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It’s the Diva Twitter! Post a GIF of your all time favourite Valet/Diva/Women’s Wrestler. Follow everyone who likes, retweets or comments, including myself! I’ll start....

Catch all of the fallout from Monday's in a double header of and ! The action begins tonight from 9.30pm on !

Shawn Michaels จะปรากฏตัวใน และทำหน้าที่เป็นผู้บรรยายพิเศษใน สัปดาห์หน้า

ايريك بيشوف يصل الى مدينة ولاية كونيتيكت ليكتب تقارير لعرض سيبدأ عمله إبتداءً من الأسبوع المقبل في دوره الجديد، يقال إنه في الوقت الحالي يتعرف على المنتج الحالي

lol Well thunderstorm screwed up the rest of the show will have to find out what happened later or next week.

It’s so let’s start a to grow together in the Post a gif/comment of your favourite in history! Follow everyone who likes, rts & comments (also follow me 😊) I’ll start.

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Family has been visiting so finally getting to watch .

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Just finished an interview with the illustrious Booker T here in Las Vegas in the tent. . Stay tuned….

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HELL YEAH. #SDLIVE #SUMMERSLAM @itsmebayley @wwe_embermoon

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Why are certain wrestling fans such lowlife assholes? WWE tweets about Nikki’s relationship with Artem & people are out there saying “This just proves she was cheating on Cena” or “Cena is in a relationship & he’s respectful with keeping it private. Just shows she’s announcing this for attention”. Or even saying she’s only in the relationship to get back at John… They’re even calling her a slut?? Like wtf??

Cena & Nikki broke up awhile ago. What is she supposed to do, stay single forever? You have no idea what really happened to make their relationship end. Stop being childish & so incredibly rude. You don’t like Nikki then stop commenting on stuff about her, just keep scrolling. She’s an ambassador for the WWE, she’s still apart of the wrestling family whether you like it or not. She’s done, & is still doing, a lot of work for the WWE. Grow up & stop the petty hate.

The hate The Bella Twins get is absurd! They truly don’t deserve it.

I think Nikki & Artem are so cute together 🔥❤️

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WWE Smackdown 7-16-2019 Review: Hall Meeting Disaster, Orton vs Kingston at Summerslam? The RCWR Show 7-17-2019



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