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Come take a look at , a special waterfront community on ! Great , wonderful neighborhoods and just a 55 minute train ride to ! Here's a list of what's new and what sold in this week.

parents met with Supt Ybarra at a Parents Active With meeting last Fri! Families discussed early with Supt Ybarra in a relaxed, informative setting. We really appreciate involvement & the opportunity to engage with communities!

Be Safe 4th Edition: Health & Safety in school science & technology for teachers of 3-12 year olds £18.50 The that gives on and in across the .

How can respond to the increased pressure to deliver academic results whilst dealing with ever shrinking budgets? Read our to find out how can help...

Privacy and data - 5 NEW playlists for , parents & carers and governors with tips on sharing personal data, securing your devices and protecting your information online

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Working National War Museum today. One of my favourite resources is our Wartime Life room, depicting life during Second World War, including evacuees. Limited spaces remaining this school year

Small suitcase on bed. Children’s gas mask sits on bed.

The management conveys best wishes to all our parents celebrating Easter Holiday. May you be bestowed with peace, joy, love and happiness! Be Better Educated

Being the Best & Top International in Bangalore, India, our ongoing reflection ensures that our vision and work remain relevant.

Next Friday we will be at the Physical Activity for Primary Conference delivering 'The 5 ways to workshop' - ways to support , & and how this can be embedded as a whole school approach ➡️

We know that are busy planning their INSET days for next year, so why not consider some training with us? We provide you with a blend of theory and practical skills to use in the ...

C&S is working with to restore Laguna Atascosa National Refuge in , providing habitat for ocelot and educational opportunities for local and . Photo Credit:

To all our & colleagues, we hope you've had a restful break so far! If you're just finishing, please enjoy the long weekend! We look forward to working with you during to & across the region

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teacher: if there was an active shooter in this classroom, what would you do to protect your classmates?

me: pin him down, restrict his arms, disarm him and gouge out his eyes with your fingers in his eye sockets

student: ew.. :/ why would you be willing to do that to someone

me: susan, he would be trying to fucking kill us


Please spread even if you don’t live anywhere near Denver. Anyone living in the Denver areas, this woman has made credible threats against schools here. She is known to have an obsession with the Columbine school shooters. This Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of that shooting. She has not made a threat against any particular school so all schools are closed

She flew to Denver from Miami and immediately purchased a pump action shotgun and headed towards the foothills.

She is considered armed and dangerous and is wanted by the FBI

Yesterday all the schools went into lockout and today hundreds of schools are closed across the Denver area.

I am scared. I live within walking distance of my college and I live in the foothills near where she was last seen.

Every major school district in Colorado has closed unexpectedly because of one woman.

Cw: Gun Violence, school shootings, shootings

I wish I was making this up. Sol Pais, an 18 year old woman flew from Florida to Colorado for the anniversary of the Columbine shooting. She bought a gun almost immediately after getting off the plane and had made Very credible threats to the safety of schools in general. They don’t know if or where or what type of school she’s going to attack so they all just decided they’re going to preemptively close.

Just like that, one woman has thrown my state into panic. And I’m so overwhelmingly sad and tired and scared. Because if she can’t get a school, what else would she be willing to go for? One of the universities that hasn’t closed because of this threat? The mall filled with kids who suddenly have a free day? A theater? A grocery store? A church? Nothing has been off limits to shooters so far.

And even still there are those who say that control of gun sales isn’t an issue and this type of thing shouldn’t be regulated. Our schools beg to differ.

lycanfriskau  asked:

h m m... i can't remember if this has been asked before, but are there like... sorcerer schools? and if there are, what're they like?

I’m actually really surprised this question didn’t come up sooner??? But??? Nah, ur the first to ask :0

… and, embarrassingly enough, it’s one I’ve only thought about… like… once or twice hfjdndj—

If you mean schools specifically for sorcerers, then yea! There’s some scattered around, usually in larger cities or places of high magical importance (ex: old ruins of sorcerer castles, previously abandoned quarries for metal forged into scepters, etc). They tend to be kinda like private boarding schools. Gotta give up a good sack of gold or ten to get in, but you get your own dorm/cloak/scepter if u need one once ur there!!! They tend to split up magic work into levels of difficulty, and move up from there. There’s even specialized classes for specific jobs (ex: best spells/skills to work on for a tailor, nurse, farmer, merchant, etc), though some of these come with additional fees.

The whole place is set up for sorcerers to get a good grasp on general magic, n life skills, and then hone their magic skills, if they want, to a specific trade!!! ‘S like grade 1-12 school and college all rolled into one.

Tho, for the most part, sorcerer parents (and non-magic using parents) jus teach their kids on their own. Easier to show someone the intricacies of ur own trade, and work with their magic abilities one on one! Helps with bonding in the family, too!

Or, at least, it should

Poll Finds Most Americans Blame Bullying, Access to Guns, the Internet, and Video Games -- Not Schools -- for Mass Shootings

Poll Finds Most Americans Blame Bullying, Access to Guns, the Internet, and Video Games — Not Schools — for Mass Shootings

External image

External image

FILE – In this April, 20, 1999, file photo, a woman embraces her daughter after they were reunited following a shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo. The shooting shocked the country as it played out on TV news shows from coast to coast. Images from the scene showed terrified students fleeing the school, SWAT officers waiting to enter and an injured boy trying to escape through a…

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Farewell notes

Everyone had that last day of school rush,

Assuming we’d never meet ever again,

And wishing for just another memory.

So the t-shirts came out with the pens,

Or a yearbook was given to each of us.

I watched them race around the halls,

Then returned to the library once again.

The books that held so many memories,

And the safest place I could think of,

So I brought one book removed from shelves,

Only 10 pence I think it was,

And asked the librarians to sign it.

A science teacher also leaving signed as well,

Starting my own hunt for friends and acquaintances;

Starting my own tradition to carry onwards.

Each farewell or sense of ending

And a book is chosen connected to it

For everyone to sign and let me remember

Each happenstance that helped me grow:

From the one girl I had a fight with,

To the food tech boys who snuck into chill,

To those sewing sessions in the cafe

And the break downs on the kitchen floor.

Every school, university workplace,

Has a book upon my shelves.

But the most wisdom in them came at eighteen;

“You’ve done a good job not dying so far.

Keep up that non-dying streak”

I hate it when people who come to schools to talk about depression, suicide, etc, say “you can always talk to your parents!” Like no, Susan, you have no idea what my home life is. I cannot talk to my parents about ANYTHING. They’ll just tell me that I need to get over it. Don’t assume. Tell these kids that they can always talk to them, and they won’t tell your parents. Because you don’t know our homelife. So stop lying to the kids who have a bad one.