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I slept about fifteen minutes last night, and while I was relatively awake in the morning, I’m starting to flag the closer it gets to noon, lol. When I get home, I’m going to treat myself to a wonderfully long nap.


School Portrayed By SpongeBob

It’s. So. True!

I have a crush

Hi guys so I need your opinions on what to do with a crush,,,

So I really like this Guy A who is a friend of mine, and I only started to notice that I liked him after I confessed to Guy B. I always seemed to mention that he’s so handsome (in reality just cuteee, looks like a teenage version of Kylo Ren) and my eyes always find him when he’s around. I kept it to myself and two of my guy friends(Guy C and D) and one of them (Guy D) told his friend (Guy E) who has a crush on the girl (Guy A) has been inlove for almost 6 years. So I told my closest girl friend about it and she said that she was not surprised and thought that I’ve always liked him (Guy A) in which I responded that I only knew my feelings for him a week before. She said that I always mentioned how goodlooking he was and she thought that I was like head-over-heels for him. Liiikkeeee, he’s super perfect… He’s kind, and smart, and handsome, and tall,,, and now I’m fangirling… And he looks like Kylo Ren OMG specially when he wore all black for a play with matching cape…

Okay so now ma girlfriend always noticed Guy B like staring at me. Yesterday, before we went home, we sat by the gate and Guy B and his friends passed by. So as my friend told me, he supposedly looked at me while I was getting my bag and then walked for a bit, then looked at me again then turned. As my friend was telling that, she said that she thought I saw Guy B looking at me and I ignored it, but infact, I just didn’t notice him.

So this morning, I fixed my hair in a way that my curls were in a pile on top of my head and looked like fireworks. Then my classmates laughed at it and it started to piss me off so I pretended not to hear them by blasting my music(earphones). Then when I walked out our classroom, Guy A suddenly told me that he “liked my hair like that” and Whatda fuuuuu I can’t help but smile, It made my fucking day. So I went ahead and bought him some egg snacks from the money he previously gave me( I walked around with him, and he was too lazy too do the same so he promised to treat me) and he was fuckiiiiing cuteee. Like his fucking cute face lit up and it also made my day AGAIN. Now this afternoon, I was by the school gate again and since I noticed that Guy A was sitting here with a classmate (Girl B), I sat with them. Girl B, Guy A, and I were talking and she teased him about a licture on his phone, and I was so curious. And Guy A said that his love (Girl C) thought that it was him and another friend (Girl D) so I wanted to see the picture more and I said that I wasnt going to reveal the truth to (Girl C) and I was closer to him, so he fucking finally showed it to me. And supposedly like a true friend, I should be happy or envy or smthn but I was fucking sad like, I was still all smiles ofcourse, but it reality just slapped me on the face. I knew from the start that he liled someone else and I knew I was just a friend and I cant fucking help it since I’m a damn thot.

Have you ever been in a situation where you liked a close friend who liked someone else for a long time and what did you do???

Matriculation exams… yay…

I’ve only got three left, one this week and two next week. After that I have nothing left in school except for hopefully graduating from my gymnasium in the beginning of June.

But you know motivation to study is so low. I’ve would much rather look through Tumblr, A03 or for any great fanfics. Or get caught up on my favorite TV shows, I’ve fallen so behind, but at least I’ve managed to get some work for me for when I’ve finished the exams! And with that money I will be abel to upgrade my pc, FINALLY!! I’ve got to many games I want to play that my current pc can’t handel, I look forward to it.

But first I need to not fail my exams.

(Justin!Sam pretty much sums up how me and my classmates feel at the moment, thouh)

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What happened to promoting diversity and inclusion?

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing this article for a few weeks now. I’ve been trying not to talk too extensively about this issue as it’s something that I feel I would end up ranting about and end up not coming across well with, despite my passionate view on this.

For those of you unaware, back in January the BBC and several other news outlets started reporting on a Birmingham school which was at the centre of protests from parents over the introduction of LGBT rights and homophobia into the schools planned curriculum.

The school in question is the Parkfield Community School, who have been running the ‘No Outsiders’ project since 2014. Now it’s important to note that the project these parents are protesting against isn’t explicitly to do with sexuality and LGBT rights, but aims to educate children on the Equality Act 2010 and the protected characteristics identified under this (which includes sexuality and gender), recognising and celebrating diversity, and effectively prepare children for life in ‘modern Britain’.

Since the school initially came to the national media’s attention, we’ve seen multiple parties endorse and encourage this sort of education, including both the UK Government and Ofsted. Ofsted themselves claimed the LGBT lessons were ‘appropriate’, with no evidence that the curriculum focused too much on LGBT issues or was not age appropriate. Yet in the last couple of weeks, the school has suspended lessons on LGBT rights and homophobia due to ongoing pressure from parents.

However, the main reason for these complains really irked me.
Religion. Because identifying LGBT is not compatible under certain religions like Islam.

Now I have a real issue with this, because I’ve personally experienced my own family and the odd university student cite ‘religion’ as a reason to display homophobic behaviour or to say LGBT rights are wrong on the rare occasion.
What angers me about this whole incident – and the reason I am so passionate about this – is the unnecessary harm being caused from the closed minded view of some people. Those who blindly cite religion – or in my opinion, their own belief system induced by religion - as a reason to disown their own family or close friends.

And what makes this even more painful for me is that the people supposedly responsible for these protests are from a social group which as we’ve seen over the course of Brexit, is constantly under attack from people who are also close-minded about nationality or religion – whether that’s having people mindlessly accusing someone of being a member of ISIS or mindlessly shouting ‘go back to your own country, give us back our jobs’ just because of the colour of their skin or because of their religion. This is a group in society that does sees discrimination, and who just like LGBTQ people, have equal rights under the Equality Act 2010. It absolutely baffles me how they supposedly can’t see the immense impact that this sort of education can have on society. Am I being dull? Is it wrong to want to encourage diversity and inclusion of all social groups?

I imagine some of you might be thinking ‘it’s their religion – they have a right to protest and be concerned’.
I can fully understand that some parents may be concerned and may want to discuss matters around this if it is alien to them. It happens. We all have a belief system, religious or not. We all have the right to be concerned or worry.

However, in my eyes (and I imagine in the eyes of other LGBTQ people), the moment those parents stood outside that school shouting ‘shame, shame, shame’ where a child identifying or starting to identify that they were LGBTQ could have heard that, and especially a child who identified under the same religion as those parents could have heard that – those parents who claim to want to protect and guide their children have effectively incited hate speech.
And another thing – if this was such a big deal to them and the program has been going for five years at this point, why are parents only now raising concerns!?

Sexuality can’t be changed. Just like how I imagine people would feel religious beliefs cannot be changed. So why are people blindly refusing to see the bigger picture because of their ‘faith’? I refuse to believe that people can be so blinded by their own faith and ideals that they refuse to see the wider issues in this situation and refuse to broaden their own understanding of the issues – especially when governing bodies have encouraged programmes like this to combat this very problem.

It might be a personal fantasy, but I want to see us become a progressive society. Where we can all live together in harmony without feeling like we can’t be open with one another. I spent years ‘in the closet’ over fears that people closest to me or who I have the utmost respect for would never accept me if I came out as gay. I spent most of secondary school being bullied for being ‘gay’ – even though it had literally never occurred to me that I was gay myself!

One of the things that I loved about studying in Aberystwyth for three years was meeting such a mix of people from different backgrounds and getting to know the differing opinions and beliefs that others hold. I loved getting to know other people’s views and having a good open discussion in the interest of broadening my own horizons. So why does it seem so difficult to encourage others to share this idea, and to challenge themselves to want to learn and be curious?

I want to hear what you all have to say on this. I’ll admit, the topic is a bit of a raw one for me due to personal circumstances. However I am intrigued to hear if anyone does have a differing view on this. Feel free to comment below or to message me!


I Don’t Want To Go To School! By Stephanie Blake Read Aloud For Kids

I had to give my final presentation in my menu planning class today. The last time I had to work with PowerPoint was when I was in the Army so, naturally, when my file went nuts up for some reason my first reaction was to use an expression we routinely used back in a few of my old units. I don’t recall if I started with “I seem to have” or “It appears that I’ve” but I do recall the last four words were “stepped on my dick.” The reaction of my classmates (and Chef) tells me that’s not a common idiom in the civilian world.

houses as things my friends have said: school edition

slytherin: i’m not smart enough for this shit.

hufflepuff: i know we have a big test today, but instead of studying last night i made brownies and they’re in my locker if you want one.

gryffindor: have you ever just, wanted to cry? like, i get on the bus, i’m okay, but then i walk into school and i want to cry.

ravenclaw: everyone always wants to work with me in class but then when we start working they look at me and i’m like “sike bitch, i don’t know either.”