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If you'd like to hear what's in the new standard, come along to the panel session Oxford/Cambridge now..! Lynne Nash, ,

and the tokenized industry move into new territory. The business model and value chain for and of conventional and non-bankable . Cannibalisation is part of it! , at .

These STEM enthusiasts are kicking off their industry engagement project with Sienna as part of their Uni Melbourne Masters of Biotech degree. So enjoyable and rewarding to get involved with the budding medtech stars of the future.

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On the Vox Markets Podcast Today: Live Company Group Bigblu Broadband Rockfire Resources Botswana Diamonds Malcy covers President Energy Sound Energy SDX Energy Solo Energy Hurricane Energy

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had 1 of the most liked RNS’s on over the last 24 hours. See the top 10 list here>

SDX Energy announces Q4 and year-end 2018 results, along with guidance for 2019. ➡️

SDX Energy Share Price 42.5p (pre-open) 4th qtr & y/e results & gives guidance for 2019. US$44mm of itemised capex to 31/12/18. Yes, covering its capex and yes all a building exercise for tomorrow. As a shareholder, disappointed in production levels & future honey pot.

We will be at in Nashville, TN. Come, visit us at booth #507 to know how our software-defined solutions can help you achieve your enterprise goals.

Elhamy Elhifnawy, Italian Regional Sales Manager talking about business continuity and a hint about be.SDx at Nextmedia Roadshow

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今日からカービィシリーズ誕生日ラッシュ! 24周年、 23周年おめでとうございます!🎉

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SDX 太陽騎士ゴッドガンダム - 明鏡止水ゴールドバージョン (新SDガンダム外伝 黄金神話) Solar Knight God Gundam - Meikyoshisui Gold Version
Tamashii Nations is releasing a new version of the SD Gundam Solar Knight God Gundam. The Meikyo Shisui Gold Version. #sdgundam #ゴッドガンダム #新SDガンダム外伝 For more ...
SDX 龍機ドラグーン (新SDガンダム外伝 ナイトガンダム物語) Ryuki Dragoon (Shin SD Gundam Gaiden - Knight Gundam Monogatari)
The SDX Ryuki Dragoon was on display at the Akiba Showroom. It can transform! Woot! For more info you can check out these sites

Adreden Sword Testing | No Voice - Just Testing






The best trip of the year so far! Holy fuck!

The Day She Asks For Forgiveness!

sdx is a shitty person and you should seriously reconsider following her if you are currently following her

thats all that needs to be said lol


TFW YOU MAKE THE LIST OHHH FUCK YESS!!!! im in it to win it w my buds zim zam and gummy here ready to fuck it uP haha yes roasted

psiicho  asked:

thank you so much for defending me?? i reely appreciate it so much thsnk you

it’s no problem this is all just. a gross situation? im very sorry this all is happening this is disgusting

like rather than literally look at the front page of her porn blog to see the clear as day evidence of this, + the screencaps, they just instantly believe in you falsely accusing her because ppl gotta defend art over actual people affected by her actions i guess lol… it’s so gross