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On this Day in 2004 the Stargate SG-1 episode "Heroes: Part 2" in which, while the film crew continues to make their documentary at SGC, help is sent to a SG member unable to get to the gate. However, a member of the SGC is killed, was first broadcast in the US.

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From ScienceFiction: Photos, Video, And Synopsis For This Week’s Episode Of ‘Doom Patrol: Donkey Patrol'

The world is dying. The advancement of technology is slowly consuming life as we know it. Beauty is becoming synthetic. Nothing is real...

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Discover new worlds – don’t miss our AMAZING February Sale Guide for Science Fiction & Fantasy! Lady Aisling’s greatest legacy is her powers – the ability to control sky, earth, fire and water.

Frozen in fear they looked upon a thing that neither had ever seen before. – Odyssey

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Michael B Jordan ‘Fahrenheit 451′ 2018


Michael B Jordan ‘Black Panther’ 2018


After three days, the Visual Transmodulator has processed over twelve trillion tachyon intervals, passing those with notable Queernon emissions on to the HyperProcess sequencers, which then store them via the Phonon shaping system. The correct variables of Transwarp are likely in those GigaCubes of light data…
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Elemental Juggernauts

Jovohk, the wind is howling. Ice is flying around and the thermometer in my suit reads -2 degrees Celsius. The streets are covered in ice and snow and visibility is horrendous.

But the Humans don’t care at all.

They walk around in light coats and scarves to keep the snow out of their faces. How could Humans have survived like this? Their body mass, like ours, is mostly water. Water freezes at 0 celsius, but the Humans walk around outside in light snow gear!

Sure, they have fat and hair, but how much does all that really help? If my thermal suit breaches I’ll freeze to death in under half an hour. Places like this make me miss Loktra, the balmy jungles where life flourishes. But here on Earth there are only a few places like that. Everywhere else is either too hot, too cold, or too empty. And Humans have adapted to live in all these places!

I’ve trecked through desert, got lost in the plains, even got ejected into space before. But this shit takes the cake. I hate this planet, and I hate these elemental juggernauts that can live comfortably in any weather. I am never coming back to earth, and if I am I’m spending it with a martini in hand on the beach somewhere tropical.

~Herkendel’s Journal, during his time in Moscow for the winter. Underneth the entry is scribbled; [REDACTED] the cold, I hate winter.

‘The truth about the Mars rover’

NASA recently announced that their ‘Opportunity’ land rover broke down on the Martian plains. “A series of inventive attempts to resurrect the unresponsive explorer ultimately proved unsuccessful.” According to the press release, “they were forced to concede that there wasn’t any more hope of making it operational again.” The release went on to state that “it was only expected to last for a few weeks or months anyway.” Despite their modest projections, “it continued to work diligently and sent valuable data for over 15 years in extremely harsh terrain.”

When considering the original goals of the exploration project versus the actual results, NASA considered the rover’s efforts an undeniable ‘win’. The chief scientists and engineers felt it’s exceptional performance helped to justify the steep cost of funding it and future programs too. The publicist tried to downplay the loss of ‘Opportunity’ and emphasize “it’s many invaluable revelations about the mysterious red planet.” The truly ‘interesting’ thing wasn’t that it lasted much longer than they initially expected, though. The real story is why it stopped.

I have the scoop.

Off the record, I’m refuting the official ‘story’ because I feel the public has a right to know the truth. If my identity was known, there would be repercussions which I do not want to deal with. Let’s just say I’m ‘in the know’, and leave it at that. Once my testimony gets out, it will be fairly obvious who leaked the damaging information. I’m hoping my privacy will be protected like that of a ‘whistleblower’ and I’ll be left alone.

There has always been a latency time between when the rover sent images or video back to Earth, and when it was received. Part of that was the transmission time it takes for data to travel millions of miles. This period of delay is well known by both learned scientists and laymen. It’s calculated based on the known velocity of light, and the relative distance between the two planets. Despite slight fluctuations in the distance between the two orbits, there’s only a minor variance of a few seconds from the longest to the shortest transmission time length.

Between the beginning of all the ‘Opportunity’ footage received and when it was actually shared ‘live’, there was a deliberate, secret gap. The bottom line is, the ‘live images’ NASA uploaded had an additional delay of a half hour. For reasons I’m about to explain, that was never disclosed to the public and no one did the math. You may be surprised by the true reason for this mandatory delay, or you may not.

Amazingly, the ‘bigwigs’ at NASA felt it was necessary to preview all of the footage before the public had access to it. The apparent fear was that something of significance might ‘startle’ the viewers.

Can you believe that? An official government organization dedicated to locating intelligent life in the universe, who is afraid of actually finding it! It makes me soooo angry! Rather, I suppose it was more about how the public would react to the earth-shattering news. Just like easing into a kitty pool, they wanted to preface any scientific discoveries by taking ‘baby steps’ with how it was disseminated to the viewing public. While most astronomers and astrophysicists are skeptics by nature, the possibility of alien life was always there in their minds. It’s the very reason they pushed humanity into exploring outer space in the first place. They just didn’t believe the general population could handle what they might find.

To answer the question of the hour; when ‘Opportunity’ came knocking for them, they weren’t prepared for what was behind the door of truth. It was a sobering case of ‘Kaboom!’ The revealing footage the rover sent back to NASA a few weeks ago set them into an unprecedented panic. No human had ever seen a non terrestrial life form before. Ironically, the camera system on the Mars rover didn’t even try to focus on the subject. The ‘Opportunity’ designers expected it to film rugged, barren landscapes. It’s programming couldn’t zero in and focus on living things.

The footage it captured was brief and slightly out-of-focus but it was more than enough to confirm there is active life on Mars. Naturally that was a bridge too far for some. They could’ve dealt with discovering prehistoric evidence of extinct life forms and civilizations; but not what they witnessed. Me. They saw me. After previewing the footage, I must say it wasn’t my best side captured in the primitive video lens. Oh well. So much for making a good first impression with ‘the neighbors’.

Here’s the thing. I don’t want to blow up your insignificant planet but I’ll have no choice if NASA decides to mount secret missions to come here and seek me out. I like my privacy. I enjoy watching Earth television in relative peace. I would’ve preferred to remain a ‘myth’ or ‘legend’ to the people of Earth but my secret had to be revealed at some point. If your space exploration authorities feel the need to keep my existence from you, then they will be tempted to seek me out, covertly. By revealing what they know to the public, you can all exert pressure on them to leave me alone. Make them stop tracking up my planet with space junk. The Earth’s future is up to you.



Shorthand Review - Screamers: The Hunting (2009)

The inconsistencies in Screamers: The Hunting do not help the movie, which is not an abysmal failure, but is a significant step down from the original.

Final rating:★★ - Had some things that appeal to me, but a poor finished product.

‘I was featured in a murder victim montage’

I was just thumbing through the streaming options on television when an interesting documentary caught my eye. Despite being well versed in modern murder cases, it featured a serial killer I had never heard of. The brief synopsis was intriguing so I decided to check it out. Almost immediately, the ‘blood and guts’ style and forensic details captivated my interest in a creepy way I couldn’t explain. Frankly, it was a little disturbing. Why was I so fixated on ghoulish things like that?

Before I could wax philosophic on my inherent morbid side or the dark depravity of mankind, something in a scene transition caught my eye. It was a rapid montage of human faces. From the subject matter, it strongly implied they were victims of the killer. I didn’t want to admit it to myself at the time but one of them seemed oddly ‘familiar’. So much so that I backed up the footage to view it in slow motion. In all, I must have watched that scene a half dozen times. I was absolutely transfixed.

The segment was only a couple of frames long and I’d never seen the image in question, but I was pretty sure it was a photo of ME! For some inexplicable reason, my face (or an unknown doppelgänger that was a spitting image of me) was featured in a serial killer montage! Needless to say, I was glued to the monitor after that. I had to find out who the person was in the unknown photo and what had happened to them. If it really was me, how was there a portrait of myself I wasn’t familiar with, and how could I be watching a documentary about my own death?

The program outlined the killer’s earliest crimes and the investigation to solve the grizzly murders. Then it introduced the victims and detailed the dates when they were killed. As the documentary progressed, the timeline went all the way up to current times. I was surprised when they mentioned a murder committed very, very recently but that paled in comparison to what came next. The next victim of ‘El Emperador’ (as the killer was apparently known) was supposedly killed almost two years from now! I was beyond confused. It made absolutely no sense. How could they investigate homicides that haven’t occurred yet?

At first I assumed it was some sort editing or clerical mistake but the ‘history of terrible things (yet to come)’, continued onward without explanation. At the beginning of each segment, they displayed a photograph of the victim they were about to discuss. I didn’t even blink when MY featured segment came on. As much as I’d hoped the oddly compelling image was an unknown lookalike, it was definitely me. I was watching my very own murder case! The hairs on my arm stood on end from the terror I felt.

There was some forensic footage of my autopsy by the pathologist in charge and a brief clip of the funeral filmed by the local press. I even saw a distant shot of my coffin being lowered into the grave! I shuddered at the overdose of reality. I learned the dark day that I was going to die, and by who’s murderous hand. (At least I knew the killer’s media-dubbed pseudonym). It was surreal. I was beyond numb at the chilling revelations.

As incredibly useful as all of that information might be, I was faced with an intellectual conflict. How could I witness or possess evidence of my own (future) death? It wasn’t rational or logical, and yet I’d just watched the undeniable footage. Was I ‘steered’ toward watching it by some cosmic supernatural force? Was I ‘meant’ to see it, to confront a painful truth I was in denial over; or was I given the opportunity to alter my future? I didn’t know the answer. I didn’t even know how to process the questions. It wasn’t every day that a person gains illicit access to future events about their own death.

Could I change my path, or was I doomed to follow a predetermined track that I couldn’t ‘derail’? I was determined to try, consequences be damned. Who wouldn’t? Stories of his other victims continued after ‘my murder’ segment. The killer’s actual identity still hadn’t been revealed yet. The filmmakers only referred to him in vague generalizations and a shadowy subtext. I guessed his secret identity and the criminal apprehension would be detailed closer to the finale. As you might imagine, I was incredibly anxious to find out who I needed to avoid at all costs.

I was so freaked out by the situation that I was tempted to pause the documentary and check the ‘air date’. If it was listed as originating prior to ‘now’, they all the footage and claims of future crime events had to be pure fiction. Honestly, I was hoping it was a nightmare or vivid hallucination. If it listed the production date as occurring the future, then I was out of my mind, or already dead. I didn’t know which to hope for. Neither of those ‘options’ was appealing in the least. Instead, I elected to just stay the course and find out who my killer was from the gripping testimony. The narrator strongly hinted that the weight of the truth was about to hit all the viewers, very hard. I was on the very edge of my seat when the great reveal came.

As it turns out, ‘El Emperador’ and everything else in the documentary was completely made up! My fate wasn’t sealed. There wasn’t a real serial killer or murder victims at all. I wasn’t experiencing some sort of future premonition. Much like ‘War of the worlds’ and a customized ‘Black Mirror’ episode; the entire production was virtual reality programming to ‘entertain viewers’. The filmmaker worked with cutting-edge AI experts to generate a tailored experience for every viewer.

The software scoured social media accounts in advance to find existing profile pictures of every person watching. Then it rendered an age progression composite ‘new’ photo of them to insert into the ‘victim montage’ programming. Everything was preplanned and prearranged. I’d been taken on a high tech, visceral trip into surreality. Luckily there was an end to the tunnel and I was able to come back from the annals of ‘true crime.’