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A drug deal gone bad in a universe where there is no place to hide Vol2

On the new episode of our movie podcast The Atomic Cinema Expirment we look at last year's transformers spin off

Science Fiction Magazine Apr 1983 6th Annv Iss Connie Willis Brian Aldiss

On this day in 1970, the Doctor Who episode The Ambassadors of Death (Part 6) in which, before he can alert the authorities, the Doctor is kidnapped by Reegan, was first broadcast by the BBC in the UK Starring Jon Pertwee as the 3rd Dr

His superpower: the ability to channel the Collective Unconscious, a psychic network connecting the living and the dead.

Warship captain Rakkel has lost everyone he's ever loved in the long interstellar war. Peace means loneliness and unfamiliarity. Should he catch the final enemy traitor who threatens to prolong the war?

β€œIsn’t this fascinating how humans interact with each other on other planets?” Amanda asked. β€œI think the show is hilarious,” I said. β€œYou do?” Amanda asked. β€œYes, I do. Now keep quiet!” I said. Ha! I like it when I turn the tables on her.

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Okay what do you guys think of this??

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Looks like Ori wants to go exploring a little bit but Ozzie doesn’t seem like its really a good idea to. Talsi just looks at him a bit confused as to why they shouldn’t go exploring.

I finally drew some more with Ori! Plus some new Tu'Vanorgs as well! This is actually the first time I ever drew other Tu'Vanorgs besides Ori.

Ozzie, Talsi and Ori belongs to © ME @spacelizardwarrior

Something to consider about the science fiction of MASS EFFECT

Is that its really not that accurate to be honest or entirely on stable ground. Like its more wild inspirations and influences a lot of it is ageing fast.

Its very silly and most of it makes absolutely no sense at all if you really think about it. It is why the series has always leaned more heavily towards being a pop science fiction franchise, or science fantasy franchise… Rather than hard scifi.

For example

Space travel in the series is just a means to get from one place to another like it is with star wars. While the codex may describe in great detail that it is very dangerous and that there also is a whole host of things to consider in regards to safely navigating through it, or for it to even exist in the first place. None of that really comes into play in the narrative or gameplay at any point. At the end of the day the ship just gets you to point A to point B and serves as a character set. 

The Normandy flies around in cutscenes like a crazy VTOL aircraft where ever and when ever it needs to do so, regardless if it was established to not be able to enter the atmosphere of a planet in extensive detail.

Hard science fiction intelligently and intentionally weaves its science into its fiction, it is not simply window dressing you see. It has a tangible effect on the story as well as being present in the world. In 2001 a space Odyssey Dave is locked out the spacecraft by the AI HAL in this now famous scene and its accompanying dialogue. The reason its so tense is because there is a real, ever present risk of dying in the cold hard vacuum of space, so in order to survive Dave must use what he understands about the dangers of exposure to it. He is shown for example exhaling excess oxygen, closing his eyes and mouth before he launches himself out of the EVA pod into the ships pod bay airlock to buy himself time so he can seal it and re pressurise.

ME is more so a weird hybridisation of science fiction and fantasy, with a bit of hard scifi/star trek sprinkled on top.

While it can give off the impression of realism or believably with its techno babble, concepts, designs, environments and so on. Its really not at all something that can considered a possible future for our species entirely, what aliens may actually be like and so on. Though there is still stuff inside the game that does offer some snippets of genuine hard SCIFI in planet descriptions etc and the codex entries! Again… That is all only just described to you, it never comes into play unless its integral to the plot in any given moment its called upon to be so. As in when its convenient.

MASS EFFECT is a science fiction world that exists as a platform for telling stories that deal with scifi concepts, but very good ones at that! Dealing with heavy speculative themes about the inter-species cooperation, sterility plagues, emotional stakes, politics and more.

Regardless here is a list of videos that talk about this in more detail, as well as some that detail the elements of ME’s SCIFI that actually do have a basis in reality! :D Though still, a lot of this stuff can be considered a bit naive now lol.

A waterfall had erupted from the cavern’s roof, showering down streams of fine droplets that fed into a colorless spring. He loved the way the spray settled on his arms, like sparkling beads of diamonds clinging to his skin. The clear liquid flowed past the speleothems, reflecting their majestic beauty. It was breathtaking, a natural beauty emerging from nowhere, and it filled Jerry with a powerful urge to explore its route. Just one of the many lines from my new book Enif.

Character sketch No.3H57PM25-4-2019 (English below)

Sketch nhân vật của 1 ý tưởng võ hiệp khoa học giả tưởng

Võ lâm bát thánh.

Francois Baudelaire

Bạch Y Vương

Vua của Charmagne (trước đây)

Bạch Y Đao Thánh

Character sketch of a wuxia scifi fantasy idea

The eight saints of Wulin

Francois Baudelaire

The King in White

King of Charmagne (formerly)

The White Robe Saber Saint

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