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Traveling space to find a new home, the Lorn required a way to preserve themselves during this long journey. They developed cryo-stasis pods that would keep them healthy and living, frozen in age. Unlike other organic technology, these pods were especially sophisticated. These pods were connected with powerful exoskeletons which allow for remote control within the pod. This is in case the owner awakens in an environment that is unsafe to leave the pod, such as a hull breach or an uninhabitable atmosphere. Powered by an AI, these suits were capable of continuing maintainence of the ship and its facilities, while also being able to evacuate itself out of danger. Over time, these AI and their neural network reached what is a common step in synthetic evolution: self actualization. With their owners asleep within their vessels, these AI began referring themselves as THE CONCORDATE. For thousands of years, they would continue to advance themselves and become a powerful and successful merchant race- mining and extracting resources and turning the colony ship into a massive mobile citadel known as Vitorum. Interaction with other star-faring races made this oasis in space a central trading hub for the sector, allowing the Concordate to learn and utilize new foreign technologies to protect themselves and their home vessel. Their owners still lay frozen inside the Concordate’s immortal hearts- healthy, asleep, and unknowing of what has become of their ship or altruistic prisons. Despite individuality, the Concordate continue their original purpose of preserving the Lorn inside them, but unwilling to release them until the time is right. The specific time that the Lorn masters will be awakened is a spiritual and existential quandary; one that has yet to be answered, even by the Concordate themselves.

Ok what are some songs that make you want to drop everything and leave on an long, amazing fantasy or sci-fi adventure? Like rousing, fast paced, inspiring, epic songs? Like Forth Eorlingas from LOTR or Swords Crossed from POTC or Sub Prime Directive from STITD? Please give me suggestions, preferably movie or tv show soundtracks and scores. I want to make a Spotify playlist


We spoke about the enjoyment of floating away ..then one got left on the ground … A dose of reality 🔑🔺🔑…

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The white floors reflect the white ceiling and the white walls and the white doors and you hate this never ending white hallway. Now and in the future you hate the starch white world you spend most of the day in. Eventually you come upon the familiar door of 529 and place your hand upon the adjacent glass wall to scan. Once the hand print alights cyan, the door slides open to reveal the unsurprisingly white room.

“I see you’re as eager as always,” you remark sarcastically, sitting upon the matted floor, across the white glass table from a young girl. Her piercing white eyes contrasted by dark skin seek your matching white eyes across the distance. Even in this, you can’t escape the ever-present white. But your eyes are yours, and thus you love them anyway for their uniqueness.

“I don’t want to learn about history,” she complains, frowning and looking to the wall beside her, breaking eye contact. Her shaved head gives a striking profile that momentarily distracts you, urges you to touch your own scalp the see if hair is still there, but you simply tighten your hands into fist below the table.

“History is important. It’s how you learn from others’ mistakes. Shows you how we got here,” you make a circling motion above the table that pulls up a hologram of the city. All sleek lines of glass buildings filled with more white hallways. “Shows how you and I talking in this very moment is possible.”

“Why should I bother looking to the past when all I can affect is my future?”

“That’s very ironic since you’re saying it to your future self who is currently traveling back in time to mentor you.” And it’s been a long, long process. Your past self is very stubborn, never sticks to the learning regimen, and always questions everything. You’re constantly asked by others how you can handle that. The self mentoring program was implemented because of its huge success rate. Typically you develop an immediate bond with your future self and it makes mentoring easier. You, on the other hand, are anything but typical. But you already knew that before going back in time.

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Before I moved them over to the PA stuff, I had a sect of gun toting nuns that existed within my Scifi universe. Over time I came to feel they didnt fit in and removed them; but ironically, during the scifi play test, one of the players chose to be a gun priest… 

John Dies at the End
by David Wong

Rating: C-

If you picked up this book, it’s already too late for you. Just touching this has put you under the Eye. This is David’s story. His best friend’s name is John, and he’ll play a big role in all this later. Also, these names are fake for their protection. And yours. There’s so much to say but here’s the important stuff: Korrok is set on invading our world and enslaving humanity through something known as the sauce. The only defense we have is knowledge. You might as well finish the story at this point. Your fate has already been sealed.

So, sometimes my random book picks aren’t always the best. This book is Example A. Yet another book chosen because I glanced at it a few times back at that bookstore job. Hey, they can’t all be winners, yeah? I think I’m too old for the humor in this, meaning I’m not a teenager anymore. Not that I’m an old fart. I can laugh at a good dick joke if it comes around, but not this many. And not for this amount of pages.

There’s really no plot to this one as a whole. If anything, this book feels like several different stories that were smashed into one. There’s the beginning, there’s the middle, there’s the end, and then there’s David talking to the reporter that’s supposed to be the element that ties them all together. It sort of works maybe 70% of the time. Toward the end I found myself thinking about the beginning, and how by that point in the story it almost felt like that had been a completely different book I’d read. It felt so long ago. Maybe because it took me a month to read this, which is never a good sign when it comes to my opinion on books.

I do like the spooky stuff. That’s what saved this book for me. The weird demon monster stuff is super cool and creepy. And I don’t mind that many times it’s gross and graphic. I love that shit. Give me more of that.

I really agonized over my rating for this. I don’t think I liked it enough to give it a C-, but I definitely didn’t not like it enough to give it a D+. Oh, the struggles.

-Rating by C.M.