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How about one more bit of humor. A smile is good.

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So you want to pitch a project to Netflix or Amazon. How do you make it happen? How do you stand out? Watch this!

Furio Scarpelli 4 w/ Agenore Incrocci >> “Age & Scarpelli” “The Organizer” / I Compagni – Mario Monicelli, Dir. “The Great War” / La grande guerra – M. Monicelli “Big Deal on Madonna Street” / I soliti ignoti – M. Monicelli “Mafioso” – Alberto Lattuada

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Arthur C. Clarke and Director Stanley Kubrick on the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey.


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A clip from my #Film #RememberThatOneDay a #ShortFilm I #Wrote and #Directed
#Sketch #Comedy #Funny #filmmaking #IndieFilm #IndependentFilm #FilmIsNotDead #ScreenWriter #Filmmaker #filmdirector

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Mini Character Bios

i was tagged by @adamnfinestory to do this with one of my wip’s OC’s but I love all my leads so I’m gonna fill out a form for all three of them! Here we go!

Scarlett Rodriguez (TonicWater)

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Love Language: Touch is how she shows she loves you.

Wealth: She’s not rich. She’s not poor. She is somewhere in between. She works for a hip-hop dance company in NYC and makes just enough to pay the rent for her and her best friend’s apartment. Her best friend pays most of the rent, tho.

Occupation: Dancer.

Obsession: Tommy Evans, the boy she’s liked since Kindergarten.

Fears: Never being able to get a grip on her magical powers. Her adopted parents finding out about her magical powers and thinking she’s a freak. Tommy finding out the truth and deciding not to be friends anymore.

Wants: She wants to be Tommy Evans’ girlfriend and become the powerful witch her birth parents says she was born to be.

Theme Song: (On the surface) “Taki Taki” by DJ Snake. (Beneath the surface): “Tell me you love me” by Demi Lovato.

Sexuality: Straight. Pan-romantic (like me because she is me).

Secret: She accidentally made someone bald and doesn’t know how to fix it. She’s a witch, and not a really good one….. YET.

Bo-Ri “Brina” Park

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Love Language: Touch is how she shows she loves you.

Wealth: She’s almost rich. Brina is an extremely successful event planner. She’s planned countless parties for celebrities and just plain ‘ol rich snobs. 

Occupation: Event Planner.

Obsession: Making sure everything is clean, tidy, and neat. The newest trends. Bribri is very in with the fashion and would hate to look out of style.

Fears: That Scarlett will never figure out how to turn her hair back to its original color. She can’t stand the neon green any longer. She’s scared that it will cost her clients at work.

Wants: Her original hair color back and for Scarlett to clean up after her damn self.

Theme Song: (On the surface): “Freakum Dress” by Beyonce. (Beneath the surface): “You’re Welcome” from Moana.

Sexuality: Straight.

Secret: She doesn’t keep secrets from Scarlett. She, however, tries to keep her life a secret from her older sister (Min) because all she does is ask for money.

Thomas “Tommy” Evans (Thomas Maverick)

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Love Language: Action. It’s the little things he does that show he loves you.

Wealth: He’s rich as hell. His father is practically the king of the witch realm (but that’s hush hush because he’s come to the typic’s realm to dampen Scarlett’s powers, or eliminate her if necessary). In the typical world, he seem higher middle class. However, that is only because nobody has ever been to his house. That thing is almost a mansion.

Occupation: Threat Suppressor/Eliminator

Obsession: Making sure everything he’s doing is morally correct. He wants everyone to stay at peace and be happy. Little does he know, everything his dad taught him is false. The only threats to the witch realm & the typic realm is Tommy’s family. He just hasn’t come to that realization yet.

Fears: He fears that he’s falling in love with Scarlett, the girl he’s supposed to get rid of. He is also finding himself questioning his entire life & morals. How could a girl so cheesy and innocent be a threat to the realms??

Wants: To not be confused anymore.

Theme Song: (On the surface): “Natural” by Imagine Dragons. (Beneath the surface): “Scream” from HSM 3.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Secret: Lowkey, he knows that all his dad taught him was BS. He’s too scared to accept that.

I tag @myscrivere & @cawolters. You guys can just fill out one form hehehehhe.


Can you name this horror movie?:










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Comic Book Help

Hello everyone. So I’ve been meaning to ask for help, just couldn’t figure out where to ask. I am in the midst of getting my film copyrighted and pitched for the upcoming year (fingers crossed that they’re able to copyright it faster than 10months). As a comic book lover and all things fandom related (Cosplayer and designer), I’m in need of advice on how to find a comic book artist for the comic book that I wish to get done of my film. I know it’s jumping the gun, but I love seeing comics mainly because of how the artist portrays the characters. I’ve seen many artists here and let me tell you that I love their/your work💗💓

So I guess what I am asking is, how does one find an artist to accompany me in this new venture of the comic book world?


Nail your premise!! I will put up links and guidance later on today when I have time. Thank you so much @michaeltabbwga for helping a young screenwriter reach for his dreams! God bless! Go out and reach for your dreams and have fun people! Love y’all!! #scriptwriter #screenwriter #author #fullsailuniversity

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During my webinar coaching and mentoring program Rev. Marc in describing how to use a Spiritual Mind Treatment for healing, inevitably healed me of my cold. #actor #filmmaking #filmdirector #spirituallifecoach #editing #writer #ancientwisdom #newthought #scienceofmind #artist #screenwriter #producer #director #lawofattraction #Abrahamhicks #centerforspiritualliving #enlightenment

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Main Characters of Stuck in the Broom Closet

Specific details on who they are on the way.

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Y’all thought I was joking but I really did create a whole blog dedicated to my favorite OC. Follow good ‘ol Scarlett @tonicwater-magick if you feel like it 🧹

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@cawolters sent me this wonderful message about how the writeblr works and I now feel very welcome and loved. Thank you, my dear. My pen name is K.S.Dietz but I’m Scarlett Rodriguez here because I’m in love with my own sitcom and one day, I SWEAR, I’ll play Scarr. Since that’s what I’m working on now, I’ll be posting a lot of stuff about that. And, production for my short film starts in January so you’ll hear updates on that too. And of course, every now and then, you’ll hear some of my poetry ideas and/or novel ideas. I’m mostly into screenwriting tho ✨🧹

Anger has a huge function that needs to be explained. Anger comes from an energy that helps you protect yourself and fights back in self defense, and it is the exact same energy love comes from. You have to question yourself if you can see the function of it and let the anger show you the love? Because if you bother, means you care, and if you care means you love. How come the people we care for and love the most can trigger so much anger and hate in us? That would mean that hate is the exact same energy as love, and I agree. It is fueled by the same matter. Yet hate can drive us away when we are in it for too long and love can bring us closer. It is only through the phase of anger when we can reach love, because we need to accept what we are feeling, as a stage, not as a home to live in. Anger is a very intense emotion and to act openly out of that emotion is not always a good idea, for you can regret it once you are more at peace again. You can choose to go through your anger in the comfort and silence of your own walls and know that if you express your anger, it might start a war wrecking all the beautiful love that lies beyond it.
Know how to express it, this is a daily struggle…
What triggers anger is mostly being in pain and feeling hurt and this needs compassion, from yourself and from others. Anger is an easy way to express your pain, yet it needs to be in balance.
Communication can save us, if willing to not weapon yourself with only your anger, bring your compassion and love, too. The reality of this, is that not everyone is on this level, perhaps not you, or me, and this is why we must always protect ourselves first. Keep yourself and each other safe, you don’t even have to love each other anymore, the least you can do is keep everyone around you safe and radiate with the love within you. Every interhuman relation is organic, like vines tangling into each other, sometimes they both grow into another direction, yet the closeness they have once shared remains forever, and we should cherish it and be thankful, as long as we move forward. And it is up to our own growth if we will meet again on the way up.
—  r.iver - ‘Oracle’