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Cant believe its we finished but this gathering showed we are still young in heart, so much fun 😂

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Как представлю лица разгневанных англичанки и математички, блевать тянет.

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Hope you've managed to have a look at our new website at . It tells you more about what we do and how we support in regards to , and

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So I happen to get really good grades and I don’t really know if this will help anyone but I find that online advice for doing good in school isn’t always helpful/doable especially for people with anxiety and ADHD like myself so here’s how I do it:

1. Always go to class if possible (catching up is hard)

2. Always do homework assigned every night (like in Biology it really helps understanding)

3. When struggling to do a task remember once it’s done it’s done and you don’t have to worry about it.

4. If you are confused or need something clarified ASK the teacher for the most part they genuinely want to help you.

5. When in class do your best to pay attention a good way to do this is always take notes even if you don’t necessarily have to.

6. Figure out how you learn best and use that to your advantage when studying (ie. Kinesthetic, visual, auditory)

7. Try, don’t give up even when it’s hard

8. Give your self a break! doing good in school is almost impossible when burned out

9. When studying there is no set time you should study for, just study until you have a good understanding and know what you need to know if possible

10. If you have ADHD or anxiety or both or something else like that inquire about what type of support you might be able to receive as well as accommodations and if help is available take advantage of it

11. Maintaining good grades is difficult so when there is a set back don’t let it stop you, if you want to you can do it



Helloooooo party people. How have ya been? Last week was the first week of the Spring Semester, so I am back on the horse and unfortunately up off of my couch (although I am technically in pajamas in bed at the moment). Have the day off for MLK Day, so just been hanging out at my boyfriend’s all weekend. Currently working on Con Law, which has thankfully become more interesting since our reading assignments for last week. I was getting very nervous about having to sit in this class all semester.

Last semester wrapped up nice-ish-ly. I ended up getting a couple A’s to beat that pesky little law school curve and I made the Dean’s List. Still, there is room for improvement, so I’m back and hungry for more.

This semester I have Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Legal Writing, and Jurisprudence. Wish me luck lol.

Hope everyone has had a great start to 2020. Cheers, y’all!

Does anyone else have weird hangups about the concept of having four (4) years of high school which kind of dictate your entire future based on your success and, like, if you happen to have a hard time during that period and not do well in school like. That’s it, you’re probably not going to be able to do what you want to do because you were depressed or you had no money or you had really destructive habits or whatever it was that held you back and there’s nothing you can do about it? Idk it just really stresses me out because people act like your academic success over such a brief point in time is perfectly reflective of your intelligence/creativity/work ethic/ potential and maybe it sounds like an excuse or something but for those of us that didn’t manage to excel in spite of our issues it sort of feels like a death sentence.


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History copybook

In my copybook I do a summary of every argoment we study, so it’s more easy to remember.

On November/December a friend, we will call her Otaku, asked me to borrow my history’s copybook. I said yes and she took it with her to study.


Now it’s January, but she still has to return it to me. I have the horrible feeling that I will never see it come back to be honest.

When I asked her about that she said 《No, I gave it back to you alredy. Go check to your home》

Do you think I’m dumb? I know for sure that you still have it and it would be better to say that than to lie. To be sure I was in the right I checked everywhere in my room, but the copybook wasn’t there.



And i’m angry, I need it to study, and I don’t want to do the summary on another copybook or on a paper. I want my copybook, I spent money and time on it. Three months alredy passed and I still haven’t get it back.


If you feel sad, remember to open this link.

  • This playlist supposed to be my personal playlist, because I love to feel classy, when I’m doing an activity even my Homework, you know?

S O basically I made this Playlist because if you feel sad, u can feel better with those songs, and you can dance and while you’re doing that, you might look like expensive and chic 🌠💜