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My love for @voltageotome is a lot lol it helped me through tough times and made me happy through the happy times

What I made for my appreciation and love for Voltage in a window like mural of some of my favorite characters. I even got it to stand up which we had to do super slowly lol

I tried to make one part of the windows from the castle of Nobel Michel from Be My Princess (pictured below) as it was the first Voltage game I ever played

If you can’t tell because it is a bit bright here are the guys that are there

Blue: Haruka from MFW, Huedhant from SCM, Yuya from FLD

Purple: Chihaya from SITSC, Yuto from FILA, Junya from OS

Red: Eduardo/Shin from PIL, Wilfred from BMP, Lue from AKD

Thank you for all the stories and the love~ I can’t wait for more ^_^

Anyways I had a lot of fun making it and I hope you like it!!!

*sigh* when will my true loves come??

had a dissociative test today, scored 42 out of 50 with 30 being the cut off point for signs and symptoms of dissociative states including depersonalisation/derealisation etc

so going to be focusing on mainly grounding work for the remaining of my 4 solo sessions with my psychotherapist before I move onto SCM group therapy in May as she says shes worried I’ll just start ‘floating off’ during group and I wont be getting all the potential benefits out of it💩