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Charta Smeralda, il codice etico per la tutela dei mari ❤️LASCIA UN LIKE E CONDIVIDI SE L'ARTICOLO TI E' PIACIUTO! ❤️

Short sea break in San Simon 💦Hotel Haliaetum () is completely renovated regarding the family segment and focusing on guaranteeing a comfortable vacation for families 👧👦

神田で満足度NO1☝🏻😉 店内は高級感があり、広くてゆっくり楽しめます💁🏻‍♀️💕 毎日たくさんのキャスト達が出勤してますので、アナタにピッタリの子も見つかるはず( *´艸`)          

Imagine yourself walking along the beach on a late afternoon with the magnificent view of the sunset, the sound of waves gently flapping against the shore, and the feel of the sand on your toes.

Shell Yeah...It's National Turtle Day! Watch our little vid featuring everyone's favourite animal with this turtley awesome

la mer et plus précisément la Méditerranée • Mon élément • 🏊‍♂️🌊💧 Et vous ? Où est ce que vous vous sentez le mieux ? mer, montagne, campagne, ville ? 》 Blogtrip 2018 pour .greece

ทะเลบอกว่า..ซู่ซู่ววววว 🌊 💪

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Delayed, but with the right foot, I’m entering #mermay ! This time I will follow @karolinepietrowski ’s prompt! I hope you to enjoy this drawing and the ones that are yet to come! I’ll try new techniques like the ones I used on day 1 over the month ^u^


Atrasada, mas com o pé direito, estou entrando no #mermay ! Dessa vez seguirei a tabela da @karolinepietrowski ! Espero que gostem desse desenho e dos que vem por aí! Vou tentar técnicas novas como a que usei no dia 1 ao longo do mês ^u^


The Underwater World Through the Eyes of a Free Diver