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Man Vs Sushi. Who would win?

RT : The marine and coastal footprint of farming in Canada is lowest among major global competitors. Learn about our potential here:

Give yourself a treat and order the Crispy Seared Salmon with capers salsa and roasted fennel at La Vecchia! Choose your side and enjoy with a glass of vino! Book now at

Care about sea turtles? Then you should care about better management of wild fisheries, AND development of sustainable, responsible aquaculture (aka fish farms): via

All You Need is ... and ! 💚 Thanks to for the preview of their location opening tomorrow. 🌮 Love the & options on the menu! 🍀 A fun post-workout surprise for me & ... our day! ☺️

They say there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but you don’t have to worry about that. We use only the best! 🦀💕🦐

Impressions of 3 days commuting to a meeting venue along the Pacific Coast in Del Mar, CA. Thank you, for the excellent organisation of our Annual Meeting!

Our Sea & Land special, the "Mar Y Tierra" features our flavorful churrasco paired with grilled shrimp & calamari in a light garlic sauce. Your choice of rice & beans completes this surf & turf feast! -

A new Nuffield Scholar report has been released today: “The Australian Seafood Industry and the Social Licence to Operate” By 2016 WA Scholar Steven Davies This scholarship has been supported by Link:

Made this breaded ⚔️ Steak last night with a simple pan fry and topped with a home-made lemon cream sauce (took about 25 mins). SO flavorful and loaded with lean protein & so many micro-nutrients. 👉 FULL RECIPE: .

Hello , join us on 6th March - you’ll be shown and will fillet, prep and cook the perfect fish, tiger prawns and mussels. You’ll make Japanese tempura and fresh, Pacific Rim inspired items

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If you’re ever in Sydney, Australia make sure you hop on a ferry to visit the @sydneyfishmarket. You’ll find 6+ food retailers that provide you with fresh or cooked king crabs, lobster, scallop skewers, salmon & scallop rice mornay, soft shell crab, beer and so much more! #snyworld #snsaustralia2019 #travel #fishmarket #sydney #seafood #travelnoire #ferry #travelphotography #vacation #australia #kingcrab #foodie (at Sydney Fish Market)

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SeaFood - Lobsters

The Authentic Way of Eating Sushi but I still preferred to use a pair of chopsticks instead of using my bare hand.

My Orders - For my first trip, I ordered these dishes for a start.

From the promotion menu, the Supreme Sea Eel (S$6.20) was a tad too rubbery to call it a good eat.

I enjoyed the Clam with Butter and Black Pepper (S$4.50). The light creamy broth with black pepper went very well with the clams.

Anthony’s Seafood Market and Restaurant, Middletown RI.

Kung Pao Calamari- Fried squid rings with hot peppers, plum chili sauce, peanuts and scallions.

Any Diners, Drive-ins and Dives fans? Well Guy Fieri came to Middletown and ate at Anthony’s Seafood. That is the first time I saw the Kung Pao Calamari dish and the minute I saw it I knew I had to try it! Anyone who has been to Newport RI has probably been to or driven through Middletown. It is a small town north of Newport that offers visitors beautiful views, fun things to do and great places to eat! If you like the beach you can go to Middletown’s beaches, I like to go to Second and Third beach. If you want to bird watch there is the Norman Bird Sanctuary and if you like to hike to beautiful views you can walk at the Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge. A great place to go that a lot of people do know about is Purgatory Chasm which is right above Second Beach. If you are looking for a more relaxing day and like wine and beer there is a wonderful tasting overlooking the vineyard at the Newport Vineyards. After you are done exploring Middletown you can travel into Newport for shopping, dining and night life!

Newport is known for their restaurants and seafood, but it is Anthony’s Seafood that has the best calamari in the area. Anthony’s Seafood has amazing history, in the 1980s it was a floating restaurant in Newport with fresh seafood. Flash forward to today and their reputation of fresh seafood and delicious food still holds true. Inside is a seafood market where you can get fresh fish and shellfish every day. They also have a restaurant that serves up not just the best calamari but one of the best chowders and fish and chips I have ever had. I have been taught the way to tell if you are eating a great chowder is by putting your spoon in it, and if it stands up that is great, thick chowder. And when I talk about chowder I mean New England Clam Chowder (I mean is there really any other chowder? NE Clam Chowder is the only chowder there should be!)

Now that I am done ranting about chowder, on to the Kung Pao Calamari. It tastes different and is a nice spicy twist to an amazing dish. The fried squid with the plum chili sauce makes it a little sweet and spicy. While the crunch of the fried squid and peanuts give it a great crunch. This is everything I want in a dish, sweet, spicy and with a good crunch. This is the best calamari I have ever had and I can’t wait to go back and have some more. Make sure you stop at Anthony’s Seafood if you are in the Middletown, Newport area!

Based on presentation and taste I would rate the Kung Pao Calamari dish at Anthony’s Seafood a 10 out of 10.

Busan in a day

First visit to South Korea and this is the first city that I visited! It is easy to reach Busan by train. The express train from Seoul to Busan made it convenient to reach my destination. It took 2.5hours to arrive (pretty fast considering the distance between this two cities is 325km!). You can watch “Train to Busan” for the fun of it. LOL. But, no, I didn’t. 

This is how I spent my day in BUSAN:

1. NERUDA COFFEE! The tastiest brewed coffee in my whole entire trip in South Korea. I love caffeine to kickstart my day, so, I ordered one of their signature coffee and I’m glad I did. The taste was very smooth and gentle (don’t need no added sugar in this one). The interior choice of the café was English classic decor, even the coffee cup and pot, and wood-style furnished. Here’s the address: 37-1 Nampo-dong2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea

2. JAGALCHI FISH MARKET Honestly, I didn’t plan to go here, but I went ahead and glad i did! They have all the seafood you could ever imagine. You can choose whatever seafood you feel like eating and they’d bring it upstairs so you could enjoy your food. I didn’t choose any particular stall, the one which had the friendliest approach won. LOL. I had live octopus, and seriously, it is still alive even after being shashimi-ed. Caution: Only eat it if you are daring enough (smirk). We also had white fish and clams. It was freaky but I had a good lunch!

3. Gamcheon Culture Village There’s a lot of hills in Korea, and getting to this one was an adventure. There’s a bus that goes up and down but I took a taxi up and it wasn’t expensive at all, 3500won. It was raining and it gets very cold! Before wondering around the village and while waiting for the rain to settle, I stopped for a coffee and dessert. It’s a small village, great for sightseeing, views and for more coffee! 

4. CAFE AVANT GARDE Speaking of more coffee, this was the the next cafe that I visited up in Gamcheon Culture Village. I was obsessed with Matcha latte when I was in Korea. So I coupled it with sweet toast bread. It has a stunning view of the entire village. Perfect place for your photography! Here’s the address: 10-9 Gamcheon-dong, Saha-gu, Busan, South Korea

5. BUSAN TOWER Another weird thing that I was obsessed doing was going up towers in Korea. LOL. I went for the Busan Tower to catch a glimpse of the city from a bird’s point of view. They have this all mirrored walls before exiting the place. Pretty cool for funky pictures!

6. SEAFOOD STEW @ BIFF STREET It makes so much sense eating hot stew now. It keeps my body warm for the cold weather. I was famished for dinner, so no pictures of my food. LOL. The hot and spicy stew restaurant is along BIFF street. 

Overall, I enjoyed my time in Busan. I definitely won’t forget eating live octopus!



There is a reverse reproduction of a certain seafood.


How long will it be understood?(accurately!)


S M O O T H C O O K I N G 👨🏾‍🍳 DINNER FOR 1 WISH IT WAS 2, ON TONIGHT’s MENU HONEY GLAZED 🍯 SALMON 🐟, ALASKAN SNOW CRAB LEGS 🦀, CORN 🌽 AND SHRIMP 🍤 🍽🍾🥂 ABOUT TO PLAY RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 🤘🏾🎮🤘🏾👑 ‼️❗️‼️ #jeffreyprospervlogs #seafood #honeyglazedsalmon #snowcrablegs #shrimp #reddeadredemption2 #playstation4 #ps4 #cooking #chef (at Tampa, Florida)

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