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Plan to ban gas hobs and boilers to meet carbon emissions targets

Come watch the week three action in : Saturday: - vs , 9:15 am - vs , 11:45 am Sunday: - vs ,10 am Brunch, with $4 Bloody Marys & Mimosas til 3 pm. Beer Specials!

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if this is not an inspiration then Donโ€™t know what is !

Using BIG9 creme lightner and Guy Tang 10NI on roots, midlengths I used 10NI with crystal clear and I also added 7NI as a low light, me and my client are both in love with this colour ๐Ÿ˜

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The Grand Tour, Scenery Porn: 03x07, part I 


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They are too ignorant to know the difference between communism and fascism. They are so embarrassed by facism that they attempt to change the definition. Communism is extreme left, Fascism is extreme right, regardless of how that “scholar” Glenn Beck tries to redefine the word to suit his political agenda.

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What is the most beautiful place in all of Scotland?

I may be biased but I personally have to say the areas around the North East where I’m from. My favourite place is Hackley Bay. I used to go walking there all the time and I never saw another human being. It’s a completely private oasis:

Edinburgh Town and Castle, 1831 by David Roberts (The McManus, Dundee).

David Roberts (1796 – 1864), was a shoemaker’s son from Stockbridge, who went on to become one of the most celebrated topographical painters of his day. During his early years, he progressed from apprentice painter and decorator, during which time he studied art in the evenings, to theatrical set painter, in both Edinburgh and London, and then, during the 1820’s, to being a renowned oil painter. He was elected Royal Academician in 1841.

Roberts is especially known for his detailed lithograph prints of Egypt and the Near East, produced from sketches he made during long tours of the region. These and his large oil paintings of similar subjects made him a prominent ‘Orientalist’ painter.

Here, in this romanticised view from the Grassmarket, he emphasises the towering citadel of the castle, in contrast to the everyday activities going on far below.

Want a cool animated Scotland flag for your mobile? Go to Google play store and search for 3D Scotland flag wallpaper, it’s free and uses very little battery power, in fact it doesn’t wave so much when you are running low so is good for checking your battery power at a glance.