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90% of organizations have created a formal distribution strategy, yet only about half have extensively implement it. by APQC

90% of organizations have created a formal distribution strategy, yet only about half have extensively implement it.

GREAT to see more and more brands moving in business directions! Lego unveils sustainable bricks made from sugarcane as brand continues eco overhaul via

GREAT to see more and more brands moving in business directions! Lego unveils sustainable bricks made from sugarcane as brand continues eco overhaul via

GREAT to see more and more brands moving in business directions! Lego unveils sustainable bricks made from sugarcane as brand continues eco overhaul via

GREAT to see more and more brands moving in business directions! Lego unveils sustainable bricks made from sugarcane as brand continues eco overhaul via

GREAT to see more and more brands moving in business directions! Lego unveils sustainable bricks made from sugarcane as brand continues eco overhaul via

GREAT to see more and more brands moving in business directions! Lego unveils sustainable bricks made from sugarcane as brand continues eco overhaul via

GREAT to see more and more brands moving in business directions! Lego unveils sustainable bricks made from sugarcane as brand continues eco overhaul via

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The force of her light

*Starting in Krioff main story ep 9*


The exhausting pain stabs my heart, “AH!” I never felt pain like this, so I never understood this. “NG…H!” My body was on fire, it was tempting to drain my life force. Was the dark king really desperate for my powers?


“Krioff! Use your divine power! You may be able to save her! Destroy the mark! ” Dui yells as he sees the state of sweat dripping down my forehead, and me screaming.

“No!” He refused.

“Dui! Her life is in trouble! She dies then we might die too!” Partheno added, as he saw Krioff refused.

“…..Wai..” I groaned, holding back a scream. I.. have powers too. if I can…no, I have to do it—I needed too. I had to release every source of power inside me.

I have released half of my powers saving the 6 sinned gods, sourcing my half-true form. However… if I turned into my ultimate true form would I…? Cause earth to destruction? Krioff.. is named ‘the God of Destruction’. If I remember, one of my blurriest memories.. I was in my true form once.. could my true divine form.. possibly destroy this mark?

Turning my head to Huedhaut, I mouth out “I’m doing it.” Using minimum energy, I teleport away from the crowds of the gods. “No! You might end up destroying yourself!” Huedhaut said, in panic.

“Hued… I can do this…” I moaned, in pain as it kept increasing. Without knowing a clue how to connect to my true-form, I began to punch my heart attempting to give my own body a sign: that I needed this NOW.


I am doing this for Krioff. So.. So… he won’t see himself as the God of Destruction..The real ‘God of Destruction’ is… Me.

AAAAAHHHHHHHH!” My blood begins to furiously bubble, my veins starts to burn, my heart is pumping in a fast speed.

Krioff, I am going to show you. That you aren’t full of Destruction.

I’m going to prove.. my love to you. I..


My hair begins to grow lengthy, turning white, skin turning white along.

I am pure nothingness.;but I am Destruction and a threat to this world.

This world can not hold my powers. As I am.. the strongest person,god, a thing to wield such… tremendous, dangerous powers.

The living room light begins to flickers, the sound of glass breaking, earth shaking at the returning arrival of… The Goddess of Fate.

Originally posted by glasnica-smrti

“Krioff….” the dark energy that was damping my powers begins to fade away. Standing up, my body is covered in white, hair flowing elegantly with static. I.. am not a human. This earth disgraced me from being one, so as my form is glitched, I know the heavens will accept me.

“My Lord…” I called out to him, offering my glowing hand. “…..” his mouth open agape, eyes wide. “I’ll shall serve you to the end.” I am a independent thing, but I want to stay with him.

“……” he doesn’t say anything in return, as I gracefully grab his hand, and lean down and kiss his hand.

“My body, powers, is all yours. My lord.”

A soft smile arises on my face.

“…..” even the other gods are shocked.

“We have…” Leon and Scorpio burst into the living room, Scorpio pauses as he sees my true form. “W..” just as the others, he says nothing. “Heh,” I softly laugh, “My Lords, me and Krioff shall destroy the dark king.”

Stilling holding onto his hand, I bow gracefully.

Then, we both disappear with a trace of a white light.

The Walk Home

Krioff x Reader

“Dui that presentation was amazing!” You smiled, jumping into your fiance’s friends arms as he comes out of the lobby of the planetarium. “Even if it wasn’t relevant to the event, it was still completely fantastic!” You said. “Thank you, ______.” Dui blushes but returns your hug. Krioff walks out behind him and links his hand with yours as the three of you head out to the parking lot. “I literally was on the edge of my seat the entire time. You know so much about the meteor shower.” You continued talking to Dui as you walked home.

Dui laughs. “You’re too sweet. Seriously, I just know a lot about the stars.” You turned to look at him, “You had all of the attention especially from the ladies!” You laugh. Dui smiled bashfully, “Well I wish that was the case. But as it is, I’ll probably end up at the mansion alone.” He chuckles.

“Oh, Dui.” You chide pushing his shoulder slightly. “Isn’t there a party in the heavens tonight? You’ll be able to pick up a goddess in seconds.” Dui laughed at your comment, “You’d think so! But probably not.” You looked at Dui closely before an idea hit you. “You need to let loose a little! You always go to parties and just sit there. Here, come here.” You pull him towards you and unbutton the top two buttons of his shirt. You pull off his tie and ruffle his hair a little. “There, you’re completely sexy. Go have a drink, dance with a pretty goddess, work that Gemini charm that’s totally hot.” He blushes and nods before giving you a hug and snapping his fingers, disappearing into the night.

You turn to Krioff. He doesn’t say a word as you walk down the street. “He’s so cute. He really needs to have more confidence in himself. He could sleep with any girl if he wanted to.” You say, squeezing Krioff’s hand. Krioff doesn’t respond and you look over at him, confused. “When we get home wanna make some popcorn and watch a movie?” You ask. “Whatever.” Krioff says roughly. “Hey, what’s wrong?” You ask, rubbing his arm with your hand. He jerks it away from you and you pull back. What the hell is his problem?

The rest of the walk is silent until you get to the apartment. Krioff walks quickly, heading inside without even waiting for you to join him. “Okay, seriously Krioff. What the hell is your problem?” You snap, shutting the door behind you. “Are you fucking kidding me?” He asks from the kitchen. “No! Why the hell are you so pissed off at me?” You question him. “Would you sleep with him?” He asks.

“Would I sleep with who?” You asked, confused. “Dui!” He yells. You jump slightly at his raised voice. “Why would you even think that? Of course I wouldn’t!” You say. “Oh, so that’s why you ran your hands all over him and stroked his ego. Called him sexy and told him his Gemini charm is hot. That’s why you said he could sleep with any woman he wants.” Krioff was now standing in the doorway and his cold glare was intense. “Yeah, he could! Any single woman would sleep with him. But I’m not single. I’m with you!” You explained.

“Barely.” He mutters. “What do you mean barely?” You growl. “I mean you’re barely with me! Between my schedule in the heavens and your work we hardly ever see each other! Do you know how long it’s been since we’ve had sex? I’m so fuckin’ frustrated! We finally have a night together and you tell Dui he’s sexy and then turn around and ask if I want to watch a movie? No I don’t want to watch a movie! I want to fuck you in every god damn position imaginable!”

You take a step back, your eyebrows raised in surprise. You guess between your projects at work and the increase in punishments you’ve both been so busy lately. You hadn’t realized how separate your lives have been. “Kri-” You start. He cuts you off by crossing the room and smashing his lips onto yours. His hands grasp at whatever part of your body they can and you feel him tearing your clothing off of you.

Before you know it, Krioff has you pinned against the wall. You’re both naked and he’s attacking your neck with his lips, no doubt leaving a mess of hickeys for you to have to try to cover up in the morning. “I need you, ______.” He growls. Recognizing the desperation in his voice, you quickly drop to your knees. You wrap your lips around his tip and suck his whole length into your mouth. He groans and grabs at your hair. You pump him in and out a couple times, feeling him grow to his full length. Leaving a trail of spit from his tip to your mouth, you pull back and stand, grabbing his arm and dragging him to the couch. You lay down and Krioff hovers over you, his eyes filled with lust.

“Fuck me.” You beg. You don’t have to ask twice and he rams himself into you, both of you groaning at the feeling you’ve been missing out on for so long. His thrusts quickly build until he’s slamming himself into you with such force you’re afraid he’s going to break the couch. The only sounds are the slapping of your skin against each other and your collective moans and grunts. Krioff picks your hips up and angles them so he can bury himself even deeper inside you. Parts of your body light up like they’ve never been touched before, and you feel yourself quickly reaching your release. “Oh fuck!” You gasp. “Oh fuck me harder!”

He does as you ask. He doesn’t give up, continuously pounding into you. You begin to squirm under him, desperately trying to reach your breaking point. You find it and let go, screaming his name and digging your nails into his back. He continues to pound you, more frantic than ever. Your entire body is clenched since he isn’t letting you come down from your high and you immediately get hit with a second orgasm, this time pulling him with you. He lets out a moan and fills you with his cum, his body shaking. You lay there cuddling on the couch with him still inside you, allowing your bodies to return to normal.

“I’m sorry I’ve been so distant.” You say, running your fingernails along his back. “It’s okay. I’ve been distant, too.” He responds, kissing your shoulder. “And I’m sorry for telling Dui he’s sexy. You know I think you’re the sexiest.” You grin at him. He glares at you. “Let’s not talk about him while my dick is still inside you?” You can hear the irritation in his voice and you chuckle, “You know what I think is funny?” You ask. He kissed your neck softly and you kept talking, “You got sooo jealous that I called him sexy. Did you actually ignore me the entire walk home just because I said his Gemini charm is hot?”

Krioff pulls back, slipping out of you. “You seriously have to talk about this right after we fucked?” He growls. “What? I’m serious! You got jealous!” Krioff was blushing now. “Of course I got jealous! Here you are telling Dui how great he is?” You frown a little, realizing your mistake. “Well you’re by far the greatest thing to ever happen to me and the sexiest. You, Krioff, are one of a kind. You’re an amazing god, a fantastic person, your smile lights up my day, and you’re perfect in bed.”

He blushes and looks away and you know everything is back to normal again. He begins softly kissing your neck again. “I want to be buried inside you again.” He whispers in your ear. You smile and sit up, straddling his legs. His finger swipes between your folds and you wrap your hand around his cock, pumping him a few times. You line yourself up and lean down, giving him a hot, passionate kiss. “I love you, Krioff.” You say. “I love you too, _____.” He responds before lowering your hips down.

  • Taxolouve: So how was the restaurant?
  • Teorus: Why are you being weird?
  • Leon: Karno and I kissed.
  • Taxolouve: WHAT?
  • Leon: To keep our cover from being blown, we didn't have a choice.
  • Teorus: Tell me everything!
  • Karno: Teo, it was just a kiss, okay? It was for work, it was nothing.
  • Taxolouve: Yeah, who cares about a kiss? Call me if you grab each other's asses.

The Gods Talking to Their Kids


Teorus: Did you just wipe a booger on your sister?

Dui: In what realm did you think standing on the rolling chair would work?

Karno: The stork!

Leon: *after his kid says he thinks they’re irritating* I have never said that out loud

Partheno: I’d love to tell you where babies come from, but you’re only 4.

Zyglavis: I’m not talking to you until you put underwear on.

Scorpio: You touched the hot stove? Bet you won’t do that shit again, will you?

Tauxolouve: You’re my poodernoodle!

Aigonorous: I will give you the whole pack of Chips Ahoy if you let me sleep.

Huedhaut: No, you can’t stick your fingers in the socket…..oh, now I’m the bad guy.

Ichthys: Look, as hilarious as it sounds, mom will get mad if you stick coins in your butthole.

The God’s Causes of Death


Leon: Was jerking off to pictures of himself and overdosed on orgasm

Karno: Being so nice that his heart got hella big and busted a blood vessel in his chest, causing internal bleeding

Teorus: Accidentally shots himself in the foot and survived, but then panicked and died of a heart attack

Huedhaut: Was trying to proof that you can accidentally shot yourself dead

Aigonorus: Was hit by reality so hard he was dead on impact

Taxolouve: Literally drowned in pussy and couldn’t swim


Zyglavis: Performing in the shower, slipped on a Pantene bottle and died of embarrassment in front of his invisible crowd

Scorpio: Made a compliment which got stuck in his throat and let him choke to death.

Dui: Overthinking and finding out YOLO was in the dictionary

Ichthys: Died whilst making a list of the ‘Top 10 funniest ways to die’

Partheno: Dick exploded, left three dead, one in critical condition

Krioff: Rolled his eyes so hard they got stuck and he couldn’t see that car coming