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"It was journalist Jane “Jennie June” Croly in New York and anti-slavery advocate Julia Ward Howe in Boston who first brought together their peers, in 1868, to usher in the women’s club movement that would sweep the nation by the turn of the century."

สมุดปกน้ำตาลเหมือนกัน แต่ข้างในต่างกัน - เส้นตาราง - จุด - เส้นบรรทัด - กระดาษเปล่า - ตารางปฏิทิน ลองขยายดูเห็นความต่างไหม

No matter where you go, there is always a street lamp waiting for you to go home, do not forget the original intention, always, home is always your warm harbor and solid backing

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I will get back up again!

Been really into Trolls and the Tv series lately, and GOSH this stuff is just cute, wholesome and has amazing ACOUSTICS! 

Archetype 4: The Orphan / Sage

Your inner orphan is independent, self-reliant and often mistrustful of authority figures. You are resourceful and cunning, but you have problems letting down your guard. Your inner sage believes that the most important thing in life is the truth, and that it will set us free. You are a seeker of justice, enlightenment and you’re always looking to gain more knowledge.

  • Life Goals: Safety, security, truth, understanding
  • Fears: Exploitation, deception, illusion
  • Response to Problems: Act tough, try to understand the meaning of things
  • Life Tasks: Process and feel pain fully, attain wisdom
  • Personal Gifts: Independence, realism, resilience, wisdom, skepticism
  • Personal Pitfalls: Cynicism, chronic complaining, lack of empathy
Archetype 5: The Seeker / Warrior

Your inner seeker wants to explore the unknown. You have a strong intuition that there is something bigger and greater beyond your own reality. You embrace learning and are ambitious, although your perfectionist nature sometimes reaches too high and you end up disappointed. Your inner warrior is courageous, tough and always persistent. You aim to bring meaning to your own life and to others’ through your actions and behavior. You are often over-competitive at the expense of other people, but it’s a part of your desire to always succeed.

  • Life Goals: Search for a better way, winning
  • Fear: Conformity, entrapment, weakness, failure
  • Response to Problems: Escaping, fighting if the reward is great enough
  • Life Tasks: See the world, be a strong person
  • Personal Gifts: Autonomy, ambition, identity, courage, discipline
  • Personal Pitfalls: Inability to commit, chronic disappointment, arrogance, ruthless

craftylittlea  asked:

Should I give mommy her dream of a true Hollywood Murder style ending for her washed up little model? You know that's why you're here... -A

Paige froze when she read the text.  In theory, she had already known about the stalker/serial killer situation plaguing this town, but knowing it was an entirely different thing from receiving an anonymous text containing a thinly-veiled threat and a deeply-held fear that she had told no one.  Of course she knew that was why she was here, but how did they know that?