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Siente el llamado de Dios y asiste mañana 17 de noviembre al en Casa Tlalpan a las 09:00 horas. ¡Te esperamos!

¿Te imaginas una fiesta infantil de otra galaxia? Nosotros te ayudamos a vivirla, conoce nuestros paquetes de fiestas infantiles. Informes en el link:

SmartERP Team at the /SmartERP Executive Supply Chain — Round Table Dinner in Miami. SCM managers from the region gathered to hear about SCM solutions and a Michigan State University Department of Supply Chain Management case study. #

E-retailers have highly complex challenges when it comes to shipping, labelling, inventory management and more. See how handles its to meet demanding needs of its sport customers. -- Watch here

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Starting 9th in Qualifying Race. Not everything went our way, but in Macau everything is possible. We have the speed! Startplatz 9 im Qualifying Race. Nicht alles ging glatt, aber in Macau alles möglich. Wir haben die Geschwindigkeit!

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Tauxolouve Drunk Texting MC

When Shit Goes Wrong With the Gods

Krioff: OH SHIT

Teorus: Lmao fuck my life

Dui: ……Oh

Karno: Might as well give up now.

Leon: Lol don’t care.


Zyglavis: *so stressed he’s calm*

Scorpio: Hahahahahahaaaaaa shit.

Tauxolouve: Life goes on

Aigonorous: What the actual fuck.

Huedhaut: *actually able to fix the problem*

Ichthys: *cries*


I laughed. I laughed like crazy. Too a point where I wanted to rip off my head. “You see! Pffhahahah!!” I couldn’t even talk, I just kept laughing.

I deceived the great Zodiac gods. They fell right into my palms. Expect Partheno. I chose him to protect me because he had the same scent as me. The scent of death. Which was quite amusing. He tried to put me onto his puppet strings but it turns he was the one on my strings. I laughed, as he in the hall of shame.

Though, the reason why I kept laughing was..When the time was right; that I… managed… to secure the remaining Zodiac gods into a room- the living room. And.. with just a flick of my wrist. The demons “I” resurrected, appeared from the shadows. I didn’t even need that weak demon help me at all. Demons are everywhere, they’re spirits that feed off of negativity and with just my powers I could easily resurrect them. Partheno is just a useless pawn who thinks highly of himself. Too depressed in his own pity.

As if I would care! I don’t give a shit about him. Nor, do I give a shit about the Heavens. Everyone has a dark secret and my “broken” desire wants to find out everyones. Because… life is just too boring.

“Huh…” I let out a sigh, bored out of my mind. I watched the demons “I” resurrected, throw the Zodiac gods into cells with a bracelet that I made to make sure that they won’t be able to use their powers; Basically, hehe, I used my “divine” magic to create the bracelet to suck out their divine powers and in exchange to give it to me.

“…?” I noticed a “demon” with pink hair.


“Partheno. How are you doing?” I raised my voice with a overly-fake happy face. “….” he raised his eyebrows seeing the sight of me, and quickly looked away, by ignoring my presence and walked past me. “Fufu…” I laughed, and turn on my heels to look at his back. “Aren’t you trying your best to resurrect him? Fufu..” I purposely said and he stopped walking.

“That is none of your business.” He spat out and walked away ignorantly. “Pfffhahaha…Ah-” I stop laughing , and realized that I had somewhere to go. I had to check up on him. A smirked rises on my face, and I walk where he is currently located.

Would you hate me if you knew what I did to him?

Would you hate me if I…. broke him?

Would you hate me.. if… I destroyed him?

Would you…. splattered and crush me like dried flower petals?

Would you?

I opened my private, secluded chamber.

And quickly shut the door.

“..!” His chains rattled onto the dusty floor. “Shhh…” I lowered my voices dangerously, my eyes begin to glow in the darkness. I opened the black curtains that kept the light out of this dark room. Feeling sluggish, I opened my blouse, exposing my soft, scarred chest, and picked up his limp head that was resting on the floor. With a smile I…..

“Fufu… Like I said before, I’ll make your army even stronger than before. Got that?” I placed his head onto my lower stomach and lowered my eyes to the broken Dark King.

“Just like I promised.”

A question for fellow Star-Crossed Myth fans

Since SCM is reviving their campaigns, I want to take the chances to earn some original images from buying the stories in their requirements. What campaign would be worth it?

I would love to earn original or chibi images and not those edited ones, and if it’s character-specific I would prefer Hue or Aigo so I’m really debating here. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Strange ‘Culture Club’

Ichthys: *singing Karma Chameleon*: 🎵 …. I’m a man who doesn’t know…🎵

Zyglavis: *looking at Ichthys annoyed, sipping at his tea*

Ichthys: 🎵 Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chlaaamydiaaa…. 🎵

Zyglavis: *snorts*

Ichthys: 🎵… you come and goooo, you come and gooo…. 🎵

MC: *holding back laughter* Ikky, I don’t think that’s the song’s lyrics…