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Our Science kits are awesome! Science is fun, messy, and engaging!!

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clearly shows 2 year statute filings 5 years socially 7 years fiscally "absolute truth factually" theory jailing even crack account

Japanese spacecraft successfully touches down on an asteroid, grabbing a sample of dust

Alarmism has been outed by the deniers of . When the fill their nostrils, don't panic. They wait until bought explain to them the of drowning. ⬆︎ Use Scientific Sarcasm To Confuse ⬆︎

...Hitting "Bro-science" is eating tomato soup w/ a FORK. Apply human movement principles validated by REAL to hitting a ball (eat tomato soup w/ a SPOON!) ===>

We’ll be live in an hour with Y’all know we’re bringing that sweet juice to sip on. It’s legal, it’s a nutrient dense nugget that lasts 2 hours tops. Maybe we’ll contemplate the universe. See you soon

The space probe ascended from the space rock after trying to gather samples that it will eventually return to Earth. #2019 learn more here:

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Pretty exciting! I’ll be launching our Grade One classroom makerspace next week! Already lots of awesome materials being brought in by students!

Our first event on Writing for Policymakers! We want to see more evidence-based policies so we invited a high-level panel to discuss how to best communicate !

"Japan’s Hayabusa2 Spacecraft Lands on Ryugu Asteroid" by MICHAEL ROSTON and KENNETH CHANG

The Cave Pearl 2019 EDU datalogger: supports a range of student projects with ~1h assembly time. Full tutorials with code, part links & video clips. Pass this along to all educators hoping to add experiments to their

Amazing evening by learning about science behind language tonight at the Taproom and topping it off with a great 🍻🎶 – at The Taprom

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“wtf is that … ?“ another artwork from the stream

My kid is painting with vinegar during a science thing and I remember this one semester in high school when I was a. Dissecting a cat and dealing with formaldehyde b. In photo II and using developer and c. In commercial art using vinegar and bleach. I smelled REALLY bad that whole 9 weeks.
Live Q&A with Ted Wright
Ted Wright is an archaeologist and apologist. Taking questions by email and discord ahead of time. Questions from live chat will be taken after questions fro...

Be sure to catch the live stream for an archaeological Q&A on Saturday at 9:00 PM Eastern. 

Subjects - spring 2019!

As we are already near the end of February (omg, how?) I figured it was about time I told you what subjects I’m taking this semester! This semester is very exciting for me, as it is my last semester as a Bachelor’s student. I’m still trying to figure out if I’m going to pursue a Master’s degree right away or do something else for a bit. I’ll keep you posted! In the mean time, here are the subjects I’m doing this semester: 

Basically: a bunch of mathematical methods that are often used in physics and might come in handy at some point. Includes topics such as complex analysis, tensor analysis, calculus of variations and Laplace transformations. 

As the title suggests, this course covers a bunch of oscillating systems and wave phenomena. The subject combines analytic work and numerical methods, which is always a good sign. 

Not only is this course and introduction to the world of nuclear physics and particle physics, it also focuses on current challenges in the fields and new cutting-edge research/results! (Plus, it includes a (free!!) trip to CERN and I am so excited!!)

I’m really excited about all my subjects this semester, and I look forward to keep sharing my journey with all (6000 - omg!) of you! 


The Turing Test
Part 6
Cold boolean logic

So yeah, T.O.M. is pretty bloody well evil.
And as suspected we have just been doing his bidding helping him get at the ground crew who are so desperately trying to keep both T.O.M. and ourself well away from them.
Still there is no point in complaining, who knows it may actually be in the best interest of everyone involved if we actually take the side of the somewhat homicidal artificial intelligence that awoke us from hyper sleep just do deceive us into doing its bidding.
Oh and the bloody thing is actually making full on death threats now too.


Please like if you agree that this is an amazing military innovation!

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You affect everything

Yesterday in science, we learned that everything has a force of gravity. Everything is attracted to one another no matter how far away. You attract the farthest of stars and they attract you. When you jump, the Earth jumps just a little as well. It’s not much but, somehow, hearing that felt comforting.