse So seahorses are already kind of spikey, so I thought it would be cool to have some stalagmites in an underwater cavern.

. She has an AZUL horn like a glistening crystal, shimmering golden whiskers & rainbow skin, is androgynous, yet is represented in a feminine body. We communicate in gentle sensual waves, as we float in a liquid similar to water, yet we breath it, as Qi or air✨

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Hi, everyone. As you can see, I've finished the seahorse. In the end, I opted for a plain, black background to make him stand out. I went out for a walk, and there is minimal typhoon damage in the neighbourhood. Good news. Have a good day. xxx

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10/13に行われました神戸大学戦の結果は23-7と敗戦に終わってしまいました。 応援いただきありがとうございました。 次回の試合は第6節: 10月26日(土)11:00K.O. 宝ヶ池球技場にて行われます京都大学戦です。 応援宜しくお願い致します!

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Inspiré de La naissance de Vénus, de Botticelli
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We don’t see many of these walk in the door

Wow! An unused tape!  And there’s our favorite seahorse.


We particularly like the repeat of the Triton name and the seahorse on the interior enclosing bag.

The “do not return” document has an offer expiration of 1962, so let’s assume this is a 1961 tape. Then, according to the inflation calculator, this tape would run you $17.85 today.

@nyprarchives has posted in the past about liking this tape box cover, so we salute them with these original contents.

Nice to see the whole set like this on #TapeBoxTuesday!


Kippy & the Whale: Part 1

This is my inktober comic series that will continue past October! :D Meet Kippy, a lil’ seahorse, and this mysterious whale(?) who he meets by chance one day. I’ll be updating it on tumblr in batches so there’s a better flow in the story here :)

I update my instagram daily if you want to see the next update sooner ;)