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Happy belated to all! Going over my photos, I just found this cute egg nest card in Lucy McCrae's , the daughter of , with a message 'For dear grandma from Cecil'. Admittedly, it is a Christmas card! πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸ‘

Happy Earth Day! Let’s show our amazing planet how much we care: keep recycling and composting as much as you can, reuse, try less toxic products, use less plastic... even one small action will make a difference in the long termβ£οΈπŸŒΏπŸŒŽπŸƒ

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Love letters to the places I have seen and the days I have not wasted.

I’ve been working on this scrapbook since last January as a place to document the little and big things.

The first 3 Polaroids were taken by my now roommate in our freshman dorm hall.

The sketches and notes are quick artistic renderings of little moments, like flowers blooming in the spring and impromptu road trips, that I did not want to forget the happiness they brought me.

The sticky notes are quotes I used to have up on my wall as reminders from other women that strength is a part of us.

I also included the cute thank you notes I’ve received in etsy packages because I love remembering that artists are people.

And finally we have a scrap of the confetti from the Rep Tour, which affirmed that the only reason I’ll ever ride the greyhound is to see Taylor Swift because it’s totally worth it.

Ultimate Story Scrapbook-Page 113

Now then, to continue on with this story.

So, through most of the story, Misty was seen clutching on to the music box, with everyone having a very hard time getting her to let go of it, including Fox. As she held on to the music box, she recollected her restored memories of when she met Geno ages ago.

Turns out Geno was a famous hero of his home world. He always fought to protect those that he cared about, such as he friends and family. One day, an evil entity arrived on his planet. He fought valiantly against the entity to protect his planet and everything on it. After the entity was defeated, he bestowed on him the “gift” of immortality before he departed. He can never die or get killed but he from it, he was forced to watch the people that he cared about age and die out with time. After losing everyone that he cared about from old age, he became extremely distraught, so he had, for many years, set out to hunt down and destroy the same entity that destroyed his life.

This devastation made him prone to hating being immortal as well as immortality, in general, as he thought of it as nothing more than a terrible curse. However, one day, he arrived on Earth and met Misty back when she was still the Ocean Princess. He learned that she was an immortal being, which was essential because she was the guardian of the Earth’s oceans. From her, Geno received another perspective of immortality and learned to develop a much less contempt towards it. From there, the 2 of them bonding and became really close friends.

But then, there came the time when she was nearly destroyed by Aquarius. Around that time, Geno met up with the entity that he was searching endlessly for and was preoccupied with his fight against him. When he returned to Earth, he witnessed the horrible occurrence of his only friend being seemingly destroyed. The terrible loss was devastating until Ly came around and told him that she will return. She managed to save her essence and had them transferred to a family of particular humans. She will return as a normal human, but there is a chance that she will not remember anything from her previous life at first. Geno, with renewed hope, told Ly that he will wait for her return and he will meet with her again as soon as her memories of him were to be restored.

I have just mentioned Geno’s lore in my story. What will be coming up next is finishing off the Melody of Geno, with a lot of the characters that have showed up in the story, so far, as they search for what it is the melody is really coming from and how it will be able to lead them to Geno.

That will be coming up reeeeal soon.


Looking at My Old Art – It’s So Bad and So Funny!

Yeah okay, so I was thinking: Maybe make a les mis scrapbook? It’s gonna be Enjoltaire centrered but there’s gonna be the occasionsl amis pic and, obv, they make an appearance with Enjolras and R. And since my drawing skills are practocally non-existent I’m gonna need help. So maybe we can come up with the scenes (or I will) and an artist can draw them? We can both buy supplies in real life and follow the same steps through the chat and then we’ll both end up with an Enjoltaire scrapbook. If anyone’s intrested then DM me.


New Role - Anastasia ‘Anya’ Romanov 

They said I was found
By the side of a road
There were tracks all around
It had recently snowed
In the darkness and cold
The wind in the trees
A girl with no name
And no memories, but these…

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It is official! my fave colors this Spring are pink and teal. How about you?
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Ultimate Story Scrapbook-Page 112

I was planning on revealing this after a particular riddle for my story was solved, but I can’t wait any longer, so I’m going to reveal this now. This takes place after Ultimate Story 5, from there, another character was introduced, one that has ties to Misty’s past back when she was still just the Ocean Princess. That character was named Geno.

A lot of people remembered this character from his first and only appearance from Super Mario RPG and perhaps another cameo appearance. However, despite him taking on the same look and appearance, he plays a different role in my story. He makes his first appearance in another segment in my story called the Melody of Geno.

The story starts with Geno facing off against an unknown adversary and from what he has mentioned, he has faced off against this villain many times within a mysterious dimension. He mentioned that this villain had “ruined Geno’s life and had taken everything away from him”. Geno fought hard against this adversary, but was subdued by him during the fight. The villain also attempted to break the only exit from that realm, which took on the form of a glass wall of sorts. It’s a unique kind of portal. Just before Geno lost consciousness, he sent out something into the glass portal then blurted out “Come find me…Aqualina…”

At that time, Misty as well as the Starfox team were just going about their day. At that time, there was a mysterious melody that seemed to have popped up everywhere, and I mean everywhere, including dimensions that have made their first appearance in US4, such as the Clone Wars series. When Misty first heard that song, she became sort of dazed, which gradually increased over the course of the story. Her friends were obviously concerned for it and tried to figure out what was going on with her, but something always kept getting in the way. She also assured them that it wasn’t anything they should worry about.

Her dazed state greatly intensified to the point where she was falling in and out of sleep. However, when she was asleep at one point, she had a dream of someone that she didn’t recognize calling her for help and addressing her by her real name. That person was Geno and she took notice of that. From the dream, she woke up, screaming his name. Her friends obviously took notice of this and then she left, mentioning that there was something she needed to find.

She returned to Earth, morphed into her Princess Form and traveled through the deepest depths of the sea. From there, she found a mysterious music box. When she opened it up, it played the same melody that appeared everywhere. Misty looked at it in a nostalgic manner as she mentioned “Geno” again. When her friends found her, she showed them the music box, which played the same melody that they have also noticed was popping up everywhere. She then mentioned that the music box she found was from Geno; someone that she had met and befriended a long time ago, back when she was still just the Ocean Princess. Her friends then realized that some of her missing memories were returning and they set out to help her find Geno, believing that the melody will help with finding him.

I will reveal more about this very soon.

Ultimate Story Scrapbook-Page 111

Throughout the Ultimate Story, there have been many characters that have developed unique bonds with other characters outside their Universe. There are some with bonds so strong that they become like family to one another. Although, very rarely does a character form a relationship with another character from a different world. You may have already guessed that in my story, Fox and Misty become a couple and that relationship never falters. It should make sense considering how close they have become. I generally detest shipping just because of how people take subjects like that way too seriously, but this relationship was formed BECAUSE it makes sense. However, such forming of relationships are rare and there have been at least 2 instances in the Ultimate Story in which I did that.

Anyway, as for other bonds, there were some that needed to take place because destiny calls for it, such as Jak becoming associated with Yin and Yang, the 2 humanoid rabbits that can master a unique form of power known as Woofoo, but there are other bonds that were formed by choice, such as the different characters in the Clone Wars series forming strong bonds with characters from Avatar the Last Airbender; bonds so strong that they have been very much like family. A lot of those kinds of bonds form in the Ultimate Story a lot.

It is these strong bonds that the Mystics have taken into account and they have been used against the forces of evil. Yeah, I know that this looks like another “Power of Love and Friendship” story, but that’s just naturally how the story is. When you think about it, it’s hard to due without something so cheesy. Also, there should be a non-corny form of “The Power of Love and Friendship”, right?

Well….it is what it is. I mean, name one story that hardly ever involved “The Power of Love and Friendship”.  

OK, that should be enough for now. I will write again some other time.