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Agreed! ARE vital to . They SHOULD be paid adequately. Maybe will believe that someday & pay teachers for marking their regional paper 3 (SBA) exams.

Dr Sara Parker Dr Angela Daly from and Umesh Regmi from presenting their paper on the opportunities and challenges of federalisation for the education sector in more research is needed

Like if you agree that everyone has the right to education! 📚 + brought electricity and Internet to classrooms in this rural Indigenous community in Yucatán. See this story on our Instagram account!

Sara from and Angela from attending Annual Conference presenting a paper later today on opportunities for collaborations and inclusive education in Nepal

Using poetry to create connections and empathy in and outside of schools - presentation Annual Conference 2019 sharing insights

Pramod Bhatta Chair of opening the Annual Conference 2019 in Kathmandu with the focus on education

My favourite EVER EVER day! Meeting went incredibly well at the UN and mission totally accomplished. Watch this space for the next exciting project from Portland Education and a truly wonderful partnership. Over the moon.

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Noise tells an impact damage level. Sounds on overweigh , leading than refocus action, regardless of the industry, it's inclusive , NOW sharing mutual resources! Evaluation time might never be!

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Together, let's do everything to implement the sustainable development goal No 4 by 2030

A special WeLoveU to the students and citizens of Haiti who still need more resources and support towards achieving quality education.

Two weeks of inspiring work from teachers and leaders with in Sierra Leone, leaders embracing Student Voice in code of behaviour policy and strategic planning for

For Tr. Florence, Stawisha has enabled her to learn more about collaboration. She now works closely with her school team to drive student achievement. Tr. Lucky believes that the experience shifted her beliefs and mindset. She sees the potential in her students.

Millions of children and young people are still being locked out of education in crises. We have to overcome the unique challenges faced by girls in crises to achieve the 's Find out more about what we are doing to support girls in crises▶

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Day 15 - 28/12/18

The kids were banging our windows early in the morning around 6.45am, and the sisters said they are taking us out for breakfast and we weren’t informed earlier. It was such an impromptu hangout. We didn’t know where were we going either.

The sisters, maid and bus drivers followed us together. We were taken into a Cafe&Football place called Gia Nguyen. The place was very tranquil and I honestly like the serenity. I ordered sokola sua nong (hot chocolate milk) while everyone ordered iced drinks. It was TOO SWEET !!!!  I think it’s because it’s the last weekday for 2018 so the Sisters treat everyone :>

We went to jewelry shop later as D & G are planning to buy gold back India, but me and Shelvia were just strolling around the streets. They tie the live frog for sell lmaooo it’s hella gross.

Here’s my lunch


Day 11 - 24/12/18

It’s Christmas Eve ! Sister Trang wore her nun clothing. The boarding school was empty today, there weren’t any kids except those special kids. I was glad they were able to spell out A~F, we all taught the kids one by one. Deepika and Getta was conversing with them in Tamil and letting them watch Crayon Shin Chan in Tamil on their phone. hah. I’ve always put my phone in my room when teaching these kids as they like to sneak to my pocket and get my phone, and all of them will start fighting for it *these kids are smart*

Breakfast. Bread & Jam, and oatmeal.

I went to help Marie as I saw her plucking the veggies alone. Vietnamese actually like their leafy veggies to be intact, probably for better food presentation? For me I just throw away withered leaves and cook the rest. 

Lunch. The food recently has been fueled with pork, how am I not fat?

We had a church mass after dinner for Christmas Eve. This was my 1st ever time spending Christmas Eve in a catholic church, the procedure is really religious but there was a Q&A session for the kids to guess some bible verse for them to get prizes.

After the prayer, I think the sisters were having gathering with visitors and elder sisters, while the kids went back to their place to watch tv. Everyone was minding their own business so we just went back to our room.

Dinner. Macaroni made from rice with vietnamese ham.

The sisters came to our room out of the blue, bringing each of us some weird looking drink. There were jelly, dates, lotus, lotus seed, green unknown thingy inside. I really enjoyed it.

Thanks you Sister Tho, Sister Trang, Sister Yung and Sister Thuy !!

They wanted to take picture with us. We all had some small chat, they asked why is my skin so fair and they pinched my cheeks huh uh… I really like the sisters, If only I knew the language more enough to communicate with them :) Sister Ter was very perky, she’s the translator for us.

Day 3- 16/12/18

The sister prepared us noodles for breakfast, it was really healthy and not greasy like noodles I always had in my country. No wonder I couldn’t really see any obese people in Vietnam. Everyone is skinny and most of the girls are really petite.

Taught three kids to speak English with their course materials after breakfast. They were actually good and making an effort. I was shook that they were learning cm square to km square conversion already for Maths in elementary school because back in my country we only learn advance conversion calculations during high school. But their English progression is quite slow  compared to other subjects. I thank the person whoever created google translate because we were actually communicating through it. The kids were so playful, they were teasing me as Malaysia lost the football match against Vietnam yesterday. Khang took my phone to take videos of his friends playing. It was hilarious. Childhood is honestly the best years. 

I took a nap after teaching and went to our dining place (a gazebo) to write my diary and the kids served me lunch. I was fed real good. There were pork, beef meatballs, quail eggs and potatoes served with rice.

My job is quite relaxing. I took nap again after lunch because the weather is so hot at that hour *and yes, my lazy arse just wants to stick on the bed*. 

Here’s a pap of dinner as CRAVING SATISFIED YASSSS, it is bánh mì (bagutte with pork+beef+chicken slices+cucumbers+carrots+radish+tomatoes+oregano..). It’s similar to subway sandwiches but the price is way cheaper and it is just LIT, they even gave us pepsi and fruits. I was fed like a happy pig. 

Talked with some kids after dinner, and watched some of them dancing as preparation for Christmas where Deepika & Geta is teaching them bollywood dances. The kids were speaking their own languages and the younger kids can’t really read Vietnamese yet, so they were just shouting and laughing with me. idk. They took my phone for selfie, it was hilarious cause they were like posing like models.

Some were watching TV shows and some are just jumping like a bunny everywhere.

The kids are very discipline, I’m happy how the sister made a wonderful system for them. They wash their own dishes after every meal and wash their own clothes by hand. They will prepare their utensils for the next meal after they finish each meal.  

Everything here was better than my expectations, the sisters are really nice :) The food is good ( I thought I’ll only be eating vegan meals everyday, the accommodation even has air-con, and the wi-fi is decent here. The data is unlimited too. The only downside of this place is that is an isolated area, so there’s really no where to go and nothing to do in here unless we take a grab and travel 10mins more.

And if there’s another thing that I don’t understand is that they use joss sticks to worship in a catholic church? Maybe it’s similar to candles? ? ? Uhm yea, I really don’t get it.

On a second note, I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas already in this church.


Wishing all our dear friends and alumni a belated #happynewyear filled with #peace, #love and positivity! Here are some highlights of our team donating agricultural resources and paying for vocational training and school fees for over 50 women and children in The Gambia. Tune in next week for more visits from the Central River Division in The Gambia. Special thanks to everyone who supported our fundraising campaigns in 2017 and our ambassadors, we appreciate you. #sdg4 #SDGs #SheWill #Africa4her #educationforall #girlscount #WatchThisSpace #skillstraining #nonprofits @flipagram @theglobalgoals (at Gambia The Smiling Coast of Africa)

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Week 4 of our team donating #back2school supplies, school uniforms and paying school fees for over 60 children. Stay tuned for stories from our team paying education fees in The #Gambia next week . Special thank you to all our supporters and our ambassadors, you keep us going! #sdg4 #sdg17 #SheWill #Africa4her #educationforall #girlscount #WatchThisSpace #skillstraining #charity #socent #spotlightongood @theglobalgoals @gpforeducation (at Lomé, Togo)

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Zimbabwe’s SDGs Generation 

SDG4: Quality Education

“Goal 4: Quality Education is a prerequisite for all the other Sustainable Development Goals. In order to alleviate poverty, Goal 1, children must be sent to school so that they can make a living in the future. In order to accomplish gender equality, Goal 5, girls must be educated about their rights. Education constitutes the foundation for development. One week ago I graduated from University of Zimbabwe. All the early mornings, the stressful days and the sleepless nights I had to study - the hard work finally paid off. Education has offered me so many opportunities in life. If we want a better future, all children should be sent to school.”

Brighton Musevenzo


Demain - Un film rempli d’optimisme.

Gandhi disait  “Montrer l’exemple n’est pas le meilleur moyen de covnaincre, c’est le seul.”

Partout, dans le monde, des solutions existe.