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deserves an However, across : 1/5 children will not attend Primary 1/3 will not attend Secondary school & 60% 15-17 year olds will not be studying at all today ://

Got this yesterday after I went to my daughters school to talk about being a prison reformer. Thank you ! Education is the key to prison reform. We need everyone involved.

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Only Joking

It’s when they say “only joking”

That they truly were

The most truthful.

The insecurity brought to the surface

By the sharp and pointed words

That’s when I realized,

There were more forces than gravity

Keeping us apart.

I’d spend hours in thought

Of how to make myself attractive,

What clothes to wear

What toys to bring

To make the others think to bother

To waste their time with me.

These are elementary tactics

In an adult war.

Really I was in prison

Digging culverts with cutlery,

The effort always seeming

More than it was worth

Until I reached the other side.

The night air and smell of cedar

The evergreen scent

On my nose grown accustomed

To the stink of pulverized cement.

I began to realize that

Trees can stand in place of friends,

For they are far more steadfast

And provide shelter, shade and air

Instead of thirst, sadness and despair.

- Vagabond Prophet

@josy57 “only joking” was the prompt you gave me today, this went somewhere unexpected, hope folks enjoy it.

Day 2/100 productivity challenge

I did some Cartesian plane problems, some literature concepts and submitted a questionnaire to the Biology forum. After school I took the bus with my cousin all the way to Central park of the city to get our bus cards and I had to make three wait lines for them to tell me they did not accept my school id because it was annual and it had to be from every semester 🙃 I also didn’t have any breaks and sat my ass from 7:30 to 12:50 through 5 classes 🙃

All of this feat. a bujo spread of song lyrics and reflexions of society towards women because I was bored during winter break 💙

3:15 PM | Classes were cancelled today due to Foundation week. Currently at a coffee shop on a good sunny Wednesday afternoon with my old pal/study buddy whom I missed so much. Currently working on Pediatric Neurology. I thought I won’t need coffee today but I already feel sleepy.

T for time

I’ve recently quit my second job and I feel so liberated. So I’ve been at home in my pjs for the past three days and it’s been amazing. Imma still look for another job but for now I’m gonna really put some thought into where I want to be. I’m also thinking about just keeping one job and going back to school. Idk yet. Man oh man.

Oh god.

So this guy at school.

Me at school.

I wanted to know what to say.

I was caught off guard but I found that if I make a list on what to do if things like that ever happen again (which they will) I’ll be better prepared and I won’t be super shy.


What so!

DOP (1/100)

[Jan 16 2019]

Yikes it’s about time I started the hundred days of productivity challenge!

I’ve been reviewing some math to refresh before I officially start up this upcoming semester, I finished the notes for the first chapter today!

Been keeping my duolingo streak strong. I started watching this French Nerflix Original show called Call My Agent just to help out in the language learning process.

*Also to anyone learning any language, I really reccomend Damon and Jo’s YouTube channel. Even if they don’t speak a language that you’re learning I think it’ll be very entertaining and helpful since they give out a lot of tips.*

I’ve been rewatching Skam (the original Norweigen one) lately, I find it to be really fun to watch while I unwind unwind or take a break.

I finished off my day today by starting a new book, Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett. I love any book with a map, honestly.

what a day 1-15-19 January

WHO REFUSES TO BE A BLOG WHO DIES DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR? ME, THAT’S WHO. It’s only day two and I feel insane about work. I have ideas for my film technologies class, and my editing 2 class. But it gets me in the worst mood to think about having to finish a philosophy class before I graduate. BUT I NEED TO GET OUT SO THATS WASSUP NOW I GUESS.  Im excited to do some hard work, for real. I just need to get my head in the game. Thanks to JUJU, I got a little gift. Good ol’ LSD. My tummy hurts already(fav come up side effect), and Im excited. Oh—JuJu? That’s–a story. herewego.

 Time machine: September of 2018. I was looking to talk to–well–anyone to stop being lonely. Really, I don’t know when I just decided to go on a facebook adding spree over the summer, but I’m glad I met this damn girl. She’s got hella stories, good company, and—- I don’t know, having someone who relates to me the way I desire is amazing.  She talked about wanting to trip for a little bit and she hadn’t in a while. That was something that we bonded over SUPER EARLY…so I jumped at it. 
But last minute? she bailed. She let me have the one hit while we were hanging out and I saved it until after she left. I wanted to blog while it kicked in(idk fam)

and I kinda wanna give you a read out on the first few days of school but this stuff is kicking hard. took me like–5 minutes to write that. 

I had a few pages(21 isnt a few but Im chill, fuck it) to read for my philosophy(death and dying) class. I really don’t get it. I wrote up a little something just incase I get called on for safety. 

January 15, 2019 // 1/100 Days of Productivity

leT’S TRY THIS ONCE MORE SHALL WE. I’ll be posting (or try to) right before I go to bed so that the days line up because it lowkey messed with my head last time I tried this. I’ll start dating my pictures tomorrow!! (Credits for the last pic goes to Nina Yu)

today: decent

weather: terribly cold

tiredness: at the max

⬜️ 10 MCAT questions (only did four)

☑️ Print out syllabi

☑️ Make list of things to buy

☑️ Email PI about lab

☑️ Spanish

⬜️ Rewrite Monday notes (reviewed but didn’t rewrite)

⬜️ Make pre-med blog post

You will be proud of your accomplishments, but you will remember all the little moments much more.

Everyone thinks life is a string of big moments. Graduations, weddings, celebrations, and birthdays. But it’s not. Those big moments are made to commemorate the passing of all the little moments that made them up. What’s in between is so much more important. What’s more important than your high school graduation is the four years of memories you went through to get there.

Don’t live your life in search of the next capstone. Don’t live your life in order to achieve the next big goal. Live your life for the moment. Enjoy every day, and do what you have to to make ends meet. Because it’s all the little moments and the day to day things that make up this life. It’s the oddest little moments you find yourself remembering.

Don’t miss out on your life waiting for the commemoration of it. Don’t grind away four years of college just to walk across the stage and realize nothing happened for four years. Education and work are important. But nothing is more important than your happiness and your enjoyment of your own life.

The world never stops turning. Life doesn’t pause when things get busy. You won’t look back and fondly remember all the hours at the office, you’ll remember the card games at the kitchen table, the rum and cokes at the bar, the adventures with your friends. You’re not gonna miss the episodes of television you watch to pass the time, but you just might miss the long drives with your dad, and the breakfasts in bed with your mom.

Don’t miss out on this life because you’re building your retirement or making sure you’ll be living easy when you’re 40. Life doesn’t start when you’re ready or done preparing. Life is happening all around you.

Everything you do makes up your life. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want to remember.