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This one goes back a while... First day of . Nice school 😀 🤘💪❤️🍭 Cheers, Doro

RACE TO SPACE: Round ONE of RACE TO SPACE was conducted for Classes V - VIII on 15th November at SEEDLING MODERN PUBLIC SCHOOL

Heading into the final days before a glorious 2 weeks off! I’m sensing anxiety. Algebra supplies are essential as well as appreciated. Drop your list w/most needed under $10

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in het inclusief teamgericht organiseren van ondersteuning van elke ,elke en elke is (veel) moeilijker dan je denkt vanwege verandering maar je bereikt er ook meer mee :)

is very different from - in the sense you get only chance to pass the shuttlecock over the net to your opponent. Know the rules of the game!

An afternoon on the ice today with our a wonderful Y9s as a reward trip got a busy term! Check out the setting! The worlds highest outdoor ice rink is in Almaty, Kazakhstan!! 🇰🇿❄️

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Day 3/100


Today was another very productive day. I chose and made my proposals for my related texts for both the common module for English Advanced and my two focus ones and backup one for Worlds of Upheaval for Extension English. 

I’m not gonna attach a photo because I did them on my computer and I don’t wanna subject anyone to that glare, but I will attach this:

My advanced teacher gave us this worksheet to fill out in regards to our related text to 1984, and I’ve found it very useful. It is specifically for the Common Module and Human Experiences, but it can be easily altered to fit any module. I hope this helps anyone who needs it. 

Trying to type, write, or talk when really tired is what being drunk must be like (and studies have shown that being tired to a certain point is similar to being legally drunk). You gotta to write carefully, type carefully to avoid ridiculous typos, and enunciate, so people don’t think you’re drunk.

In general trying to do things while tired. Today I made sure my steps and movements were deliberate and careful so I didn’t stumble or something.

Edit: Oml I typed ‘drunl’ and ‘drink’ when trying to type the tags. To be fair I only got 5 hours of sleep last night.


dreaming of a white christmas, the one i used to know // christmas in l.a. // the killers ft. dawes

i don’t think i posted my math homework at all this year so here are some of my convergent/divergent series practices! today was equal parts productivity and fun—i did math problems, went shopping with my mother, and worked on an application. i was low key scared to ask my teacher for a rec but he ended up agreeing, so yay!

I got the legs for it

fella thought it easy

watching what I did

hey I can do that

went back to school

studied hard failing

at this & everything that

ended up doing stuff

he never wanted

& late one night

when the booze

had made everything simple

he confided

I liked what you did

thought I could do that

you made it look so easy

hows about that?

I suggested we started

from other places

had different hard times

learned dissimilar skills

he still looked puzzled

until I said

I made it look easy

‘cos I got the legs for it

hows about that?

neil benbow


So, I sort of told mine and C’s mutual friend that I like him. Sort of. I was telling her that I keep getting nervous around a guy (which literally NEVER happens with me, I DO NOT get nervous around people I like) and I’m not used to it & it’s annoying. Naturally, she started guessing that it’s C and can’t think of who else it would be. Then we had the lesson where the three of us talk constantly. She said to C that “(my name) gets nervous around you because she loves you lots” and C was just smiling looking super confused & I was saying to ignore her etc etc. I don’t want him to know, but I also do, y'know? She also looked at me and said “are you feeling nervous?” as she raised her eyebrows. I love her but, God, could she be more obvious?!?!! I have mixed feelings about this. I’m terrified of rejection. But what if he does feel the same? Crazy times

I’m going to ditch S on this blog. We don’t really talk much at all anymore, so it’s kinda pointless having him here if there are never any updates. Adiós, S!

I briefly saw K today. I delivered my hand-made (kinda awesome) Christmas cards to most of my teachers yesterday, but couldn’t find K, so I gave it to him today. He didn’t stop smiling & it was adorable, to be honest. All the teachers got super excited about the cards & it was such a nice feeling, y'know? One of them was blown away by it and said she’ll treasure it forever, another ran and showed it to his entire department, a few got excited that it was their first ones this year. It’s a nice feeling :)

I am freaking out.

In one hour, I will start my math exam but I feel so unready, because at the same time I had to study for other subjects . I hate this feeling of not being ready . I want to die, seriously. I feel worthless and stupid, it feels like I am going to disappoint my friends, teacher , my family. I have never felt this bad, usually I am always prepared but this year is not the case. They give us so much homework to do that I don’t even have a life besides school. I want to cry and disappear, then I won’t be a burden to anyone.


So I want to both celebrate and complain and rant and share excitement and fear! My first college final week. Four down and one to go tomorrow!i had a lot of cusp grades meaning like 4 out of my 5 grades are low low A’s so these finals are make or break if I get an A or a B. And so far not going so hot. My three hardest finals are out of the way already. Psych was graded and my final grade in the class was like a 90.34% which I’m only like 80% sure is an A. So far in the grade book a grade that’s exactly a 90 is sometimes an A and sometimes a B so i just have to PRAY I got the A in psych. Sociology was graded and my final grade was an 89.56 and I’m so beyond losses and upset with myself mainly. I ditched a couple days of that class and got a B in participation. I could have studied harder for the tests. I could have gone to extra credit nights…. that grade was so close and so preventable… my math and my Western World Lit finals haven’t been graded yet and I have my English tomorrow. Absolutely horrifying really. But like I know I should at least kind of be celebrating! Like yea I may not get all A’s my first semester but I’m still doing good. I didn’t falter in motivation and I turned almost every single thing in and I’m doing moderately ok on each final and like I just like looking on the bright side!