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Yep, embarrassment, poor them. of some doozies though.

Saw one of my Korean students' bio and it's this verse hngggg ㅠㅠ One of my 'Fun Boys' then, 1st generation hihihi

"Look I'm telling you; you can't summon the invisible swordsman by just wearing a blindfold! Things don't just become invisible if you close your eyes, little Schrodinger..." Random

"Awe poop! I knew those emojis would come back to haunt us!" Random

"Oof, shouldn't have chased that Taco Bell with that Colt 45 Malt Liquor. It's not the greatest combination in the galaxy..." Random

"No yOu cAn't HaVe YoUr BaLL BaCk YoU LiTtLe ShItS! NoW GeT OfF oF My PoArCh!" Random 😘

This to this //masyado pong selfish ang asawa 🥇 ko. Ni hindi man lang pinag bigyan si babe 🥈 after "one" day lang, ayan, si Wonnie na ulit 😅

Someone's happy because she added her fourth offline Bible version today 💓

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You’ve come. Just like I’d said you would – you denied it, remember..? And yet.. here you are. Come then, Child.. Sit; Speak.

                                         ❛ .. We shall listen. ❜


The kiss was finishing and Natalie thought about how magical it felt. Then she realized that the kiss might have only been magical for her. Natalie began to worry and her anxiety took over. It made her start thinking about the what if’s. Thoughts like “What if he didn’t like it”, “What if he thinks I’m a bad kisser” ran through her head. 

The Mystery Man in the Blue Shirt soon caught on to this, as he had begun to learn about Natalie’s fears, anxieties, and past. He also has learned that Natalie does not hide her emotions well. He could not help but let out a small chuckle as he read the worries on her face, almost like she was an open book.  


Natalie has I have drug out this first kiss long enough. A simple kiss on the lips quickly turned into something of passion, almost like they have been waiting their entire lives for this one kiss. It was magical to say the least. Please pretend that Mystery Man in the Blue Shirt is not shocked about the kiss, considering he was supposed to kiss her. Natalie was the only person in my household, and that’s just how it went. So pretend that it was a simple peck from both Natalie and him that turned into something a little more heated.


Obviously I have to get cute screenshots, or at the bare minimum screenshots. Normally I don’t have a problem being a creep. Though, I don’t know if its the shot angle or the day, but I feel like the friend who is pictured below making sure the date is going well. In other words I feel like I’m creeping on their date, but only because I care… and I need screenshots.

Yeah, G’ihsen, the stars were beautiful.

when you arrive
you’ll find
a sorrow here
not quite what one would choose.

i cannot promise
that your story will be kind with me
or that you won’t be torn
hurt on this rotten barren star

i wish i could take you
to a land where dreams flow like honey
and your voice will carry
to the heavens

you may not know
but you give me enough love
to break my heart


Lucky The Blue Shirt Mystery Man thinks this is kinda cute because she looks kinda crazy right now.


We finally see who the Mystery Man in the Blue Shirt is. He’s pretty cute if you ask me. I’m so excited for babies in the future…if they get married.. no spoilers here.😅

Natalie greeted her friend from the other night with a hug, apparently they got pretty close those couple times they meet. It’s easy to make connections when you don’t have many people around to rely on. Natalie is breaking out of her social comport zone. 

Though they may be friends currently, I think something else is going on here. They both look a little too happy about this hug. It almost feels like they do not want to let go.


In case you wanted more cute screenshots of her gardening. Also her little whistling is so cute and I love it so much. You can tell she is happy here. ❤