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Reading brings along new friends and makes learning easier and fun.

A recent for a . These smaller jobs never feature enough on . Everyone is tweeting with lighting. The smaller projects while not as grand are so much more

I am very excited to be speaking at the International Festival of Learning later this month! Catch my session to hear from a panel of experts and learn more about simplifying a complex world for leavers:

If our planet had as many trees as it had people, the environment wouldn't be quite as unstable as it is today. So here is how we can do our bit-

🏫 School term dates 🏫 Schools are closed on Monday, 6 May for the early May bank holiday. Next break is half term - Monday 27 to Friday, 31 May (includes the bank holiday) Get updates on 🏫 dates via News Central + emails 👉

So good to see government school making effort to attract students

Leaving or unsure of your next steps and want to know how we can support you into a through an . Contact us today so we can give all the information advice and guidance you need

Tips for and to Enjoy a Successful Year Today Tip: Get the scoop: Attend the school’s open house or orientation to learn expectations and meet the teachers and staff.

Use every minute of the exam and if you have time left, review your answers before handing back the paper.

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Доброе утро✌️

Я решила, что сегодня весь день проведу с вами, так что вот вам шарики с молоком😂

Сейчас я поем, уберу в комнате и сяду за учёбу

Хорошего вам дня💕

P. S.

Я хочу посмотреть сколько из моих подписчиков русские. Если мы соотечественники-поставьте плюсик в комментариях 😁

>when you didn’t know retaking a year was an option but kinda wanna do it to get rid of your bad shit grades that only tumblr atm knows about and also you don’t know what you want to do and your hobbies are a waste to everyone else because you don’t want to/can’t commercialise them so it’s not like ‘follow your passion’ is an option and you don’t really feel ready for college in the first place and your parent keeps telling you to go get counselling but in the “you’re fucked up” way instead of “because that would be beneficial” way so even though you’ve lowkey wanted to get counselling for years it’s never gonna happen and also you have no friends because you ruined all yourfriendships because you never have anything to say and you cant really relate to your generation’s memes or whatevers and despite it all, even though harmful thoughts cross your mind at least once a day, you still don’t go through with them, and it’s 3 am, and you’re not looking forward to asking your teachers for letters of recommendation tomorrow because you nearly failed every class definitely slept in every class and disappointed every single one of them, and you’re not really sad you’re more apathetic about anything that doesnt make you feel happy or laugh but you’ve still spent hours late at night trying to find a solution or looking at things that make you mad or sad or tired

Somehow, after 5 months of HVAC school I have had all A’s in my 4 classes so far, I’ve had perfect attendance (both of which are firsts for me ever) and I’ve actually enjoyed learning all this stuff???!

Like trade school was so perfect for me, everything I’m learning is relevant to what I’ll be doing so I actually have motivation to try hard and learn, and people in my class say I’m the second smartest in the class like wtf???

This is a mini split system like youd see in a hotel or beach house, and last week I got it up and running by myself and this week a classmate and I built this roll around cart and hanger for the parts of it and it’s been so fun!? Like wow, 5 months ago I couldnt have told you what a single part on this was, and now I cam take it apart and put it back together and make it all work like damn.

im clearing all my college notes and im so sad 😭😭😭 they bring back loads of memories.. i struggled so much especially with chemistry and i can’t seem to let it go but i have to. i can always learn again from online resources i guess. i miss learning chemistry a lot. arts/social sciences in university is so different and not as ‘straight forward’. feels wrong to give them away but it’s okay, life has to go on 😪 you served me well, notes 😭

hi there!

my name is kiara, i’m 15 & entering my junior year of high school on august 21, 2019. after a year of slacking & eventually seeing how much better my gpa could have been if i actually tried my sophomore year, i created this studyblr to not only motivate me to do better this year but to also help others reach their full potential not only through school & productivity, but also through wellness & simple self care.

here’s some quick facts about me!

- i live in ohio

- my favorite artist of ALL TIME is khalid

- if it wasn’t already obvious, i’m part of the @co2021 (follow this super cool network if you are too!) :)

- my favorite color is pink

- my favorite subject is chemistry & my least favorite is math, specifically geometry

- i’m obsessed with fujifilm & pizza

- i’m the oldest of two, i have a twelve year old brother

- i’m originally from new york city :)

i’m looking forward to a great year! while i will be inactive for most of this summer, follow for some [hopefully] great content starting in mid-august! i’ll be posting class & year-specific tips, homework & study advice, helpful apps i use for school & much, much more! i want to not only motivate you but struggle with you as we complete these long four years together. :)

happy studying! ♡


7:53 AM

Two exams today. Art history and physics.

Woke up at 4 to study physics. I feel I know the basics really well. Art… Ugh… Looked at the PowerPoint presentation from class and it’s a lot of interpretation and stuff. Well physics is more important to me rn. It’s the last physics exam in my fucking life. Gotta get a good grade to pass.

Got my chemistry exam back yesterday. Fucking nailed it! Probably my best chemistry grade yet!

I thought I fucked it up but nah fucking killed it!

Out of the 4 subjects I won’t have next year I passed two already. Biology and chemistry. Geography and physics left. Geography exam was shit. Didn’t know shit. Let’s see if I pass or not. I think I will pass since the presentation was good IMO so just have to wait and see.

History exam went well. I mean I wrote a 3 page summary on what happened in Rwanda. Was easy. The interpretation part might cause some trouble but I knew do much about the genocide and all the details I had to write everything down. Should be a decent grade.

No work today. Gotta do some sketches for art class. Have to hand in the sketchbook tomorrow. Got 14 sketches.

Gotta read the English book as well. Math is gonna be soso anyway. Understood half of the things so that’s at least something.

[190617] took a quick trip to see some sights and colleges! i hope everyone is paying attention to what’s happening in hong kong. no one in my chinese side of the family is from there (we’re from the guangdong providence though, so its not too far), but it is something that matters specifically to me as someone who is partially chinese and concerned about human rights abuses. though, in my opinion, everyone (regardless of personal connectios or not) should care about what is happening in hong kong. aside from keeping an eye on local events to support and keeping up with the news, i’m taking the time to delve back into my collection of literature on the fight for rights in china and its disputed territories, starting with hong kong in the shadow of china.

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Honestly, school right now is making me feel like a failure. And I know that’s exactly what I’m not. I think I should take less classes and focus on myself and what I like. I do not know what I want right now, but I don’t think this is it. I don’t have motivation to study for my exams which are in a few days…usually I always do. Maybe this is not what I really want, but I’m to afraid to admit it to myself because I felt like I had it all figured out. What happens if I don’t follow the path that I thought was right for me and the path I planned out to be?