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-Does a split then *Winks*. Me-*Every week* CHILL 😍😍😭😭

This is one of the very first Finn Bálor matches I ever saw. Really looking forward to seeing it happen again now that Finn’s on I feel being on SDLive opens up so many incredible matchups for Finn as he’s basically stepping into AJ’s spot.

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Via wwe's Instagram story... Superstar Shakeup results!!! The Big Dog is on now...

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During the recent superstar shake up moved to New Brand New Start 💙

Los mejores fichajes de arriba, los del medio los fichajes más o menos buenos, y los peores abajo.

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Brad Shepard of Pro Sports Extra is reporting that WWE is expecting to have Sasha Banks back by Money In The Bank and that there has been 'initial conversations about booking her to win the MITB briefcase' Thoughts? IMO, I think Charlotte Flair will win MITB

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Buddy Murphy is so….😻😻😻 Lord that man fine.

A major change in the horizon

The Superstar Shake Up, that week where the superstars change their brands giving us the possibility to watch dream matches every week. Since the brand expansion in 2016, this tradition suit more for one and damage other ones.

In my opinion, this year WWE had tried to equalize both brands. For instance: AJ Styles, Andrade, Mysterio, Evans and The Usos are now in Monday Night. On the other hand we have Roman, Elias, Ember Moon, Bayley and Lars in SD Live. All the divisions are perfectly balanced, it’s almost a dream the quantity of matches that we’ll be allowed to see during the rest of 2019.

However, there were mistakes. Just for mention the name changing of “War Raiders”, now they are called “The Viking Experience”. For me it’s something stupid, there were no reason to take a decision like that. It’s like if you’re doing all the work in the project and comes someone who hadn’t help and ruins everything. It feels like that, I just hope that this decison does not make them to lose people support.

To sum up, this week had been a good one. With ups and downs, of course. On the other hand, this shake up had allowed to open new possibilities to better booking in the next shows. It’s just a matter of time to sit and wait what kind of ideas WWE will have for these new season.


So these three are on the same brand now….where is my triple threat match! I need an updated version of the #NXT one! #womenswrestling #wwewomensdivision #charlotteflair #beckylynch #bayley #smackdownlive #sdlive #fourhorsewomen #4horsewomen

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I’m extremely excited for Roman to finally change his brand and move to Smackdown.

For the longest Roman has been on Raw and it felt like centuries of him being there. I felt as if he never got to shine despite being a top star. He was always either putting a star over (Braun, Drew) or being forced to reunite the shield whenever dean or Seth got stale.

No more Drew, Braun, Seth or Bobby. Finally he can be free and given more opponent. I’m genuinely excited for big dog on blue 🔵