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Brian is surrounded by family and friends at his 54th birthday party. He's the picture of health at a time when life expectancy has been extended by 40+ years. But New America says his TIME IS UP. -o-

Location impacts how our fictional kingdoms develop. Learn some tricks to do it better! fiction

Ma participation au huitième jour du Calendrier de l'Avent communautaire de ! Allez voir tous les autres jours, il y a pleins d'artistes à découvrir !

Brian is surrounded by family and friends at his 54th birthday party. He's the picture of health at a time when life expectancy has been extended by 40+ years. But New America says his TIME IS UP. ..

I warn you in advance... This might not have a happy ending... An astronaut on a mission to save his planet. Three fast-paced novella that will make your holiday plane trip fly by...

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Très belle programmation télé ce soir sur FRANCE2 (c’est bon on a déjà vu DJANGO sur la une 3 fois..) 21:00 et qq LA PLANÈTE DES SINGES 3 en mode apocalypse now et surtout vers 23:00 âne pas manquer ou à enregistrer : L’ÉTOFFE DES HÉROS

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"Author Andrew R. Williams weaves an outstanding and noteworthy tale of sci-fi fantasy with intriguing twists and turns that will easily captivate the reader’s attention from the beginning. "

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  Back at the towers, Basil led Thym to the head office of Orion, of Arcturus itself. Cardamom’s office. A scenic lift ride for Basil, as Thym raced him on the stairs, made the trek to the top floor office a short one.

 Asking for an apprenticeship with one of the leading scientific communities in the world was no small task.  But Basil seemed comfortable heading it up, and Thym followed his lead, no need to find anxiety in the situation.

“Anything I should know about this Cardamom?” Thym asked at the door.  

“Her understanding is the reason I’m here.”

And with that, Basil knocked.

Following a soft response from the other side, they entered into her room. Gold streamed through the windows on the far side of the office, accenting deep purple carpeting and drapery. 

Cardamom stood. She was an older woman with an immediately apparent strength of will, a confidence that couldn’t be bought. The head director was tall, russet skinned, with upward styled gray hair that added inches to her. Her deep lavender eyes caught the light as they fell upon her visitors. 

 “Basil! I heard it was quite the eventful trip.“  A tension fell away from her as she saw him now, safe "I was so glad to hear you were okay.”

He nodded “Yes, I imagine there will be a lot on your plate after that ordeal. I’m sure whatever actions are taken in response will protect our members and prevent future dangers, but as you must know, that’s not why I’m here.” 

"So I was told…”

Basil stepped forward with Thym. “Cardamom, this is Thym. Thym, the head of the Arcturus guild.” Cardamom respectfully regarded them, reached down and offered her well-adorned hand in addition to her peaceful smile. 


“Thym, it’s a pleasure.” 

Thym went for the handshake.

“You are beautiful.” 

Cardamom let out a single chuckle.

“It’s good to meet you!” Thym added.

Basil and Cardamom sat and Thym followed suit. 

“We met… formally… on the voyage,” Basil began. “They’ve not a pedigree, not a formal education, but they worked briefly as an airship engineer, a feat of its own for their age.  In the short time we corresponded, they’ve greatly impressed me with their craft, creativity, ideas, and bravery. They were responsible for not just finding solutions to the blight at Virgo keep but nearly singlehandedly protected the tree from attack.“

Thym had the wherewithal to feign humility, but they grinned down at their hands, folding and unfolding in their lap. 

"And not only that.” Basil continued, his voice finding a note of light emotion. “Cardamom, They have the spirit of Arcturus. The connections they’ve made in just the short time amongst Draco’s crew and Virgo’s members…” Basil took in a deep breath, and looked over at Thym.  “I’ll gladly take this chance on them. They, Thym, they more than deserve that… whether or not it’s through an association with our guild or on my own, I’ve promised them an opportunity at an apprenticeship.”

Cardamom looked at Thym for a long moment, processing.

"You want this apprenticeship?”

“Of course!” Thym stood to elaborate, determination rising, but Cardamom raised a hand to pause their incoming barrage. 

  "Basil, may I speak with you? Alone?“

  "But-” Thym cut in

  "It will just be a moment.“ Cardamom added.

  Basil nodded over at Thym, who stood and backed out of the room, shooting a none too happy glare at Cardamom as the door was closed behind them.

  A voice in the back of Thym’s mind shouted run.  

  Maybe Saffron had said something about them, or Cardamom hadn’t take kindly to their intrusion.  Thym stayed their worries for a moment and placed their ear at the gap between the door and frame.  They had to know what was said.


 “I know that this isn’t what you meant when you said any chance.” Basil sighed.

 “To be frank, you are right. This isn’t at all what I expected.

 Basil, I said I’d support you, and I stand by that. I just want to make sure. I know you’ve thought this through, but I need to hear it. Do you… truly think this will be good for you? For them?”

“Without me, they aren’t going to get a chance. I know. I know what it’s like. I understand that. I have to, I want to do this.”

  “Why them?”

  "I’ve made my case.“

  "It could apply to any candidate we have waiting for a mentor.  Why Thym, really?”

  "They… understand. You wanted me to connect. This… this is the first time since, that it’s felt… Okay.”

  Cardamom lowered her voice to continue, and Thym strained to catch her words, but only heard the sharp points of her whispers, ’t’ and ‘ck’ sounds with no vowel accompaniment.  Basil answered in kind and Thym frowned as they lost track of the conversation entirely.  Finally with a more pronounced sigh, Cardamom spoke up again.

“So be it.”

“…Thank you.”

  Thym heard a chair move and jumped back from the door, beginning a pace in the hall as if that’s all they’d been doing.

Cardamom and Basil seemed to buy it well enough as the door was opened.

“Thym.” Basil beckoned them back in. He stood beside them as they both returned to Cardamom. 

  "So?“ Thym asked.

  "Basil does not advocate for people lightly.” Cardamom held Thym fixed in her gaze for a long moment, then turned to Basil “I trust you to take this chance.” she smiled “An apprentice of yours is family to all of us. I’m… proud of you. I hope you enjoy finding that pride within them as well.”

  Basil nodded.

  Cardamom placed her focus back on Thym.

  "Welcome.  I expect you’ll honor Basil’s trust.”

  Thym bounced in place, and Cardamom finally broke out into a full smile.

  "Well, you two best prepare for the ceremony!“


Hey everybody, I have a question.

Not too long ago I made a list of where to find free reads, I came across this list by looking for something and still haven’t found it.

I’m looking for a site where I can post my own stories. Kinda like Wattpad and AO3, but my story is not a Fanfiction and there’s no sex or half-naked vampires so it obviously doesn’t do well on these sites.

I’m looking for a place where fantasy/adventure writers go. Does anybody know?


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📽 Men in Black (1997)

I have to confess… this was the first time I’ve ever watched this movie… I know… I should be ashamed… but… it was awesome! I really liked it! I watched it while I was babysitting my cousin, and it put her to sleep, so that’s another plus for it lol. It wasn’t really what I was expecting, but I feel like that happens a lot to me with older movies. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyway, it was good, go watch it.

Sex/nudity: 1/10

Language: 5/10

Violence: 6/10

Overall rating: 6/10