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Dui: You always see the worst in people.

Scorpio: Yeah, because people are the worst.

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The Generation Unafraid Soilder Maiden

Chapter 1


“” “” =flashbacks


“So there has been a heaven rebellion in the heavens huh?”

“Indeed, from the reports, it seem that as the whole 12 zodiac gods we need to make our next moves to protect the heavens.” Zyglavis replies back to Leon.

(A rebellion…? Huh….)

“If that rebellion group starts attacking, should we attack back?” Partheno questions in the droopy-tense air. “If we must.” Huedhuat replied with a serious face.

“Will this be ugly..?” Dui questions. “Somethin’ like a battle or war. Depending though.” Scorpio replies anxious. That is right, he was a human that was forced to do things he didn’t want to do.

(But…the word “battle” brings me so much back of my…)

(3rd point of view.)

“Captain Holgins! T-there’s a m-monster!T-that child! Took down half..of your infantry unit you re-requested…” a girl with blood-stained hands, panting heavily, Holgins does not know what to say with the terrible sight.

With soldiers silently staring at their injured reinforcements unit laying on the floor with terrible injuries, a girl, a tiny girl; breathing heavily holding a knife. She’s covered in blood and drenched.

“Wh-what the…” Those words, came from the surprise captain. It was were the day where the Japan officials team were planning a surprise attack against the Japan anti-peace team in Japan.

About 100,000 men’s or women were in the anti-peace team. It was a special mission that the Captain Holgins decided to do, where to find out their headquarters and perhaps bomb them, to lure them out and capture them.

The Nagarzari Secret Mission.

Things didn’t go as planned as he requested some infantry reinforcements. The girl, the girl who was a child, took down all of those helpful reinforcements. That one girl has taken down a whole group of skillful men’s.

“Child…” Captain Holgins doesn’t know what to say, afraid and freighted by her. The child slowly turns her heads towards Captain Holgins. Her brown doll eyes stares at his; then Captain eyes goes down towards her blood-stained hands and her blade that is dripping down with blood.

“Please put down your blade.” Holgins ordered her. The child didn’t hesitate to do so, and obeyed his order. “Who are you?” He question, as he got closer to the child; avoiding to step on the heavily-injured soldiers.

“__.” That is all what the child said. ___. It seemed like that was her name. “…___, what exactly are you doing here?” Holgins questions again, but this time, asking in a different manner. But this time, the child didn’t answer no more. Then a brilliant idea struck the Captain’s mind, ‘if she was to able to take down an whole group, perhaps…could she take down many more?’ The Captain question in his mind.

“___, do you have a family?” But the Captain didn’t like the idea of a young girl being in the military despite her young appearance. The little girl didn’t say anything, like she didn’t know the word ‘family.’ So then the Captain decided to put her up for adoption, when suddenly, “Captain Holgins WERE UNDER ATTACK!” One of the soldier shouted.

The Captain quickly looked back behind his back, and Instantly guns sounds were echoing, and the by the time he looked back at the girl. It seemed like she has already found the side to be on, leaving him no choice to bring her in, in the Japan Officials.

As he desperately searches for the missing girl, he’s unable too until he heard terrorizing screams. “URAH! It’s a monster! RUNNN!” His eyes finally reaches on the child in action, she kicks a fleeing man abdomen, then she somehow—climbs herself on the mans neck and pierces her alreadyed-grabbed-dagger in his necks.

The child was beyond skilled—too terrifying. It seemed like there was no need for reinforcements after all with her here;she was a weapon that need to be secured tightly. After, 18 years later, she decided to be free;from the military. it’s not like the soldier maiden was done being a soldier.

She wanted to explore, other than being in trainings. The officials, that kept her name tightly bounded to stay away from history, agreed to finally let the “weapon” go.

(That’s right…I was a taken in the….)

“Goldfish,what exactly are you doing here? This is conversation is only for divine ears.” Leon snaps me back from reality. “A battlefield or a war,” my hands automatically clench together, “you guys will have a battlefield or a war?” I question again.

A desire to participate in this maybe battlefield or war just makes me want to…

“”Run away from the military…. and be—””

Captain voice imaginary voice echos in my ears as if it was a warning for something up, however ignoring that. I asked if I could participate. “I want to—“

“Lord Leon! The king is requesting all of you guys!!—oh..? Lady ____! Your here also, perfect timing! The king is requesting you also!” Just as my mouth moved, Vega interrupts me and Leon. “We shall be on our way then.” Leon says quietly, brushing me to the aside.


“As you can see, you’ll are all right. Apparently, there is a group of people turning their back on the Heavens.” The king shift his eyes towards each gods standing form. He continues to speak.

“We will not do violence, unless it is necessary. So please do not get provoke very easy,” The king eyes softly look towards Scorpio. “Tch..” Scorpio mutter under his breath, “However, I will allow someone to harm them, and protect you guys.”

The gods face fill with confusion, “protect us? Your highness, whatever do you mean?” Zyglavis question, nearly a frown appears on his face. “You’ll have a bodyguard. Just one.” The king smiles as he chuckles a little. “And that is?” Karno questions, peaking for a answering with interest.

The king eyes shift onto me, “Her.” gracefully pointing his finger towards me. The gods mouth open in amazed, “Her!?Why?!” Krioff outburst, shocked. “What can this goldfish do?” Leon question, confused and cement face of disgust.

“She’s a soldier maiden,” the king smiles, “Really…? I thought you were going to assign us to some sexy goddess…” Teorus cocks his in disappointment. (Teorus…is that all you can think about..?) “A soldier maiden? Your highness, please do not joke around.” Huedhuat looks straightly at the king with a serious expression. “I believe I’m not incorrect, she is in fact one. Am I right ___?”

The gods turns their attention towards me awaiting for my response. “I am one. This is the truth.” Completely being honest, I stare directly at the gods eyes, each and one of them. “Since you were a child.” The king mischievously add. “Y-you were a child soldier?” Scorpio stutters, in incomplete shock.

(This..must be painful for Scorpio, forgive me.) “Correct.” Not disagreeing nor lying, I be honest about my past. “__, I’m assigning you a order. Your order is to protect the 12 zodiac gods,” The king smiles, this brings me back a memory back when I was in war. When..Captain Holgins… gave me orders and…

“”Run! __! Run—““

“Understood?” The king noticing my lack of attention towards him. “Understood.” Remembering my service during the military I salute him. “Very well than, here have this.” The king snaps his fingers, and a bracelet appears on my wrist. “……”

“That bracelet is a anti-magical, it will protect you when gods try to use their powers on you. After all.. you do like orders, if my memories serve me right.”

“”Stop listening to orders __! I know your human! Just like me! You scared aren’t you?! Scared of me?!——“”

“I…” mumbling, and confused. I don’t respond back. (Captain Holgins…..)

“Hpmh…” the king glares down at me, “very well, since you aren’t answering back, I expect you to protect them from the bottom of your soul, and perhaps if any harm comes to any of the zodiac gods…you’ll shall kill.. or injury.. the idiot who did it.” The king twistly smiles as he says those last words, “your highness your taking it way to far.” Zyglavis coughs, bring back that the rest of the 12 zodiac gods are still presence.

““Will you continue to do it? To kill?——“”

“I…..” ( whether the king is tempting me, the more he does the more…the more… I remember my childhood… Captain Hol—)

“You may all leave.” The king smiles kicking all of us out;also breaking me off my cloudy thoughts. We all leave, and head to the living room.

“You were a soldier, and you haven’t told any of us?” Leon is mad. “I didn’t think it was—“ responding I get cut off, “I thought we were all close with you.” Partheno sharply cuts in. “I didn’t think you would hide your childhood from us.” Krioff also adds with a hit of disappointment.

(Why are you all ganging up on me?) “despite all of the years we spent… I don’t know ____… I-no… you hid all those scars and you let us take advantage of that.” Dui sadly looks away. “He’s right…” Karno agrees. “If you were a soldier..why didn’t you tell all of us before the king told us?” Aigonorus who seemly stayed awake, looks at me disappoint.

“____… if you would have told us earlier.. maybe we wouldn’t have said some cruel things to you…” Ichthys, who isn’t pranking nor smiling, is looking sadly down at the floor. “But it is fine! I do not care what you guys say about me!” Speaking up, the gods look away from me.

“I believe.. at this moment…you should just step away for a moment…please.” Zyglavis lastly ends.

““Do you not understand?! How much I care for you?! I-I—“”

A weird aching pain linger my chest,


  • Zyglavis to Ichthys: Don't talk out loud, you lower the IQ of the whole street

The God’s Heights

I realized that when you play through the stories, everyone seems like they are the same height but most of us know that is not the case. I decided to make a group pic from shortest to tallest so you all can visualize what the boys actually look like when they are standing around talking to one another.

The God’s Department Pictures

After the bidders here is my next piece - our precious zodiac gods in her divine form! Aren’t they just absolutly gorgeous?! 😍😍😍 I made some minor changes as a few of them (mostly punishments) look way to scary 😄



screencap meme ➢ teen wolf + hands

Ichtys boi 


Don’t know when…

I’ll be writing again. I do have continuations in mind for both my SCM and KBTBB multi page fics. Unfortunately got another set back and declined for another job. For many that is probably par for the course, but keep in mind my high functioning aspergers diagnosis along with the depression. Let’s just say mood plummeted so not really in the mood. But I promise it’s just a hiatus and not planning on quitting all together. Sorry and also thank you for understanding.

Krioff: Why are you in my room?

MC: I didn’t like the way Partheno was smiling at me while I was eating this popsicle.

Krioff: *casually closes and locks door* Tell me everything that happened…

Your welcome for this 

MC's love
  • Karno: I have to admit I'm impressed that you are able to leave hickeys on Leon.
  • MC: That are strangulation marks my dear Karno, strangulation marks.
The God’s Language Skills

This is just a small story I came up with in my holidays 😄 Hope you enjoy it!

Fandom: Star Crossed Myth

Character: Huedhaut, Taxolouve, Partheno, Scorpio, Ichthys

Contains: Humor

“Hello, I’m really happy to be here today and to get the possibility to talk personally to the some of the gods. My English is not perfect but I will try my best to translate all the questions I’ve got!”

"Well we speak every possible language, so if you are more familiar with another one, we could just switch?” Hue proposes in a friendly tone, presenting me his most handsome smile.

“Oh really? I always wondered what languages you could speak as we just get to see you talking in Japanese and English. Versteht ihr mich also auch so?“ I curiously ask in German.

„Tch, ‘türlich verstehen wir dich dummes Weib. Wir sprechen auch Deutsch.“ Scorpio scoffs in accent free German. He’s still rude, but what else did I expect?

„So so, my dear Scorpio, don’t be so disrespectful with our guest.” Huedhaut rebukes, still smiling at me.

“Enchanté mon cherie“ Taxolouve kneels down and gracefully kisses the back of my hand „Si vous désirée nous pouvons aussi change à la lounge de l’amour “ he purrs in the most charming French I’ve ever heard.  

Still a little flustered from that sensation that has aroused along my arm just by the touch of Lou’s lips I manage to gather myself again. «Y español?» I ask as my curiosity got piqued.

«Ayyy cariño, todo lo que quieres mi amor» Partheno replies with a sexy smirk, carefully moving his hands down my back. I swear not even the cheesiest line out of the best novela I could imagine would have catched the charm and the seductive tone Partheno was able to put in this simple sentence – not to speak of the tingling sensation which was spreading over my hole back.  

«I want too!» Ikky exclaims and smirks at me «ech wür dech sogar mit Mundart chönne verfüehre mini Hübsch» he winks at me, a boyish smirk on his handsome face. I burst out laughing when I hear Ikky flirting with me in perfect Swiss German.

“G-God you are all sooo adorable!” I reply, wiping away the tears from my laughter that have formed in the corner of my eyes. “T-Thank you so much guys b-but I think I’ll stick with English as I still need to practice more”

“Oh no problem, I’m sure we are all willing to help to improve your skills – in writing or oral” Partheno says with an alluring look. 

I let out a dry laugh not exactly sure how I should reply to his more than obvious flirting attempt. “Oh well, this is going to be a very interesting interview.” I think for myself as I let out a small sigh. 



German: “Tch, course we understand you stupid woman. We speak German.”

French: “Delighted to meet you my dear” / “If you wish we can also change to the language of love”

Spanish: “Ohhhh honey, everything you want my love.”

Swiss German: “I could even seduce you in Swiss German gorgoeus“


screencap meme ➢wanda maximoff + space

Partheno: Well this is awfully boring.

Zyglavis: Why don’t you try actually focusing on your paperwork like the rest of us?

Ichthys: Did you hear about the constipated mathematician? He worked his problem out with a pencil.

Partheno: ?

Ichthys: A number 2 pencil!

Zyglavis: ……

Partheno: How do you kill a blue elephant?

Scorpio: With a blue elephant gun

Partheno: How do you kill a pink elephant?

Scorpio: With a pink elephant gun?

Partheno: No, choke it till it turns blue then shoot it with the blue elephant gun.

Zyglavis: ….. *sighs*

Dui: What did the doctor say to the midget waiting in the lobby?

Dui: You’re just going to have to be a little patient.

Krioff: What did the boy with no arms and legs get for Christmas?

Krioff: Dunno, he still hasn’t opened his presents yet.

Zyglavis: ………………….

Scorpio: What’s white and can’t climb trees?

Scorpio: A refrigerator.

Zyglavis: Honestly……

Ichthys: Aww c'mon Ziggles! You HAAAAAVE to do one now! Back me up on this one Scorpy!

Scorpio: *glares at Ichthys* He won’t shut up till ya do. Just say'n.

Zyglavis: *sighs* What do you call an arrogant criminal going down the stairs?

Punishments: ??

Zyglavis: A condescending con descending.

MC: * exchanges a glance with Leon*

Leon: And you were going to choose Punishments.

Star Crossed Myth Ichthys Main Story Walkthrough

This will get you the blessed ending. Just choose options not on this list to get the forbidden ending.

What do you mean?
Sins? Like what?
What are you doing here?
Those were punishments?
Be quiet and listen
What should I say?
I wish you would’ve told me.
That was amazing!
I don’t know…
Don’t move
Good luck!
I was just admiring the view.
Ichthys didn’t tell you?
Hold hands
Is that all?
Because you’re smiling.
Remind me what that means.
Why would you say that?
I didn’t want you to die…
Can’t anything be done?
Look for Ichthys
I don’t mind.

I can’t help but blame you for my own failures, yet you should be the one blaming me (Dui SCM)

Guess who’s the thot back at it again? 

(Who also couldn’t come up with a decent poetic title. I tried.)  

Anyway, mey-meys aside, one thing I need to mention before we begin is that this little bit of descriptive drabble is more of my interpretation of the Dui and Shadow Du situation then anything else.This means things may not be 100% accurate, this is just my own go at it, so please be aware of that when reading.

However, I do still hope you enjoy reading this little bit of fanfiction in spite of this, I had fun writing it.

Yin and yang. It was the concept that good cannot live without evil and that evil cannot live without good. They were two sides of a coin that lived with a bit of each other in them.

It was a human concept, a goldfish’s leftover mumblings some might say.

But, if that was the case then that was what he was, a goldfish’s leftover mumbling. He couldn’t live without his other, as his other could not live without him. He lived with a bit of his other as he other lived with a bit of him.

It was a vicious cycle. They were both tumours to each others lives.

His other had locked onto his hand, not to ever let go. He were his lifeline and without it his other would cease. It hurt, his grip, as they held each other in a poisonous embrace that prickled like a roses thorns, but not quite as beautiful. Blood always drew fresh and bright with the scars painted on forever from the wounds of all he’d committed. The blood sometimes would flower into bright abominations when he closed his eye, them wrapping around his weathered heart and tightening more and more and more until he couldn’t breath and had to let go of himself.

Keep reading