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Be excited for a clean slate and a chance to build something better. @greatddebatersEA

On this day in 1969, Apollo11 touched down and Neil Armstrong and . walked on the moon. 8 of the surviving Apollo 11 Astronauts got together for the 50th anniversary of the at .  

Here our main focus is because we believe in the voices of young people. We want to see a better future for the generations that'll follow us. Change begins with this generation.

“ the single greatest contribution an individual can make to achieving the is to stop eating beef, pork and other mammals?” — Adam Rogers, author, The – at Grand Central Terminal

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【アウェイゲーム】 明日です。 ご声援よろしくお願いします👍


The best teamwork comes from young men and women who are working independently towards one goal in unison.

【トップチーム】 明日から後半戦の試合が開始します⚽️ 現在は10位という結果でありますが、昨季の2位を越す優勝の可能性はまだまだ残されています💪 皆様のご声援、最後の最後までよろしくお願いします🤲

The Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030 recognizes the important role that and nature-based solutions play in fighting the crisis and in achieving sustainable development, in the integrated spirit of the .

Olaotan Faji, 2017 Goal 11 Ambassador. It's just 11Days to the 4th Edition of our annual SDGs competition. We can't wait to unveil our 2019 Ambassadors. 💃

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The challenges facing the international community are growing while the willingness to cooperate seems to be waning. Foreign policy must help bridge this gap, e.g. by pushing forward the and its 17 . To learn how, watch 👉📽️

has further matured its this year, expanding disclosures and introducing into the and throughout . As well as the headline we tagged specific to priority activities

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had an honour to hold a meeting with & thank her for her support for . They discussed bringing the closer to young people & youth participantion in the accountability process. Thanks to

had an honour to hold a meeting with & thank her for her support for . They discussed bringing the closer to young people & youth participantion in the accountability process. Thanks to

The 17 adopted explicitly include and 11 times (source: UN, Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs Disability)!! We at are trying to contribute to some of these goals in our own big-little ways. Stay tuned to know how!

Such a great honour to hold a meeting with & thank her for her support for . We also discussed bringing the closer to young people and youth participantion in the accountability process. Thanks to

We’re preparing for in September, a unique opportunity to gain political commitment to scale up global efforts to provide universal access to quality health services, in line with FIGO asks for & to be integrated into from the beginning.

" gives people the opportunity to directly contribute to the , enabling them to take charge of their own futures." - Executive Coordinator, .

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Do you see bees, butterflies or wasps these days? Have they gone extinct? Or just flew away to a better sustainable place for them to live and breed?
I present to you my form of interpretation of “HUMAN & BEE” 🐝

Please check out the full post on my Facebook page (DawnOfWhyandHow) or click the link in the bio.
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it was all exitement for school children at elite academy as Lani from Belgium presented them with playing kits and a soccer ball.
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Producción en el programa Debate Deportivo de Frente que se trasmite por Primer Reporte.

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Girls in action. Working towards inclusion and gender equality for a sustainable society. #sdgs

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UN Women Executive Board Annual Session 2019

Many Member-States spoke preliminarily on the work that the UN Women have done in the past year based on the mid-year report and on their own country’s work in the empowerment of women and girls.


- Largest donor to UN Women.

- They wish to see operation of UN Women under a new budget and constructive dialogue in its creation.


- Important for UN Women to work closely with civil society, government and local representatives.

- Should make its voice and presence known to the people for whom it is doing work.

Saudi Arabia:

- Status of women in Saudi Arabia has risen very highly and quickly. They now allow women to drive and fly as well as have one working for the government in D.C.

- They have been lifting restrictions on women in the workplace and educational field, as well as building the rights of women in the court system, and those of the rights of the guardian have advanced tremendously.


- UN Women need a robust and innovative resource mobilization strategy.

- Addressing sexual harassment demonstrates leadership on this issue.

United Kingdom (speaking for itself, Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, etc.):

- UN Women are 6th place on the Aid and Transparency Initiative which shows good work, but there is a need for greater transparency on the resource level.

- Encourage UN Women to use the core chapter to connect with other UN Women and work collaboratively with other agencies.


- There are issues in Mongolia: rates of gender-based violence are consistently high, such as 31% of women being subject to physical or sexual abuse.

- UN Women have done great work in reforming policy, legal and practical measure to include women.

El Salvador:

- For the first time in our history, we have a cabinet that is 50% women ministers.

- This exec board has to look at how UN women are linked to the broader picture and never make any decisions that are not in consensus with the general assembly.


- We have been preventing and addressing sexual harassment.

- UN Women should implement gender constructive policies.


- Financial and political support to UN Women will achieve constructive gender policies.

- UN Women must perform at its highest level now despite having made significant improvements since 2014.

          - Urge to continue improving and focus on typology of countries in terms of their scale and presence.


- Conquering gender equality should not be bound by the lines that separate countries.

- Should focus on elimination of feminization of poverty.

Equatorial Guinea:

- Should partner with regional and sub-regional organizations in issues concerning peace, security and conflict prevention.

- Despite achievements made, there is concern over slow progress being made to conquer sexual harassment and violence.


- Looks for these things in future work of the UN women:

o  Implementation of the strategy plan should be more outcome oriented

o  Despite highest revenue, needs to be more diversity in its funding sources

o  Continue efforts to improve accountability and efficiency


- Shares Japan’s outlook on diversifying sources of funding and implementing the strategic plan.

- Challenge and concern that Kenya has noted is that the economy side of UN Women did not meet its goals – if this does not meet its goals, then 75% of the Sustainable Development Goals will not be achieved.

Republic of Korea:

- Enhanced transparency and aid transparency is welcomed.

- Gaps: emphasize that data insufficiency blocks SDG data.


- Efficiency, sustainability and accountability is an area that needs improvement.

- Families in a changing world could be afforded more attention.


September 2018 in Freetown getting School supplies on BLP Annual Back to School Drive. Quality Education has no duplicates
#backtoachool2018 #sdgs #sdg4 @youthsdgssummit @sdgcafrica @hertdpresident @sdgaction

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所要時間: 50分
対象年齢: 未就学~中学生まで
参加条件: 18歳未満(保護者の方はご観覧という形でご参加いただけます)
定員:   24名
協力:   (有)トモオフィス/日本廃品打楽器協会


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you should attend the #gcniconvention2019
Join us on 31st May to explore and learn more about “Sustainable Development Goals: Pioneering Solutions for India.“

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