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for Whew! Watch your tone today. If personal space is what you need, simply communicate that with others. Others can not read your mind. On a positive note, your intuition is on point, and you're getting a wish fulfilled today.

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fixed it ✌🏻


Had my first lesson today on how to facet a solid object from #robertstephan …. I know I will be hanging around in this area for a long time as there is so much uncharted waters here in this area of coldworking ….. #colorblind #scorpio #artist #steven #michael with #synesthesia #sensory #asheville #insta #instagram #instaartist #instapic #eye #candy #bling

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Christmas Gifts

Aries: A Luxurious fur coat

Taurus: A small expensive bag

Gemini: Tequila bottle

Cancer: Concert Tickets

Leo: Packs of cigarettes

Virgo: Thongs & Dildos

Libra: a Rifle

Scorpio: Fun Socks

Sagittarius: Packs of condoms

Capricorn: A bag of weed

Aquarius: Airplane Tickets

Pisces: A rare breed puppy

Scorpio Cancer Aries

Scorpio Cancer Aries if you’ve been dating and relying on oLd ways/vibes/locations to keep your partnEr(s) interested; It might be time to choose one and rely on your INTUITION to make the final decision. Meaning if you And your Partner been doing the “Same ole same ole” ditch those spots and find new Places. Bring neW people into your Social circles.

Dating – 1 D The World Card

What you will obtain: bringing in multiple tens and energy that can eventually carry you towards whateVer way will lead you to victory, satisFaction, knowledge, & completIon. In some form or another. This could be the decision you finally make which others may approve of in the long run,”ultimately”. Family could have their claws or ears in Your relationship if they see faces that aRen’t matching the energy you vocalized you felt was your neXt step. Seasons coming up and this will be the nEw way of how you start your sun cYcle! Get freSh and be louder.

Sex & Romance – “Standing Up & Question Mark”

This could implicate you know what yoU have been seeking deeply. Longing to try and experience, especially with your main bAbe/boo or chosen one. Its calling you to have upper physical strength, they neeD to be Held up. Or even a signal to do Positive affirmations to them. Bring words of high value and vocalize your loving caring energy towards them.

Singles – Chakra Area of Focus: to fall in your soulmate or new social circle.

Ears. This could indicate listening to your body more. Do you wait to speak with people or is of what you have to say more VALUABLE. Do you carry the room with your message of belief or are you sending energy of distrUst TOWARDS your heart. Whatever you hear Effects your world/MANIFESTATIONS. Use a gentle voice. Change your voice tone.

Who to Adore, Avoid, Advise/Advice:

Adore: virgo 

Avoid: scorpio 

Advice/Advise: Gemini

How Dysfunctional is the Sun & Moon

Aries Aries: 15

Aries Taurus: 25

Aries Gemini: 45

Aries Cancer: 75

Aries Leo: 20

Aries Virgo: 60

Aries Libra: 50

Aries Scorpio: 90

Aries Sagittarius: 40

Aries Capricorn: 65

Aries Aquarius: 55

Aries Pisces: 35


Taurus Aries: 50

Taurus Taurus: 1

Taurus Gemini: 35

Taurus Cancer: 5

Taurus Leo: 25

Taurus Virgo: 20

Taurus Libra: 15

Taurus Scorpio: 80

Taurus Sagittarius: 40

Taurus Capricorn: 30

Taurus Aquarius: 45

Taurus Pisces: 10


Gemini Aries: 10

Gemini Taurus: 35

Gemini Gemini: 5

Gemini Cancer: 45

Gemini Leo: 15

Gemini Virgo: 30

Gemini Libra: 20

Gemini Scorpio: 80

Gemini Sagittarius: 40

Gemini Capricorn: 65

Gemini Aquarius: 25

Gemini Pisces: 50


Cancer Aries: 50

Cancer Taurus: 1

Cancer Gemini: 55

Cancer Cancer: 5

Cancer Leo: 25

Cancer Virgo: 10

Cancer Libra: 35

Cancer Scorpio: 40

Cancer Sagittarius: 20

Cancer Capricorn: 60

Cancer Aquarius: 30

Cancer Pisces: 15


Leo Aries: 5

Leo Taurus: 45

Leo Gemini: 15

Leo Cancer: 35

Leo Leo: 1

Leo Virgo: 50

Leo Libra: 20

Leo Scorpio: 90

Leo Sagittarius: 10

Leo Capricorn: 55

Leo Aquarius: 40

Leo Pisces: 25


Virgo Aries: 55

Virgo Taurus: 1

Virgo Gemini: 30

Virgo Cancer: 10

Virgo Leo: 40

Virgo Virgo: 5

Virgo Libra: 35

Virgo Scorpio: 45

Virgo Capricorn: 15

Virgo Aquarius: 45

Virgo Pisces: 20


Libra Aries: 50

Libra Taurus: 65

Libra Gemini: 5

Libra Cancer: 55

Libra Leo: 25

Libra Virgo: 15

Libra Libra: 1

Libra Scorpio: 10

Libra Sagittarius: 30

Libra Capricorn: 40

Libra Aquarius: 20

Libra Pisces: 35


Scorpio Aries: 35

Scorpio Taurus: 55

Scorpio Gemini: 30

Scorpio Cancer: 15

Scorpio Leo: 50

Scorpio Virgo: 25

Scorpio Libra: 20

Scorpio Scorpio: 1

Scorpio Sagittarius: 45

Scorpio Capricorn: 40

Scorpio Aquarius: 60

Scorpio Pisces: 5


Sagittarius Aries: 15

Sagittarius Taurus: 35

Sagittarius Gemini: 20

Sagittarius Cancer: 15

Sagittarius Leo: 5

Sagittarius Virgo: 40

Sagittarius Libra: 30

Sagittarius Scorpio: 65

Sagittarius Sagittarius: 1

Sagittarius Capricorn: 55

Sagittarius Aquarius: 25

Sagittarius Pisces: 10


Capricorn Aries: 65

Capricorn Taurus: 5

Capricorn Gemini: 35

Capricorn Cancer: 10

Capricorn Leo: 55

Capricorn Virgo: 15

Capricorn Libra: 30

Capricorn Scorpio: 40

Capricorn Sagittarius: 50

Capricorn Capricorn: 1

Capricorn Aquarius: 25

Capricorn Pisces: 20


Aquarius Aries: 25

Aquarius Taurus: 35

Aquarius Gemini: 10

Aquarius Cancer: 50

Aquarius Leo: 30

Aquarius Virgo: 55

Aquarius Libra: 1

Aquarius Scorpio: 65

Aquarius Sagittarius: 20

Aquarius Capricorn: 50

Aquarius Aquarius: 5

Aquarius Pisces: 15


Pisces Aries: 45

Pisces Taurus: 5

Pisces Gemini: 35

Pisces Cancer: 10

Pisces Leo: 30

Pisces Virgo: 15

Pisces Libra: 25

Pisces Scorpio: 25

Pisces Sagittarius: 40

Pisces Capricorn: 30

Pisces Aquarius: 20

Pisces Pisces: 1

Lower is less dysfunctional

Jupiter in Scorpio ~ Friday Series

Only 2 years since the Jupiter visited constellation of Scorpio ~ so you might remember some events that marked that period. Observing is also learning, and especially now when Jupiter on the sky entered Capricorn (2nd December), we should turn the knowledge (gained through not-so-pleasant experience!) into wisdom.

In 2017, when the Jupiter was in Scorpio, we have witnessed to a rise of #metoo movement, which (interestingly enough) first started on social media in 2006 (source). October of 2006 was also a period of Jupiter transiting Scorpio.

So what do we have on the menu?

Revealing secrets, digging up (forgotten) dirt, entering dark caves (individually & as a collective), (ab)use of power, money and sex. 

Jupiter in Scorpio will enhance all these topics and bring it up for examination ~ under the magnifying glass / the public eye ~ is exactly his manner.


What is growing? Introspection and the need for same ~ especially during and after these kind of revelations. Depth and strength of emotions. Hunger for power, and the compensations for the same ~ money, excessive spending, showing off status, escaping from the feelings of emptiness via taking too much of everything. Scorpio is the sign of releasing the energy, be it by giving the best out of yourself, examining the depths of human soul and emotion, being completely engaged in LIFE, be it orgasm as a form of released energy, be it death as letting go of life and returning to the great beginning. 

Superficial & artificial compensation for the real thing will simply not be enough.

Growing interest in magic, mystery, taboo, occult, conspiracy theories…


Supportive aspects ~ psychological detective, being interested in mysteries, earning money through healing the trauma/visiting unpleasant places, successful divorce lawyers, investors, sexual magnetism, introspective nature, tendency for self-examination, revealing the secrets, solving the crimes, puzzles, problems, traumas…

Challenging aspects ~ abuse of power, money and sex, exchanging money for sex/power and vice versa, secretive, materialistic, growing in power on the account of others.

~ Astro Affairs

Just some observations…

Having Mars in Scorpio in the 2nd, people seem to not trust the things that I say, and they think I’m being harsh when I feel like I’m speaking regularly. Sometimes, the things that I say make people uncomfortable as well. My voice can be very loud or very soft. I can change the way that I sound easily.

The Signs as people I know

(It’s a long post again, I’m not good at summarizing things :/)

♈ Aries: My godmother. Omg, she’s an incredible person. She is very talented in both singing and crafting jewelry. Pretty athletic and has a healthy lifestyle. Energetic, likes traveling, doesn’t let small things upset her. Actually very good with kids. Doesn’t give up easily on people she cares about.

♉ Taurus: My uncle. Okay, he’s really cool imo. Chill (like really chill) and laid back. Again, healthy lifestyle. Has a routine so he has his life together. Doesn’t deal with other people’s crap. Loves travelling. Very good at cooking. Knows a lot about other cultures. Sarcasm at its finest.

♊ Gemini: My cousin A/M. Really outgoing. Has a preference for the more glamorous/expensive things (like clothes, makeup, food ect). Quite elegant. Enjoys spending time with her friends. Very friendly and bubbly, but if she’s mad, she’s not the same person. Tries her best to make everyone happy.

♋ Cancer: My friend E. Kinda quiet but pretty outgoing. Really nice to others, cares a lot about her close friends. Always there to comfort others when they are feeling down. Always tries to overlook the bad traits of someone and focus on the positive side, even if they make her angry/upset. Honestly way too nice, we don’t deserve her.

♌ Leo: My friend K. Very outgoing. Always friendly. May not be that popular in school but a lot of people outside of school know her. Lots of friends. Quite charismatic. Super supportive, cares a lot about those who are close to her. Party animal. Overall a really lovely person.

♍ Virgo: My grandma. Perfectionist. Quite strict about a lot of things but always helps out when we’re having a problem. Will not sleep before she has cleaned up/organised papers or other items. Has knowledge on multiple subjects so helps me and my brother out when studying. Always cheers for us and rewards us after a big success.

♎ Libra: My cousin T. I love her to pieces. She is so kind to everyone and rarely stays mad to someone for a long time (really forgiving). Lowkey shy/awkward with strangers. Also lowkey indecisive when we go shopping. Very independent. Highkey lowkey a living meme. Pretty funny. One of the best people to have conversations with at 4AM instead of sleeping.

♏ Scorpio: My friend N. Mysterious and quiet. Determined and strong-willed. Hard working and punctual. Will quietly judge you if you say something stupid. Doesn’t talk much but has lots of great ideas. Another perfectionist, but she’s really motivating.

♐ Sagittarius: My cousin M/A. Independent. Always strives for success. Doesn’t give up and tries again if she thinks she could be doing better at something. Pretty organized, has a healthy balance between studying/working and going out with her friends. She also finds ways to make studying easier and fun. A little dramatic at times but who cares lol. Really good to children, she’s very patient. She’s pretty much like a best friend who will keep you in track but also remind you to have fun in life.

♑ Capricorn: My English teacher. Super motivating. Hard working, responsible, always helps out others. Always offers advice and listens to our problems. Sarcastic remarks are a way of showing affection. Actually pretty funny. Patient with everyone.

♒ Aquarius: My mom. Surprisingly not as weird as it’s commonly believed. Quite impatient about a few things. Likes extravagant/more luxurious things. Takes life very seriously. Always there when you need a second opinion. A lot of tea to spill. Great sense of fashion. Very classy.

♓ Pisces: My childhood friend. Really fun and very creative and artistic. One of the funiest people I’ve met. Lots of ideas, knows about a lot of things. Another living meme. Lowkey a pervert to the point where I tell him to shut up every 5 minutes. Friendly tho. Introvert, me and my other friends have to beg him to hang out with us outside. Somehow the least clingy/touchy Pisces I’ve met (Marty I’m scared).


Sometimes I’m having so much fun writing a scene that I forget I was supposed to be finishing it quickly so I can have my main character move on to the next point of the plot. What the hell. This was suppose to be a two-paragraph summary of a meeting before Loke leaves to visit his guild mates like wtf brain stop getting ideas.

(But I’m having a ton of fun lol I love this)

Wisdom of the Signs

ARIES- Everything that is yours is waiting on you and you don’t need anyone to get it for you. You are self-sustainable and no one can come in between your relationship with yourself. You are a whole universe within one being.

TAURUS- There is strength in loyalty. There is strength in consistency. Gentleness comes in great abundance and appropriate timing.

GEMINI- The willingness to explore and learn new things will carry you through the ups and downs of life.

CANCER- Whatever you are feeling will come to pass. Trust whatever leaves a mark as a powerful indication of where you should go. This may come with confusion, but your discernment of mind is enough to carve through.

LEO- The sun shines brightly for you and passes on its gifts to enrich you on this path. Let it see you.

VIRGO- All things in moderation, including moderation. The preservation of good things will greet you when you least expect and need it the most. Work now, play later, be grateful.

LIBRA- It is a joy to be able to have the best of all worlds. You can’t have it all at once, but you are worthy enough to have what you need when you need it. If you cycle through, you won’t know the difference.

SCORPIO- You have to make the most of what you see and feel the best way you know how. Having that trust in yourself will bring the most to you in any circumstance.

SAGITTARIUS- The world is your oyster and it has almost everything to offer. Just reach out and grab it.

CAPRICORN- Nothing worth having is ever earned easily. What you ask of yourself will have an equivalent reward. And yes, it is worth having.

AQUARIUS- Humanity is the shared experience of being unlike anyone else in the world. Find worth in the rarity of which you were both.

PISCES- If you ever wonder if there’s more to this seemingly meaningless experience, remember that it is above, below, and right in between the mundane pages of your story.

I could chase darkness for eternity, if I wanted. I could close my eyes and see nothing. Miles and miles of emptiness. A void; an endless poison. If I wanted, I could pull all of the petals off of all of the roses and pretend they were always going to rot that way. Sometimes, though. Sometimes, I see my chaos before I let it destroy me. I watch my fog slip over what may have been a perfect day and wonder why I must denigrate nearly everything that surrounds. I wonder why my shadow stands dark and looming or if it even does. If I’m belittling even myself with this stupid muddle of words. Let me know.
—  t.s.