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Sometimes you don’t need to go far to find some magic. ✨ Blackcraig Forest at Bridge of Cally, last nights sunset.πŸŒ·πŸ’• πŸŒ„πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ³σ £σ ΄σ Ώ

FROM ATLANTA TO EDINBURGH: A 4,000-MILE JOURNEY FOR LOVE - When Meg and Scott decided on a destination wedding, there was only one choice - πŸ’• Watch Here:

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Epic picture of the west coast off with our boat from last week! Amazing sighting for us and usually see only him once a season if we’re lucky! Great shot by !

Merchandise featuring the newly created Commemorative tartan is now on sale. Ties, rosettes, umbrellas, travel mugs and pens are already available with the potential to expand the range to include kilts

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"The crystal clear water, the beautiful turquoise blue colour and the white sand."

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Wallace Monument by Anna Nielsson
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Plant of the Day

Monday 26 August 2019

Flowing down these steps in the lovely sunken garden at the Attadale Gardens, Wester Ross, Scotland, was Juniperus squamata ‘Blue Carpet’ (flaky juniper), it narrows the path before releasing you into the space. This evergreen conifer, makes a prostrate shrub with bright blue-grey, needle-like foliage providing all year round interest.

Jill Raggett

The Queen O’ The Hills Is Going Home

Top o’ the mornin’, lads and lasses,

Mayhaps it can be gathered from the title of this brief announcement, but I am extending my stay abroad as I have planned a flight a few hours after landing in Holland.

To Scotland.

Aye, I am returning to the gorgeous hills o’ equally as bonnie Scotland to reclaim my right as queen o’ the hills.

And scones…

And coffee…

You get the point.

Alright, but in all seriousness, I will be in Edinburgh from Tuesday the 27th till Friday the 30th to relax during a proper holiday in the city near and dear to the heart of a wee birdie.

If ye happen to live in the area or are in Scotland yersel’ for a holiday and we so happen to bump into each other, do not be afraid to say hello. I do not bite, after all, regardless of what some people might think.

That is all for now and for what ye need to know.

Forever yours,

The Red Raven


Sunset over Melvich. by Alex de Haas


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Ok, I am freaking out I’m so excited?!!?

Bear with me… 

I’ve been a part of a wonderful choir for the last few years. But the combination of mental health, scheduling, finances, etc. have led me to drop out halfway through the last two seasons. 

I was debating returning this season for a multitude of reasons when I realized I won’t be able to go to the retreat, and I won’t be in town during either the winter or spring concerts. So I asked my director if I can “audit”, just sit in on rehearsals sometimes to see the people and to sing, because I enjoy it. 

While waiting for a response on that, I found another choir in the area that only costs $50 for the entire year (vs the $450 annual dues for my current choir). Not only that, but this choir sings entirely in Gaelic, and teaches pronunciation, history, tradition, etc. something I’ve wanted to learn for ages. 

And now, the piece de resistance… they are traveling to Scotland next year for the Royal National Mod. 

I have been dreaming of returning to Scotland since I spent one day there in 2017, and a brief venture into teaching myself Gaelic proved rather unfruitful. 

But this? This could be a dream come true.


The Four Roberts. 

                                         Robert Fergusson


                       No sculptur’d Marble here nor pompous lay
                             No storied Urn nor animated Bust
                     This simple stone directs Pale Scotia’s way

Fergusson was born in Edinburgh in 1750 - the third of four children. He was educated at high schools in Dundee and Edinburgh before completing his education at St Andrew’s University.

His first poems were published in 1771 in Walter Ruddiman’s Weekly Review. Origianlly he wrote in English but by 1772 he had started to use the Scottish dialect in the standard Habbie verse form - a form which would later be copied and made famous by the second of our Robert’s and more famous, Mr Burns. Rabbie’s use of this form of  verse would later mean it became known as the Burns stanza.

Fergusson’s promising poetic career was soon ended however when he sustained a head injury - possibly from a fall down some stairs - and became bedridden. He was then transferred to Bedlam against his will and he died there on October 17, 1774 at the age of 24.

Burns was happy to acknowledge his debt to Fergusson and contacted the Edinburgh Kirk on finding out he had an unmarked grave he offered to pay for one to be erected. Burns also composed the three verse epitaph  - the first stanza of which was carved on the headstone as seen above, and on the first pic. The headstone was erected in 1787.

Later, Robert number three, Mr Louis Stevenson agreed to renovate the headstone - but his own premature death prevented him from making good his promise - though there is a plaque at the foot of Fergusson’s grave recording his intention: ‘This stone, originally erected by Robert Burns, has been repaired at the charges of Robert Louis Stevenson and is by him re-dedicated to the memory of Robert Fergusson as a gift of one Edinburgh lad to another.' 

In a letter to Alexander Balloch Grosart - Stevenson writes touchingly about both Fergusson and Burns: 'We are three Robins (Roberts), who have touched the Scots lyre in this last century. Well the one is the world’s, he did it and the other, ah, what bonds we have! Born in the same city, both sickly both pestered - one nearly to madness and one to the madhouse, both seeing the stars and the moon and wearing shoe-leather on the same ancient stones.’

Today, Fergusson is held in high regard in Scottish literary circles. Most of you who have visited Edinburgh may very well have seen his statue outside the Kirkyard. 

                                               From The Daft Days

                                Auld Reikie! thou’rt the canty hole,

                                     A bield for many caldrife soul,

                                     Wha snugly at thine ingle loll,

                                          Baith warm and couth,

                                 While round they gar the bicker roll

                                             To weet their mouth.

Now I know those that may have ventured into the Kirkyard and seen this grave will know about the story, or perhaps you have read one of my previous posts about the three Roberts, I like to liven my posts up rather than just let you read the same moosh time after time, so I have added the fourth Robert to this tale, Robert Gairloch, a twentieth century Scottish poet and translator. His poetry was written almost exclusively in the Scots language, he was another native of Edinburgh, in 1962 he visited the grave and was to reflect that ‘here Robert Burns knelt and missed the mool’ [clay] this is what he wrote. 

                                   At Robert Fergusson’s grave

                              Canongait Kirkyaird in the failing year
                            is auld and grey, the wee rosiers are bare,
                              five gulls leam white agin the dirty air:
                  why are they here?  There’s naething for them here.

                         Why are we here oursels?  We gaither near
                     the grave.  Fergusons mainly, quite a fair turn-out,
                                  respectfu, ill at ease, we stare
                      at daith - there’s an address - I canna hear.

                           Aweill, we staund bareheidit in the haar,
                           murnin a man that gaid back til the pool
                         twa-hunner year afore our time.  The glaur

              that haps his banes glowres back.  Strang, present dool
                        ruggs at my hairt.  Lichtlie this gin ye daur:
                      here Robert Burns knelt and kissed the mool.

Now other poets have taken the pilgrimage to our relatively unknown makars grave, Sorley MacLean and  Hugh MacDiarmid, to name but two, but they’re not called Robert so that’s the end of this post. 

The Old Royal High School

From Canongate Kirkyard, looking over to the old Royal High on Regent Road. Also if you look to The Nelson Monument, notice the ball on top, this ties in with my post earlier, it tells you, without a clock in the photo that this was taken before 1pm as at 1 the gun goes off at the Castle and that ball drops.

Hi troops, I uploaded the first interview during the 24hr fundraiser for TIE.

John Nicolson is a former MP and was the first high profile BBC news presenter to come out as gay.

He also championed a Turing Bill in Westminster, which would have pardoned every single man alive or dead who had previously been given a criminal record for crimes related to being homosexual.

Unfortunately, as you can expect from the Tories, they filibustered the bill but luckily the Scottish government passed the same legislation at the Scottish Parliament shortly after.